Transfer Joomla from your Localhost to your Server

Transfer Joomla from your Localhost to your Server

Hello, On this video we are going to learn How to backup a Joomla! site With Akeeba backup And how to restore it and transfer it From your computer localhost to your hosting
account Once you have finish your website in your
computer local folder You will need to install it on your hosting
account server I’m going to assume that you already have
your domain name And ftp folder already setup on your hosting OK. Here we have a Test site On our computer localhost That I’m going to use to show you the steps
necessary To backup and transfer your site to your hosting
account The first step is to download Akeeba backup For that we are going to go to our Article Where we have the download link And hit download This is going to take us to the Joomla extensions
site Here we have Akeeba. Hit download And we grab the latest version. And click download OK. Also we are going to need to download kickstart.php Which is the PHP code we are going to need
later To restore the site on out host So we go back to our article and download
Akeeba kickstart. And we’ll click download now OK Fantastic Next. We need to install Akeeba Backup in
our website So we are going to go to our website’s backend And proceed with the installation Extensions Extension Manager And we are going to browse Our Download folder Akeeba component right here Upload and install Once installed we need to configure Akeeba So we are going to Components Akeeba Backup Go down Accept the mandatory information Apply Once it’s done configuring We proceed to backup the site For that we access the component Akeeba Backup And click on “Backup Now” Click again Backup Now Akeeba creates the backup file on the following
path Let’s open our Sites folder Administrator Components com_akeeba backup We are going to upload this jpa file To the site’s FTP Also we need to upload the kickstart.php file
along with it So we go to our downloads And grab the file Called “kickstart.php” And upload it to the folder Next. We need to create a database If you don’t have a database created yet We need to go ahead and do so We need to access our hosting account In this case I’m using GoDaddy But it is a similar procedure with any hosting We go to databases MySQL And proceed to add the database Setup a Name A username And a password And the database is being setup Once the database is setup We are going to open a New Tab And type in our Browser Our website’s name And The name of the file kickstart.php And we have a message from Akeeba here And hit start Akeeba is extracting the files Then we click on run the installer Click Next OK. Here is where we need that data So the username and password We’ll go back to our account And access MySQL And go to PHPMyAdmin And access the database So we need The database’s name Type the password and GO OK. Godaddy uses as a hostname The IP address of the database So we copy that And we paste it under database hostname Then, we’ll copy the username Paste that The database name is the same And the password And click Next Now Akeeba is restoring the database The database restoration was successful So we go to the next step And click Next Now we remove the installation directory And visit our front end Fantastic. This completes the restoration
process As you can see now We have the website on our hosting account The next step we’ll be to clean up the restoration This deletes the kickstart.php and the .jpa
file From your server On the next video I’ll show you the other
way around Restoring from our hosting To our computer localhost


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    Alexandra RIVIERE

    Hi i began my website with your tutorials and they have been very useful for me so far. I am a real beginner and couldn't afford anyone to work on my site. As i am trying to export my site from local to my server which is Siteground, i am facing difficulties though. In your tutorial you skip the "FTP" step. But this step is not logical at all for beginners :s. At least it is not for me, so could you please explain how to configure a FTP site? I have already created my FTP account but i don't know what to do next. I work on a mac and i have downloaded filezilla to transfer my files.
    Thank you very much for your help, your videos are such a good way to begin.

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    Maha Oueslati

    hi i'm new with joomlla socan you help me where should i exactly do the copy ?? i'm using a local server should i install XAMPP on it or what should i do?

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    Abou Kaki

    I install joomla with wampserver on my window 8 I want to export and put in linux because I am a real beginner on cms I do?

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    Really appreciate you actually talking through the steps. Half the other videos were just people waving a mouse and clicking on shit.

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