Yamashita katana [First][Digital Painting]

Yamashita katana [First][Digital Painting]

Hello, see you again from missing 2 weeks. Hobbies, sculpting clay, traveling to community sources The place is big. and then come back to think of work. This set comes from sitting, chatting, playing games with my sister at work. Is a game that has a character created from the origin of the katana. I think it is very amazing. After that, I came back to find information about ancient weapons. And various types of weapons All of that looks interesting. But what I want is a weapon with myths and stories. The sword is a weapon. There is something I need more than any other weapon. The sword that comes from the Asian zone, the European zone are all interesting. The first piece of Yamashita katana by sword of war series. Katana is the sword of Japanese generals during World War II. Which is the general who controls the construction of the Death Railway. In Kanchanaburi, a city in my country. Historical and interesting stories. Design work begins on the sketch book. Design based on military sets. Draw the gestures of the characters in many gestures. for the other 3 characters to draw in the next work. After summarizing the clothes and gestures of the characters. then take it and continue to do it in Procreate. On Procreate draw complete details with various components and paint roughly. Continue working in the program Photoshop My work process is the same. In many clips that have been made Start by separating mask of the character. By using lasso tools or pen tools. pen tools to have smoothness and good curves. If you want an uneven outer edge, use the brush in the form you want to apply. Each tool gives a different feeling. After the mask, the main part of the character is split into sections. Clothing, clothing, accessories and colors. Determine the direction of the shadow rendering. Keep details. Collection of details is a step that requires time. And must have a picture source that is ready to make it work smoothly. The characters extra are painted in gray and black and paint on the layer in color mode. This technique is convenient and fast and takes less time. Light, light, expressive style are high contrast. See the edge of each character clearly. Create an atmosphere of smoke, fire, skating Painted along the edge of the character for softness. Create clothing patterns. beam light with brush light shape. Easy, to stamp only at once. Create backgrounders patterns. touch up color light again with Adjustment Laye. finish. Rough work order Please follow all the steps again. Finished for Yamashita katana. The next job will be the sword of anyone? Do not forget to follow up. Thank you for watching.


  1. Angy Fanfic

    Woow, I love it. The stories with meaning are the best and the most interesting, Europe has always had a very rich history, apart from Asia. Congratulations for your trip, for exploring and trying new things, I insist that you are an amazing person.


    สวยมากเลยครับ ผมชอบลายเส้นพี่มากๆ เลยครับ ^^

  3. Proximity ThunderCore

    I never stop being amazed by how you do your art. You always keep me motivated to keep on doing art. Thank you so much <3

  4. Action !

    แม่เจ้า งานดีมากกกกเลยครับ การพูดด้วย เยี่ยมมมม XD

  5. 수박

    I live in South Korea.
    And I've been watching your video for four years.
    Thank you for always posting the video. XD

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