ULTIMATE Low Budget Facebook Ads Strategy 2019 | Shopify Dropshipping

ULTIMATE Low Budget Facebook Ads Strategy 2019 | Shopify Dropshipping

let me share with you the ultimate
low-budget Facebook ads strategy what’s poppin people it’s your boy the beast off
ecom back with another video drop nothing but you already know value
bombs so in today’s video I’m going to share with you guys the Ultima low
budget Facebook Ads testing strategy that you can use if you’re on a lower
budget really quickly if this is the first time ever watching one of my
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the beast gang so I get quite a few questions from people saying I’ve only
got X amount is it enough to get started with Facebook ad verse or you know I’ve
only got this amount what’s the best strategy to use to get up and running
with Facebook well I’m gonna share with you guys in this video today a strategy
that’s gonna allow you to test products at a lower budget and hopefully still
get results really quickly I am doing a comment giveaway on this video so if you
want to win $25 for hundred percent free tested on adverts then all you got to do
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let’s click the talking let’s jump straight into the computer and learn
this low-budget Facebook strategy right so let’s jump
straight into this video on the ultimate low-budget Facebook as strategy 2019 I’m
gonna go into quite a bit of depth into this video I’m actually gonna show you
how to set up the campaign and then I mention some very very important things
in this video so make sure you don’t skip through any of it make sure you
watch it all the way to the end because you can get maximum value that way and
most importantly go out and implement this strategy into your business now
what I will say before actually moving forward is you know it’s very important
now if you haven’t got the money or you’ve only got two hundred dollars or
so then yes you could still use the strategy but you’re gonna pretty much
have to it’s gonna limit the amount of products that you can test the more
budget that you do have to play with the better of course success that you’re
going to have and the more that you can test so my question to people saying I
haven’t got enough money kind of get up and running just save more money okay if
you can say able to you know $800 to $1,000 then then great if you’ve got
$500 then you can still use the strategy how
you know it’s gonna limit the amount of products that you can test however so
the first thing we need to talk about is the products okay
now products if you’ve got a low budget well we need to do is very much budget
products come down to you know it doesn’t matter what your budget is if
your product is crap it’s not gonna make any sales whatsoever
so first and foremost find a product that solves a problem or is called
quirky and unique and has a wow effect that you can sell to a passionate
audience a very important last sentence there because people find cool and
quirky products but they’re not being sold to a passionate audience let’s just
say for example a phone cover or something it may be a cool phone cover
but if it’s not being sold to a passionate audience such as like dogs or
cats or something like that lovers then you’re not going to generally make any
sales now second point I recommend that you go for lower ticket products now
they’re more likely to convert as higher ticket products would of course require
you to spend more per purchase now that is because if the product is a higher
price let’s say for example $50 then it’s not really an impulse buy on
Facebook and that’s what we’re doing impulse buying on Facebook so you know
you’re gonna have to spend more money to acquire a customer if your product is
let’s say $60 so I recommend if you’ve got a low budget generally try and go
for low ticket products again now third point
aim for a break-even role as a 1.5 or below now again this makes things much
more achievable with the budget that you have now if your breakeven Ross is 2 or
3 then you know you’re a birds gonna have to be very pretty solid for you to
be able to be profitable now your next question may be okay so how do I work
out my breakeven row us very good question I’m gonna show you how to do
that now so basically your breakeven row s is your product selling price divided
by the net profit that you have once you took away your cost of goods so you
break you that equals your breakeven Ross so an example there we’ve got let’s
say for example we’re selling a product at $19.99 okay and our profit on the
product is $14.99 which is giving us a you know the
product cost is $5 so you know $19.99 take away $5 is 14
that’s good and then that’s gonna when we do that calculation is that’s gonna
give us a break-even whereas of 1.33 so we know that our wrasse is gonna be one
point three three which means when we were in our adverse and they’re going
you know they’re below one point three three then we know we’re losing money if
they’re at one point three three with breaking even and of course if they’re
higher than 1.5 1.6 1.7 to EXO ever we’re making money so let me show you a
