Webnode Review: A brief overview of this multilingual website builder

Webnode Review: A brief overview of this multilingual website builder

hi and welcome to our brief overview of web nodes website builder a system used for more than 27 million users to create websites with let’s dive in this is the website editor to modify an element simply click and start editing its text if you would like to replace an image click on it go to edit select replace and choose one of the pictures you previously uploaded moving content is really easy hover over the element click and drag it to the desired position for example tear web nodes grid system makes it easy to structure and align your content web node comes with some pre-built sections in their system this makes adding popular layouts such as contact forms price lists or testimonials a walk in the park as you can see you only need to replace the dummy content for your real texts and images but chances are that these predefined layouts aren’t good for you then look for the grey plus bubble button to add a specific piece of content adding elements such as a basic text a map a button or even embedded videos is easy as pie however we’d like to see a wider range of basic content elements like social media integration slideshows and so on to see the changes online you only need to click publish web node also allows you to run a blog where you can publish news about yourself for your business as of now it is very basic unfortunately web node has several templates that you can choose from they are responsive and they look modern however be aware that once you’ve selected one you can’t change to another one unless you start over from scratch web node comes with multilingual capabilities something that very few website builders are capable of they have a neat integrated system for you to easily add translations of your website we mixed feelings about webnode we like their modern-looking in responsive templates and we are big fans of its multilingual capabilities however we think they still need to catch up and add more features for example we’d like to see social media integrations an improved blogging system and an online store module that’s it for this overview if you want to learn more about web node please check out our full review at websitetooltester.com


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