UW Certificate in Front-End Development With HTML, CSS & JavaScript

UW Certificate in Front-End Development With HTML, CSS & JavaScript

CSS and HTML are the building blocks of all
websites on the internet, so we’re teaching the latest specs — HTML5, CSS3. There’s so much more you can do with these
languages now than you could even a few years ago. So we’re talking about the latest and greatest
things you can do with them. We also talk about responsive design; it’s
a strategy to ensure that your website looks awesome no matter what device or network someone
is accessing it over. These courses are all taught by working professionals,
working in the industry right now. So we’re not just teaching code, we’re also
teaching professional best practices, tools, processes that you will use in the workplace. There tends to be a good amount of variety
of students who take this program. Everyone from people who have taken a couple
of HTML tutorials online and want to learn, to back-end web developers, project managers
who want to be able to communicate with their developers more effectively. It lends itself very well to a collaborative
learning environment, and there’s room for everyone to be challenged in different ways. Because the students who take this program
are all really driven to advance or change their career, the classes end up being a really
strong professional network. Many people in the program are already working
in the tech industry, and, after the program, people tend to work with people they went
to class with or get jobs through people they met during the class. After receiving their certificate, some of
our students have gone on to get new positions as front-end web developers. Some have started their own companies. Some do freelance web development and many
see promotions or expansions of responsibilities at their current jobs. In case you haven’t noticed, Seattle’s having
kind of a tech boom right now, so it’s a great place and a great time to be growing your
tech skills.


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    Tammar Joseph

    Will the student be able to find a job after graduating this certificate program? I'm very interested to join this program and start on Oct 2018. any info and recommendation will defiantly be helpful and much appreciated.

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