WordPress Theme Crash Course – Members Area Overview

WordPress Theme Crash Course – Members Area Overview

Hello a one of the elements in the show you allow what you gonna see how the successful login for the first thing you’ll notice is that there are 3¢ a wonderland page around and we’re all here which consists of links to all of the existing videos because the Chinese broken down into session ABC here are those videos and just in case you need, Das and some assistance with installing WordPress on the FTP and also creating a junior site on which this video and this was reading the malicious files to use these director for the model were a couple of things either by super simple hand in want to include goals for people in may already have lost as the sole and insects and ABC recounts his focus on the court trying on our commitment to either some guy in a layer of the house to use and the resources this is where you can access all the files and the code snippets so if you this is for people that haven’t really working hard for the wheel if you can download the sincere and then down and divide into dream weaver, the noxious panel on here’s all of the options panel files , because its third party hand because that’s when the time when I was creating this training and then now all of this than an upgrade for a combined with all of that if variations including the one specifically used for this video beyond the original HTML files using this training these are all over the eyes to the CIA says files that are you most want without paying for the Triune , this is the completed the so if you visit the play where were they have the lack reading the theme for the trend, this is the complete a theme and this is access to them to the actual theme that was developed in the place where now increasing the evening title help of support group has grown to divert myself for that one is going to be using the solutions for now the solutions for on will allow four member participation from my goal is to create a community health problems solutions, will remain sure wish with all questions are being asked to recall being as the role when the asp are real people are really really use some training, there’s not going to be an eighth from three operation so were nine seats in the coming year by the way so that you are watching section is god question concessionary and St. Louis has simply haven’t I have now, that’s the first and I encourage everyone to please start here knife you simply absolutely cannot get the house all here that makes that is actually schedule a meeting with a way to keep in mind tonight here every single member 30 minutes 100% free to contact me and will topple the phone will tell you the sky board will chair when of recruitment of communication but before contacting the only keep in mind that I have to work and town hall for his everyone so please try to win works other than work for me to keep referring please try to use this as a last resource for shoes before and then contact me if it’s version or something like that , now the select intelligence, show you the actual training so each of the Triune reveals our provided as spouse we have via the actual yourself and access the next video and in the local Seo be able to leave-request that you please leave some of the highly skilled enough visiting team may use as an event of a member of this community is and they are sold in all right now I just need some feedback from you guys so that I can learn best ways to help us learn as much as possible in an area known as a leader, is a very valuable you can leave your comments or you can leave behind text on its common finally concerning the close and it’s in any one that does not have joined your eyes still give you all the code snippets this provided that no one this page so as you can see that we’ve got all the code sincere and simply shut down and you can copy those very easily see you can scroll down the viewers access these from any browser anything even if you don’t have no thanks for watching and turns a New Eden questions looking forward to working with you -I


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