You Need to Know This Before Hiring a Web Developer Consultant

You Need to Know This Before Hiring a Web Developer Consultant

Thank you watching website design video tips
from OurChurch.Com. In this video we’ll discuss what you need to know BEFORE hiring a web
developer consultant. Hi, I’m Mark Steinbrueck with
And, on this video, I’m going to talk to you about the things you need to know this before
hiring a web developer consultant. So, the first thing is a web team. If you
don’t already have one, make one. A web team is simply two or more individuals that are
responsible for the website and making decisions and also maintaining the website.
It’s helpful to get a few differing opinions when you’re making decisions. So that’s the
first reason you want to have a web team. The second reason you want to have a web team
is that it allows you to delegate the work among many different people. And then, thirdly,
it gives you a back-up plan, so if someone’s out of town, or someone is sick or someone
leaves the organization, you have a back-up of different people that can maintain the
website. And finally, when establishing a web team, make sure that the web team has
the ability to make decisions on the website without having to go to someone else and check
with them. The second thing that you need to know before
hiring a web developer consultant is to define the purpose of your website. Is it going to
be for internal purposes or for use within your organization? Or is it going to be for
external purposes and to try to reach people outside the organization? Or both? Most organizations
websites are used for both. Secondly, you want to define exactly what
the purpose of that website is. Is it going to be for buying? Is it going to be for requesting
more information? To have people identify you? Or have people come and visit your organization?
So, it’s important to define the purpose of the website before you hire a website developer
consultant. The third thing is that your website is a
form of marketing. Therefore, it’s an asset, not an expense. What do I mean by that? Basically,
what I’m saying with that is that the website is something that can continually generate
revenue or continue to generate more visitors to your organization or more phone calls than
if the value of those calls or the value of those visits or the purchases is greater than
what you’re spending on a website, then it’s a good investment.
For example, if you were to invest $3,000 in something, and at the end of the year,
you had $4,000 left, then you’ve made a $1,000 profit and that is a good investment. The
same thing applies or the same theory applies to a website. If you can get out of it more
than you put into it, then it’s a good investment. The fourth thing to keep in mind before hiring
a web developer consultant is not all websites are made similarly. And what I mean by this
is that they all might have the same kind of terms and phrases of saying, Well, they
have e-commerce or they have e-newsletters or they have a customer professional design.
But that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s exactly the similar.
One website’s shopping cart might act and operate completely differently than another.
The same thing with other features and functionality and especially when it comes to design. The
definition of custom design at one company might be very different than custom design
definition at another company. So it’s very important for you to ask specific questions
when you’re going through the process of hiring a website developer.
And the last item you need to know before hiring a web developer consultant is to develop
a plan that you can measure the effectiveness of the website. I often hear people questioning
the value of their website because they haven’t figured out a way to either track sales or
track visits or track the effectiveness of their website.
So it is important to establish a plan to be able to figure out exactly how useful the
website is. And that way, you can make a determination as to whether or not it’s being effective
or what things you need to do to change the effectiveness if you’re finding that it’s
not being effective. So I want to thank you for your time for watching
this video. Please look for more videos in the future. And if you have any questions
about how can help you achieve your mission or your goals on-line, please
e-mail us at: [email protected] and we’d be more than happy to talk to you. Thank you
very much.


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    Michael Landau

    I think you made some good points, but I think having you be physically in the video was kind of distracting. I think the video would be more effective if the graphics were part of the video itself, like a PowerPoint presentation, and not on the video screen behind you. I found myself constantly shifting my attention between you, and the video screen when there is really no reason that you need to be physically present in the video.

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