Video Marketing 101 – How To Make Videos On Youtube Like A PRO

Video Marketing 101 – How To Make Videos On Youtube Like A PRO

hey how’s it going Aaron Chen here hope
you’re well it’s another video today and I just wanted to talk a little bit about how to make videos on youtube and about video marketing and making videos actually it’s a it’s a great topic and I wanted to cover it
because I do a lot of videos in my marketing to be honest that’s the main
form of marketing that I do you know whether it’s a video on Wistia one of my
websites or a video on YouTube or you know doing some sort of video on
Facebook like a Facebook live or webinar right it’s all video related and you
know it’s really served me well in my business over the years and I think it’s
one of the most powerful forms of marketing out there so I wanted to talk
a little bit about it today you know maybe if you’re not using it in your
business about how you can start using it you know why you should be using
video as well and if you’re a little bit scared towards the end I’m gonna talk
about you know some of the strategies that you can use for yourself that will
get you started with video okay so yeah video is the marketing of it now you
know it’s not a marketing of tomorrow it’s not a marketing of the past it’s a
marketing of now and then you know the reason why video is so powerful is
because videos don’t lie right for the most part they don’t lie now of course
you could hire an actor and you could you know make up stories and all that
kind of stuff but but the reality is is that video is one of the best ways to
connect with your with your tribe with your people right with your list so if
your building an online business like me and
you know you want to connect with your list video is the best way to do it
because it’s the easiest weight for your people for your list just to see that
your real person right and you know whether you’re doing videos in the car
like I like to do or you’re doing videos at home and your home office or you’re
doing videos in the park right you know people really get to get a
sense of who you really are okay because they can see your personality and they
can you know see the way you talk we can see it the way that you connect and it’s
again it’s it’s the best way to connect with with people right because people
want to see that they are dealing with a real person behind the computer you know
and the thing about internet marketing is if you’re just you know sending
emails and you know you’re not doing anything alive you’re not doing any
facebook live you’re not sending out any videos to your list and they can’t
really see you then it’s very very difficult for people to feel that
connection right and not everyone’s gonna like you okay I’m
not I’m not saying that as soon as you start doing video everyone’s just gonna
start buying your stuff right it doesn’t really work that way
what would tend to happen is you will you will polarize people right so there
will be some people that will love your stuff and they would just love
everything about you you know the way you talk the way you know you you you
know the way you tell stories the way you look you know whatever that’s that’s
the thing people are very strange right people can be very very judgmental okay
and some people will love that but some people will hate it okay unfortunately
some people will hate you you know it doesn’t matter if you’re the nicest
person in the world and you’ve got the best intentions for them and all you
want to do is help them to improve their business but some people would just
straight-up hate you all right for whatever reason because you’re Asian or
because you’re you know why no because you’re black or because they don’t like
your haircut oh because you don’t like the clothes
that you’re wearing that day well maybe they don’t like the way you speak you
know I don’t know but who cares that’s the thing okay and if I can give you any
advice it doesn’t matter all right because the truth is is that the more
that people hate you okay the better a job you’re actually doing okay I want
you to I want you to to think about that for a while right the more that people
hate you the more it means that you’re actually getting out there and you’re
polarizing the market which is exactly what you want to do so
I heard from one of my mentors right that if you’re not if people don’t hate
you it means you’re not marketing hard enough okay if you’re just being really
really nice and you know you’re not taking a stance in your marketing or
you’re not hitting enough people out there it means that you’re not marketing
strong enough okay because for enough people to dislike you
it means that you’re you’re you know you’re you’re actually you know taking a
certain stance in your marketing you’ve got a voice in the market and you’re
you’re getting a lot of volume that means a lot of people are seeing your
stuff because if you if only you know a couple of people are watching your
videos it’s not enough for people to dislike you right if you have if you
don’t have haters it means you’re not really getting out there okay I hope
that makes sense and here’s the thing about about doing video right and and
being disliked a little bit okay it’s okay to be disliked because you know you
can’t have everyone liking your stuff it’s just simply impossible right all
you want is you want a small group of people to connect with you okay because
think about it if you can affect change with a hundred people but those hundred
people become like you know your raving fans right that means they buy
everything that you recommend they watch every single one of your videos they’re
subscribed to your YouTube channel your Facebook channel you know they open
every single email that you send out every time you talk about from a
promotion or whatever that they’ll at least you know what look at the
promotion and they’ll they’ll give it a good consideration I mean if you had a
hundred people doing that then you’re gonna have a very very good business
okay now obviously your goal is to get it to you know 200 300 500 a thousand of
