Top Producer Formula | How To Become Rich Like A 2 Percenter | MLM Business

Top Producer Formula | How To Become Rich Like A 2 Percenter | MLM Business

Top Producer Formula! Top
Producer Formula! Top Producer Formula! Top Producer Formula! Top Producer Formula! Top
Producer Formula! Hey this is Sohan from Auckland. Just wanted to make a quick video and ummm
and share some really really exciting news. Empower Network, you know, is just been able
to launch one of the best funnels in the history of online marketing. I mean…David Wood,
this guy is just phenomenal! I’ve just listened to a couple of videos from what David has
been saying and a couple of my other mentors like Justin, Rhonda and Robert…and there
is some really exciting stuff going on. You know, with this new product called “Top Producer
Formula”, it’s completely gonna revolutionaise the whole world. Ummmm what I mean by that
is, if you’re really interested in making your business…ummm an amazing success and
you becoming a top producer in your company…in your business, you wanna get your hands on
this product.’a0 I mean it’s a $7 product that starts off and I tell you what, the content
and the value that’s available in that, is absolutely phenomenal! you know, one of the
things that I picked up when I started with Empower Network was that the value of how
to build your business with some amazing tools that you cannot find if you just went to a
regular seminar or a personal development program, etc. I tell you what, the reason
I say that is that David Wood, this guys is so immensely talented and so so smart, I mean
he’s such a genius when it comes to …to do business online. No wonder, he is, hands
down, the number one recruiter on the internet of today. And if someone like him wants to
create and teach the world how to really build a business and become a top producer, seriously…that’s
a formula you don’t wanna say no to. So I thought I’d shoot this really quick video
and tell you what a difference it’s gonna make to you and your life if you get your
hands on it. Ummmm…you wanna make sure you become a top producer, you wanna pick up the
top producer formula really quick and before the doors shut, because it’s a launch period,
you wanna make sure you get it really quick. Are the prices gonna change or gonna go up?
Yes, they’ve been talking about it but seriously, with a $7 entry and getting your hands on
a product like that, man I tell you what…it’s a dream come true! Ummm…and to get a chance
to work and listen to David Wood and get coached by him and by a few other leaders around him,
dude that’s the best thing on the planet!!! So I’m excited right now, I’m driving, it’s
about 8:07am here in Auckland, on a Thursday morning and I thought I had to cut this video
because I just couldn’t contain my energy. You know, when I started working with Empower
Network bout a year and a half ago, I really made a few couple of thousand dollars a month,
working part time with this company and this business. Now, just make sure if you wanna
know, I’m putting the income disclaimer out there, the results are really not typical
in the part time arena, but in saying that, if you go to {field{*fldinst{HYPERLINK
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you’ll get more details on it. but I’ll tell you what, that was because of David Wood’s
mentorship, his teachings…I took it and I put them into practice and I’ve seen the
difference. Now, what he’s doing with the Top Producer Formula, dude, that’s like, not
multiplying, that’s like exploding your performance and your business potential. So, seriously…get
your bloody hands on the product! Do it today, I kid you not, what you’re about to see is
just mind-blowing!!!}


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