setup example now of this and go into the meat of bones that have you can
actually set up this campaign because there’s some very important things that
you need to look into so let’s just head over to as manager and what you want to
do is click create and once this loads up we want to just call it I’m just
gonna call it WC which is website conversion low-budget example now we
want to go conversions and of course we want to make sure that we’re doing
purchase so let’s just call this one I’m just going to call it at the top English
because that’s what I like to call it and we’re gonna go to 25 to 65 and then
I normally put the name of the interest so name of interest you’d put that in
there okay for example and of course we just want to do a creative one so
there’s safety draft so once we’ve done that now and this is all loaded up let’s
just wait for it and let me just filter on this campaign and we want to go into
ad set so let’s say for example where sallying a I don’t know let’s just say
we’re selling a real cheap dog dog product or something like that okay a
real cheap dog collar again the product you know you can sell whatever you want
but I was going to show you two products so event we want to make sure that we’re
clicking on purchase now of course this add a counter an old ad account so this
is obviously red if you’ve got purchases then it would be green even if it’s on
red and you’re just starting out then select purchases because we want a
Facebook to send us purchase people who are willing to purchase
our product okay see what I got purchase now daily budget if you’re on a very
cheap budget then you can do $5.00 again $5.00 ads do work I test with more
nowadays because my budgets a lot bigger however five to ten dollars is good with
a low budget five-dollar ads again they do still work however it just takes
longer to get your ad data so so yeah you can set this at five dollars a say
for example very very low now I’m just gonna target let me just show you how to
do you target so you want to do generally if you start and just want to
do top English or a packet countries so let’s just do a packet countries and
there’s some of these a packet countries that I’ve taken out I’m gonna show you
in a moment at this point here we want to make sure it’s not everyone in this
location want to make sure it’s people who live in this location so everyone in
is gonna be people from holiday or people all over the place just you know
passes buyers but everyone who live in this is where they’ve actually selected
that’s where they live now to find the e packet countries you can just do a
Google search again this is a whole list here of the e packet countries however
there’s some of these on here which I would generally take out so Brazil I
generally don’t like to sell Brazil because the customs is pretty crap and
their postal system is awful again Hong Kong wouldn’t would probably
take that out as well Indonesia low current traffic the low quality traffic
sorry I’ll take that out Kazakhstan again I’ll take that out
Japan I’ll take that out Korea I’ll take that out Mexico I’ll probably take that
out as well Saudi Arabia Thailand so there’s some of them that I’d actually
would take out okay just because they’re they’re low quality traffic even though
they do still do a packet so I’ve generally I’ve already saved that and
you can you know you can save those things if you want to now depending on
obviously the product that your son in let’s say for example we’re going for
women for this products would select women again if it’s a men product or a
pickup or to both you’d click all now in terms of age ranges I generally like to
go for depending on obviously the products but most of the time kind of
even 21 or 25 and the reason why that is is because those people will have got
the credit cards most of the time they’re willing to purchase on Facebook
you know people who are and 21 and 18 generally don’t purchase
they’re just clickers and will just eat up your budget now going down let’s just
say for example we are selling a you know a dog product and we just put in
pug for example as one of our interests and we want to make sure that we’re
doing single interest as well so single interest per ad Sin City we’ve got eight
million here and if we scroll down here now automatic placements is absolutely
everywhere and I’m a very big advocate for doing automatic placements a lot of
people still only stick to news feeds and you know Instagram and the reason
why I don’t do that anymore is because very much when I break down my darica
see crazy whereas coming in from places such as Market Place suggested videos
you know stories all sorts of places so I generally select automatic automatic
placements however if you’ve got a low budget what I recommend you do is just
go in for mobile okay so you just select mobile and again leave all of these in
here you’re still gonna get messenger you’re still gonna get all sorts of
different places you’re gonna get the marketplace so you’re still going to get
all of these ok instant articles and you know suggested videos you know I’ll get
crazy robots from some of these places so again some people just like the feeds