those people but you know even if you started with five people only that we’re
listening to every single thing that you said every time you released material
then those are the people that you want to talk to it doesn’t matter that
there’s a group of people that don’t really like you okay because you’re not
gonna make any money from them anyway okay you will never be able to convert
them so your focus is not on those guys your focus is on the five people that
have that have your ear okay or or that are listening
you on a regular basis does that make sense right so I don’t want you to worry
about those haters okay because there will always be haters especially if you
do videos on YouTube all right for some reason the biggest trolls and the
biggest haters are on YouTube it’s it’s weird I don’t I don’t understand why but
if you look at the comments section of a lot of YouTube videos it doesn’t matter
what you’re doing right you could be doing a video about working out you
could be you know teaching someone how to cook you could be you know doing an
internet marketing video like this right but the haters on YouTube
are just incredible it just it makes me laugh okay and and what you have to do
you know it’s part of being an entrepreneur is being really refix
skinned and I’ve spoken about this in some of my other videos
one second all right just gotta pay this school I’m always on the highway guys so
sorry if my videos what I’m driving you see me paying at all but yeah you know I
speak about this a lot in some of my other videos it’s very important that
you’re thick-skinned okay because if you’re not and you’re worried about
every single little thing that somebody says about you
you know if they reply to one of your emails and they say something nasty or
they make a nasty comment in your YouTube video then that kind of stuff is
gonna hold you back okay remember that it’s not about the haters it’s about the
people that you connect with and how much value you can make in their lives
that’s that’s it all right and so video is one of the best ways to
make a difference in someone’s life and this is how to make videos on youtube and video marketing. and also to connect with your community
all right connect with your with your leads so let’s talk a little bit about
how you can actually get started with video because a lot of people are very
scared to make video right and I’ve you know to be honest I’ve never had a
problem with it I don’t want to say that I’m special anything because you know I
think even if you’re scared you can definitely learn how to do it and I’ll
teach you a strategy you know it was definitely awkward for me though you
know I wasn’t scared of anybody was definitely weird with the first time I
did it right and I’ll share with you how I actually got over it but it’s really
really easy okay all you need to do is first of all you need to have a good
phone you don’t even need a good camera right you just need a good phone and
whether it’s an iPhone or a samsung right that’s all the some songs that
iPhones the cameras I’m really really good I’m actually making this video
today with my iPhone this is my iPhone 6s okay I’m not doing anything I don’t
even have a mic I don’t have any special lighting in the car it’s just you know
it’s five o’clock in the afternoon right now and the sun’s out and so the
lighting is good right you must have good lighting okay and if you don’t have
good natural lighting then you have to have you have to buy one of those soft
boxes okay where you can actually have some bright white light on your face you
don’t want to do a video in the dark right and then all you need to do is
have a good eye phone or good Samsung good mobile camera that’s all you need
and you just need to make sure that the space that you’re recording in is pretty
much stationary right you don’t want to be in an environment where there’s lots
going on in the background right I know I’m driving right now but and you can
see kind of you know a little bit of the background going but my seats aren’t
moving you know I don’t have my family in the back here like running around or
you know you know making a lots of noise or anything like that so it’s it’s a
pretty good environment to make a video okay a better environment is probably
you know being in your home office where it’s very quiet okay
or maybe you know being in apart because nature is always nice you’ve got the
water in the background you’ve got the trees in the background and maybe you’ve
got though you know the wind blowing and the trees are kind of you know swaying a
little bit that’s all good stuff okay so Lighting’s got to be good cameras got to
be good your background has to be good as well
right and then if you’re scared of the camera right a lot of people are very
very scared when they first make video all you have to do is get your camera
and make literally make ten videos in a row okay and don’t even worry about the
outcome of that video because you’re not gonna use it okay all it is is literally
just practicing how to make videos that’s it
I want you to make ten videos in a row okay by the tenth video you’re gonna be
pretty tired but I promise you that by the time you get to the tenth one you’re
gonna be a lot more relaxed you’re gonna be much much better than the first five
okay and you will feel a lot more confident making videos right the other
huge tip that I can give you is that whenever you make a video you’ve got to
look into the eye of the lens okay and with you know if you’re for example if
you’re recording this on a on a you know proper camera right like a Canon or
something like that it’s very simple you just looked straight into the lens the
round part right that is basically the eye of the camera when it comes to the
mobile phones it’s a little bit different okay it can be a bit
distracting because a mobile phone right now I can see the screen here and you
can see I’m not looking into the lens right now I’m looking at myself but what
you want to do is you want to look at the lens which is basically the little
