WTF Is Dropshipping? – Beginners Guide to Shopify Dropshipping Ep 1

WTF Is Dropshipping? – Beginners Guide to Shopify Dropshipping Ep  1

Shopify drop shipping a business model
that has opened up so many doors on life and has established a new form of income
stream for me while working a nine-to-five job a lot of people riding
the wave at the moment that is dropshipping but at the same time a lot
of people don’t even know what dropshipping is and how they’re able to
make hundreds if not thousands of dollars from the comfort of their
bedroom so because of this I want to help you guys out like I always have
been on this channel and instead of releasing a full price course or a
course in general I’m not releasing course I’m releasing a beginners
tutorial on everything drop shipping on this channel and also on top of that I’m
also releasing an evil completely free of charge on my website so get keen this
is the first episode of many to come let’s go like I said drop shipping is a
lucrative business model that can literally make you money while you sleep
and I’ve been there and done that so I’m telling you it’s quite possible and in
this video series what I’m going to be doing is running everyone through the
absolute basics to get you started with a drop shipping whether that be setting
up your store all the way through to getting custom URLs all the way through
to setting up finances because I get quite a few questions on this and this
is one of the reasons why I’ve been away for a while
I’m just been working in my website I’ve been working on the e-book and the
content so like I said let’s get started let’s get keen let’s go if you’re new to
this channel and you haven’t yet subscribed to this channel welcome first
and foremost make sure you subscribe to this channel and turn on notifications
because you want to be the first one to fall on on these tutorials tell me a lot
of episodes being released this is probably going to be the most
comprehensive and longest video tutorial series that I release yet and on top of
that head onto my website direct link to it at the bottom of the
description box below but be sure to download that PDF because it has
everything that you need to get started I think it’s a 15 page ebook completely
free of charge but otherwise let’s get started if you haven’t yet watched my
first ever video on this channel be sure to watch it I’m actually gonna throw in
a clip right here and show you guys then the first week aside drop shipping or
properly just drop shipping with my first store I made ten thousand dollars
in a week check it out so essentially I launched my store on the 19th on the
Sunday but we will look at the three dates 24th to the 26 so let me set my
den guys 24th 25th and 26 and look I wasn’t kidding guys let me hit apply I
literally made in those three days eleven thousand dollars guys you know
that’s pretty insane that’s over ten thousand dollars in sales in quite
literally three days three thousand one hundred and ninety nine people visited
the store and all that lot I’ve made $11,000 super-stoked it clearly went
gangbusters so as you can see it’s a no joke business I’ve come a far way from
that point in that video but I wanted to share this knowledge with you guys and
first and foremost what you need to understand and to the point of this
video is what exactly is drop shipping so like I said in order to become a
successful drop shipper you need to understand exactly how the business
model works and what exactly is drop shipping so to explain a nutshell it’s
essentially where you manage in the A’s with a third-party merchant or
distributor will they ship the products direct to your customer and you’re the
third party person or the middleman so to speak
where you set up the storefront and you manage the marketing when you take the
additional profits that’s essentially what drop shipping is in a nutshell to
be completely simple so the very attractive aspect to drop shipping is
the fact that you don’t need to hold a single piece of inventory at all and
you’re very location independent so that all adds up to low barriers of entry
and in that sense this is a white dropshipping has become so popular
especially in this age of entrepreneurship where everyone wants to
get into it everyone young ones get into entrepreneurship dropshipping provides
that perfect opportunity to become an entrepreneur and to scale your business
quite quickly without needing much capital start off with like I said in my
first youtube video I was initially very skeptical of dropshipping as a business
model and whether it was worth my time and whether it was going to be feasible
to generate a passive income from dropshipping but you need to be wary by
the way that I already was in the digital space where I was doing I feel
like marketing already for example before I drop shipping and that was
working well for me but I was just a bit skeptical dropshipping but I can tell
you to this day now since I started drop shipping it definitely is a reality
dream that can be become a reality if you put in the hard work and if you
understand drop shipping properly so it is definitely not a scam guys it
definitely works so again in summary it’s very simple guys all you’re doing
is taking products that you think will be profitable and then marking up the
price and selling this to customers on your shop front that you’ve created and
taking the profits for yourself so if you can imagine if you’re selling you
know ten to twelve fifteen items a day and scaling it up and taking all the
profits you can imagine how lucrative dropshipping can be quite quickly so
this is a very quick video I’ve something to tell you exactly what drop
shipping is so that’s it in a nutshell watch out for episode 2 there’s gonna be
a lot happening there’s gonna be a lot of episode so get keen and on top of
that if you want to start drop shipping head down to the description link below
you can find a 30-day free trial rather than a 14-day free trial that Shopify
provides you and top that head to my website and go ahead and download that
ebook it’s gonna get you kick-started on the journey but in the meantime guys
thanks for watching and keep on hustling


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    What do you think about starting drop shipping on eBay to start with with little funds. I know that using Shopify isn’t too expensive to start with but the extra costs of marketing could add up

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    Not a tutorial series that's directly relevant for me but again I must say thank you for your time and effort educating all the new drop shippers for free. If you ever came out with a product or monetised business, I'm sure many would be happy to give back for everything you've done!

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    John Docherty

    can you please tell me what paid apps did you use for your product. i would like to find the best budget paid apps to get my products out there.

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    Jason Feist

    Man just wondering what’s the track name of the beat in your intro, also can’t wait for more videos from this series

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    ➡️ Free Shopify Trial:
    ➡️ Dropshipping Bible for Beginners eBook (Free):

    Also, I know my audience are more advanced dropshippers and digital experts looking and I haven't forgotten about you guys! Keep watching as I go into more detail that you may find useful in future episodes ✌

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    Triple Teez

    I can already tell this is going to be a super epic/useful series. Wish I had this when starting out lol

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    Rashad Luckett

    Definitely love the content, and love how you get straight to the point with your videos! Probably my favorite dropshipping & digital marketing expert so far when it comes to sharing meaningful information for beginners. I appreciate it! #HustleFam

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