Web Design CT | North Forty Road – Custom Websites For Small Businesses

Web Design CT | North Forty Road – Custom Websites For Small Businesses

I’m Scott Lamlein with North Forty Road Web
Design. We do clear, concise and compelling websites for small businesses. Those websites can easily be edited in WordPress
which means that a business owner can add and change his
content at any time, add pictures. Their website can grow with them. But beyond that, I’m a guy, I’m a husband,
I’m a dad, I’m an honest business person, I really love to get to know
other people and what their businesses are about and find ways to help them utilize online
technology to make their business grow. I think a real big trend in web design now is get as much
stuff on the page as you can and I think sites like even Amazon are guilty of let’s have every
little bell and whistle on one page so you can find it and small businesses in particular have
three seconds to get someone’s attention and get the information out there in a place that people
can find it, so it’s real important to have things be very clear and almost minimalist in design. It is supposed to do something, yes! [Laughter] Yeah, so I think it is both esthetic and functional,
that the more you have on a page the less people will pay attention and their eyes will be
drawn to the point which is a call to action or some way to drive more people to your business. There are a number of really wonderful reputable web designers out there, but there a lot of
folks who are just in it for a short term project or a short term sale and not really going anywhere,
or are going somewhere! [Laughter] I mean I get weekly phone calls from folks who say, “My
web designer disappeared”. My company does a good job marketing for people because we’re
genuinely excited about their future and how we can help them get there. We offer a free consultation which is a great
way to get started on a new project, or you might be interested in our
blog where we offer weekly business tips and positive energy messages that I think any business
owner can benefit from.


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