dot right there it’s actually just you know where the earpiece is a lot of the
lenses on you know your phones on the phone cameras it’s just a little dot
right next to the earpiece okay that’s where you need to look so you can’t be
looking at yourself in the screen right now because of my eyes it doesn’t look
like I’m actually looking at the camera CF is look
like I’m looking somewhere else right so the trick is is to practice looking at
that little dot on your phone and just focusing there and that’s your audience
okay that’s who you need to be speaking to
and that’s that’s pretty much it okay it’s about getting comfortable with the
camera and you know for the most part you know once you get good you don’t
even have to practice a lot of times now I just think a little bit about what I
want to say and I don’t even write anything down but initially you know
when you’re first getting started think about the topic that you want to talk
about okay and then maybe write out a few bullet points I wouldn’t write a
whole script because sticking to that script is going to just it’s gonna be
very difficult for you to do that right so maybe write five bullet points that
you want to cover in your video and then just go with the flow just wing it okay
just make sure you have an introduction and then you hit the five bullet points
that you wanted to talk about have a conclusion have a call to action at the
end of the video remember that every video has to have some sort of point
right why are you making this video are you making this video because you know
you want to teach your audience something you know do you want to teach
them about video marketing for example right do you just want to you know
connect with them and tell them about your date right if you do why are you
doing that you have to ask yourself why every time you release a piece of
marketing you need to ask yourself why are you doing that okay when you send an
email to you let in your list what’s the point of that email I do just writing an
email for the sake of writing an email because some guru told that you told you
that you have to write you know two to three emails to your list every single
day I mean why I mean are you please don’t
send two to three emails every single day that’s too much okay but what is the
point of your content why you write you know why are you creating this video
today okay the point of this video today and I’ll tell you the truth right now
right if you’re watching this video the point of this video is to build a
relationship with you okay if you’ve never seen any of my videos it’s also to
teach you how to create video right it’s to show you that video is actually very
very easy it’s to explain the importance of video but it’s also to get you to
click on my link because what I’m gonna do right after I’m done with this
is I’m gonna tell you to click on the link right below this video to get
access to more my stuff if you’re interested right so if you want to spend
a bit more time with me and you want to learn a little bit more
about myself my business my affiliate marketing business and you want to learn
exactly how I grow it okay then all you have to do is click on the link right
below this video in the description box and you’ll get access to all my training
right so that’s what you can do as well you got to think about the point of your
video what you’re doing but this video is really just to connect with my list
to kill it with my people you write to teach you about video about actually how
easy it is and how important it is and to get you to connect with me if that’s
what you want to do and that’s pretty much it
okay so I hope you enjoyed this little training today if you’re not using video
in your marketing you’ve got to use video okay it’s one of the best ways to
connect with your list to build a relationship with your list to increase
your conversions and it’s all about increasing your conversions okay so let
me know what you thought of this video you know let me know if you know are you
using video marketing in you know in your marketing are you not using video
in your marketing have you been scared to do videos right tell me you know tell
me some of your fears why have you been scared of doing video I mean look it’s
just you and the camera there’s nobody here there’s there’s nobody in my car to
judge me right I can basically say or do whatever I want
sure there might be people you know in other cars may be looking at me and
thinking man this guy was kind of weird right he’s talking to the camera but I
don’t care I don’t I don’t know these people driving past right I don’t know
these guys you know that guy in the car over there
I don’t really care what he thinks anyway right and you shouldn’t either
but if you do and you want to be in a more secluded environment do it at home
alright make a video in your house where there’s nobody to to see or judge you or
or you know do anything right but at the end of the day I mean it doesn’t really
matter you know who really cares people think about you or what you’re
doing okay it’s about the people who do care about the stuff that you have to
talk about and the stuff that you have to say right that’s very important and this is how to make videos on youtube and about video marketing, so let me know what you think in the comments connect with me if you want you
can click in the link right below give me a thumbs up if you thought this video
was good and subscribe to my channel if you want to get more videos like this
I’m constantly dropping you know I want to try to add as much value you know
into your business and life as possible my goal is to get you in profit okay to
get you to try building an internet marketing business because it’s one of
the best things in the whole wide world hands down and my name is Erin Chen
I hope to speak to you soon take care


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    Aaron! you are made me happy so happy after this video, really you're the best teacher i'm learning from him and you always make me confident 🙂

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