TOP 3 Shopify Niches 2019 REVEALED! – Plus BONUS Niche That MADE ME $20,000

TOP 3 Shopify Niches 2019 REVEALED! – Plus BONUS Niche That MADE ME $20,000

Are you struggling to find the perfect
niche not so worried in this video today I’m gonna be showing you guys with top
three profitable shopify niches that you guys can jump
into right now start making money and you stay to the end I’ll be revealing a
bonus secret niche that’s doing very well for me at this moment in time so
let’s get into it okay so maybe you’re just starting out
and you have no idea of which niche you want to get into or maybe on the
opposite side of things you might be doing well in a current niche and you
want to be able to break into other niches and find more winners so you can
expand your stores well in this video today I’m gonna be going over top three
profitable shopify niches that are doing well right now this year now they’ve been
doing well this year last year and will be doing well all of the time pretty
much because they passed the criteria of what I would see as a good niche now
some people call it niche some people call it niche I’m from the UK I would
normally call it niche but because a lot of my audience is probably from the
States I’m going to call it niche just for the purpose of this video and of
course if this is the first time ever watching my videos
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okay so firstly what makes a good niche first the thing is obviously of course
the size okay you have to have a large enough niche to be able to make money
and it has to be scalable okay you can’t have a niche which is very narrow a very
small very precise and expect to do you know astronomical days because it just
won’t work so this the size of the audience is very important you have to
make sure that of course there’s buyers in that audience as well because if
there’s no buyers or no one isn’t actively buying then you know it’s
pointless getting into a niche where there is not any buyers
second of all you want to make sure that there’s competition now a lot of people
get scared of competition again their thing oh there’s competition there you
know it’s too competitive let’s leave that one alone and try and find a niche
where no one is competing look if you try and jump into a niche where no one
is competing okay you see if you go one or two ways one you’ve found a niche
that no one is competing in and you can make a shitload of money which is very
slim or two of course the niche just isn’t profitable no more selling in
there and there’s no buyers in that niche so you have to welcome competition
okay and if you welcome competition and there’s a lot of competition it means
that there’s a lot of buyers in a specific niche so you want to be taking
competition in to consider when you’re looking at a niche as well
another criteria of course is passion okay now if you can tap into a niche
where people are passionate about a certain subject or a certain thing then
of course you’re gonna start making money now with passion of course comes a
motion now it’s easy or a lot easier of course to get someone to buy something
using emotion and passion rather than selling you know a generic product to
any random job so let’s jump into the screen and let’s get on with it okay so
when inside the computer now let’s get on with things and get on with those
profitable niches that you guys can jump straight into okay so the first one is
gonna be gadgets okay now gadgets are a very large market and it’s not just
gadgets in the general sense okay can be broken down into a lot of different sub
sort of niches now why gadgets okay gadgets pretty much
solve a problem okay they are there there so you know purpose is to solve
someone’s problem now if you’re solving someone’s problem okay it’s easier to
sell to someone who has a problem and you have the solution okay it goes for
any sort of marketing whatever sort of industry that you’re in okay if you’re
the solution to someone’s problem okay it’s easier to sell okay and of course
on top of that stuff has to be unique you know it has to be cool it can’t just
be something that is you know old or someone you know seeing it ten times
before it makes no sort of you know benefit to anybody if it’s if it’s an
old products okay obviously if it’s not cold it has to have what I’ve put down
here of course a WOW factor okay now something that people have never seen
before with Google have caught up with with Facebook sorry of course people
don’t go on Facebook to buy anything you see it’s basically interruption
marketing so the product that you’re selling okay has to interrupt someone
path like someone’s pattern okay so when they’re scrolling down and they see
something whether it be a picture whether it be a video or whatever it may
be that video or picture has to straight away okay interrupt the person for
whatever they’re doing okay stop them scrolling there and then
and then obviously if it’s a video you know explain the product and this whole
solving of the problem okay and giving it that wow factor and the benefit to
the buyer of course you know again with the picture as well make sure that the
picture is engaging you know enough to stop someone in their tracks when
they’re scrolling on Facebook okay gadgets everyone was selling gadgets so
you know some examples here of course I liked all gadgets you know what we’ll
jump into the screen right now see if we can try to find anything that kind of
looks um fits that criteria tall gadgets and of course you know kitchen gadgets
is very big as well stuff that makes it easier for people to cook you know no
one likes meal prepare no one likes you know cooking is a very long process but
of course you know if you can offer a product that makes things a lot more