but it’s very expensive to put target in the feeds so mobile and leave all of
these as is conversions obviously this is saying that my pixel hasn’t got any
sales on it but we just leave that like this and generally I always go seven
days one day click okay so that is how you would pretty much set up the advert
to start with so we see we’ve got all of that like that now another thing which a
lot of people don’t do if you’ve got a low budget is they just focus on one
creative and you know if you’ve only got one creative what’s gonna happen is
you’re pinning all your hopes just on that one creative now that’s a very bad
idea Facebook is very much a machine and it
machine learns its algorithm based which means it’s constantly trying to connect
the best things to the best things to the best things all of the time so if
you’re only pinning your hopes on one creative then you very much not given
Facebook anything to play with it no variables into the system so what I
generally recommend if you’ve got a low budget is generally just create to two
creatives you know different creatives and we can do that by just simply
clicking on the duplicate button and if we just duplicate that like that and
what’s going to happen then is it’s going to duplicate it now we’d make
changes to it of course and we can just call this one creative two and we change
it you could use the same video but have a different thumbnail you could use the
same video but have a you know different ad copy but only trying to isolate just
want variables so whether it be just changing your ad copy same video or same
ad copy different thumbnails trying to isolate just one variable but it’s
always good to have two creatives there when you run in because like I’ve
mentioned Facebook is very much a machine and it means inputs into the
algorithm then the better it’s going to perform so two creatives like that
now generally obviously you’d set that up so I’m not gonna go into creating a
creative but there we go so then we’ve got our ad like this we’ve got our low
budget one now again duplicate it we want to do as many as we our budget can
kind of allow but generally the minimum you want to go for is at least five
because the more ad sets that we can test the better however you know you
don’t want to go all out if your budgets really low so if your buddies really
loud recommend just go with like five to start with but if you’ve got a bit a
little bit more we can test like eight to ten that’s idea or eight to turn
different interests but if your budget isn’t as big you could test like six to
eight but minimum is five don’t really go less than five so I’m just gonna do
six here so we’ve done that like that and we’ve got five so it’s going to
duplicate five times so then what we do is we just go down and would just change
our switch out the interests so let me just go to the first one which we did so
that we can change that into the name of it because we named it pug so let me
just call this one there we go copy so name
of interest this is what I mean pug and we could also put mobile if you
really wanted to because that gives us an indication you know what we come back
and if this starts making us money then what we can do is split out and start
using desktop only and stuff so let’s just name this mobile as well there we go
so then it’s just the case of switching out the interests and you know to do
that we just just target different angles different you know say for
example this is a small dog product we could just target french bulldog and
then we just copy that there French Bulldog scroll up French Bulldog and
tick that one go down change it out again switch out this so yeah you know
it says it’s as simple as that realistically that’s what we’re doing is
we’re we just doing that we could just do Chihuahua now you know and switch
those out now generally in terms of audience sighs let me just dude chill
out while it’s there so we again we just go down there and just switch out so
that we’ve got six different interests that we can test the variables in terms
of audience size cuz I know that some people do ask that question if you’ve
got a low budget generally try and go for on your P’s in your pictures not
season or anything like that generally tried to go for like anything from one
meal up to 15 to 20 mil you know anything over if you go for large ones
such as 50 100 mil and your pixels not seasoned or you haven’t really had much
success with Facebook then you generally not gonna you’re adverse just gonna
pretty much get eaten up and in the field so trying to aim for you know 1 to
15 mil if possible so that is pretty much how you would set up that advert
again you’d always use some switch up all of these so you’ve got six
individual add sets their interests and we’ve got two creatives above two
creatives inside each ad set so going back to this now you can see here what
I’ve mentioned is that is we’ve got our website purchased
campaign we’ve got our different interests there I’ve just put five you
can have as many as you want and each of them are going to a different creative
so analyzing how do I actually analyze your results then well first and
foremost is robots is king if your campaign falls out of these upcoming
guys which I’m gonna let you know what they are but the robots is still
positive then continue to run it you know it doesn’t really matter at the end
of the day if it’s making money and your CPM is high it’s gonna be harder to
scale but you’re making money so don’t turn things off so if after 24 hours you
want to kill an ad set if the CPM are over 15 to 17 dollars if it’s higher
like I mentioned is we’re gonna be very hard to scale just kill the ad set kill
assess if your unique cost per link click is over $1 again chiliad zip if
I’m just kill campaign there we go so kill campaign if if not add two carts in
the entire campaign kill a campaign so if you’ve got a if you’ve run in a
campaign and you’ve spent say $50 or whatever it may be all $60 and you’ve
had no active costs whatsoever just scrap it move on to a different product
but remember if your campaign passes this then run it on for another 24 hours
remember if your campaign is profitable but it’s outside these metrics continue
to run it so if your campaign CPMs are high but you’ve made sales then keep it
running remember to of course check your ad creatives as well because we’re doing
it we’ve got to there and not just one which one’s giving your best metrics
your best click-through rate now after 48 hours kill the campaign if there’s 0
to 1 0 to 3 sales that are not profitable then just kill the campaign
remember if they’re not profitable if you’ve got ad sets out of spent up to
$10 so after 10 after two days you should have spent kind of all 10 dollars
per ad set and they haven’t had any active carts whatsoever then again
that’s a very good sign that it’s not an ad set or an interest that’s very much
interested so just turn off that ad set now if your campaign passes this again
run it for 24 hours remember if your campaign is profitable but
outside these metrics then continue to run it now this is a very bonus point at
the bottom which a lot of people ask me about so if your first 24 hours were
great okay you got a fantastic first three days first 24 hours it had three
sales but then on day two you got no sales whatsoever and losing all your
profit then keep it running for another 24 hours okay some people would think oh
damn you know I’ve lost all my profit it’s a good and analyze things based on
one day Facebook has its ups and downs so continue to run it for another 24
hours now after 72 hours kill ad sets that have spent 3x you profit margin
with no sales cut those off again ad sets with unique cost per link clicks
which has risen over $1 get the get rid of those and again previously after the
42 hours we would have got rid of anything which didn’t have an add to
cart or you know anything like that so we would have negative we were stopped
on those ones straightaway now if your campaign has four profitable sales on
day three then it could have legs okay you could be looking to scare things
however if all of these are just coming from one or two ad sets then there’s a
high chance that this isn’t a winner but it’s something that you may be able to
gain steady sales from you know you may have put this campaign level sixed you
know eight ad sets and it may be profitable but only to add sets are
profitable nine times out of 10 there’s a high chance that this thing isn’t
gonna be a winning campaign but it could be not a winning gold campaign but it
could be a you know a lower level campaign that can bring these sales for
yourself and also remember to break down your dates as well look at your
demographics your age gender placements to have very much help you scale further
now never scan an ad set without having three purse profitable sales if you’ve
had you know choose profitable sales or one profitable sell don’t try and scale
it some people ask me all the time I’ve had one profitable sale I’ve had
two profitable sales if you haven’t had minimum three don’t touch it leave it
into that it’s and it reaches that data point very crucial data point now if you
want to win $25 like I’ve mentioned you’ve got to the end of video then it’s
simple it’s easy all you got to do is comment hash tag beast gang down below
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simple as that so I hope you got made sure of course that you got and actually
start to implement this information because people this is very much free
content free information that you guys can have take it and capitalize it on as
best as you possibly can so I hope you got some value from this video if you
did then make sure you of course you like comment and make sure you smash
that subscribe button and be sure to of course to hit the notification bar as
well when you’re up to 25 subscribers with the beast gang very soon so so yeah
let’s hit that milestone ASAP do you want to learn more from me on a personal
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I’m using then make sure you check out econ B’s 2.0 my course and if you use
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well so there’s it for this video I’ll be back with another one how can you
make big strides inside of your ecommerce business take care and I’ll
see you later


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