easier for the Empire then that’s when it becomes a lot more easier to sell
things so let’s see if we can find some tall gadgets and kitchen gadgets I’m
just going to open up a new Aliexpress and we’ll go tools well here’s one here that I’ve actually
seen sell before so a few stores have actually sold this this product
basically it’s a tall gadget where it’s like a universal wrench okay so people
don’t have to have loads of different you know tall ends or actually socket
should I say it’s a universal socket so it’s from 7 mil to 19 mil so the problem
to someone have doing toes of course is that you know they might have that but
you know what it’s not when you’ve got tools you pull out you’ve got an old box
and you in your cupboard or something like that and you’ve got loads of
different sort of a you know ratchet sockets and you don’t know which one you
you’re putting it in you try this one this one that work you try this but at
this one you know and that’s that’s a problem okay now this obviously here
I’ve seen it before what happens is of course these little nuts and bolts sorry
these little pins here literally just fit around the bolt you see so you know
right about there you know it can solve someone’s problem okay all you would
need is that product there and you won’t need you have to get rid of all of you
you really want it’s literally a universal socket so you stick it in and
you know you can sell it straight away I’m literally giving you away you know
top quality products here this products has probably made you know a load of
money for someone i personally not sold it but i know that it made quite a lot
of money with an advert that saw pop up on my personal thing when i was when i
was targeted forward it so you know products like this only percent work and
it’s a kitchen it’s a prime example of a kitchen gadget and not kitchen gadgets
rea at all kg okay and again with kitchen gadgets that’s very simple okay
again same thing I’m not sure why use them in there what the hell is he doing
there but anyway let’s click here so this is one I have again seen people
selling before basically what it is it’s a stretchy cover okay so instead of you
know having to use loads and loads of cling film okay all people do literally
is they they can buy a set of these and reuse them okay so what’s the problem
the problem is cause using a load of cling film all the time putting in the
bin you know if you if you’re green in your Green
blah blah blah malarkey and obviously he’s saving the planet not using much
wastage etc these are reusable and you can use these over and over again okay a
video you know if you can find a decent video of this in action you know you’re
gonna solve someone’s problem like a cause kitchen people will have this
problem again guys this is a fantastic product that has made a lot of money for
another marketer out there so you just got to get real creative with things so
that’s the first kind of top niche that I cover again there’s no sort of
seasonal it’s not seasonal at all it will always be there okay second of all
of course is the beauty and healthcare niche now again same sort of thing you
have to be solved in someone’s issue I don’t want to say problem because people
you know might get upset stuff like that but okay someone’s issue you know if
they’ve got bags into their eyes or you know people who have sort of acne
confidence you know stuff like that people you know those sorts of things
can you know people want to feel better about themselves all the time so while
there’s massive brands out there okay making millions in a beauty be in the
beauty next UK because you know people generally want to look good you know
it’s just the way it’s just his way society years now so you know making
people feel good about themselves and if you’ve got a product that makes people
feel good about themselves and you can demonstrate that you know with video
eyes like I mentioned and it’s a huge huge niche okay multi-million pound
companies you can you only literally need no point not one percent of that
market to start making money okay and he’s putting the product directly input
in people’s face with the Facebook ads or influencers or whatever it may be
okay whereby you’re gonna get sales okay now looking at some examples of those I
know everyone and their grandma must have seen this on Facebook if not I
don’t know where you’ve kind of been but this one here of course you know if you
get any to drop shipping or you doing Facebook ads you’ve probably seen this
one okay this black mask okay pulls out you pause you put it on
everyone might have seen that funny video where the woman’s pulling it off
and she absolutely screams a head off this is that mask so again it solves
someone’s problems again someone’s issue who’s got blocked pores or something
like that you know they put their mask on they take it off and they look
Jennifer Lopez when they finish with it so to say or something like that but
anyway that sort of thing Sal’s okay moving on again the Pore Cleanser i
think this is a machine thing again these things here there was a video that
I’ve seen before it kind of sucks out people’s blackheads disgusting video but
again it’s interruption marketing okay people will see that now we’re at a
quick curious as human beings okay so you know when we see something that
doesn’t look you know nice lures a bit gory our natural instinct is is to watch
it okay it critters crazy as it sounds okay we want to watch it okay and stuff
like this although it kind of songs you’re not going against Facebook’s you
know terms of conditions which is showing anything so extremely graphic
okay these sorts of things sound okay so this was the Pore Cleanser machine I
think it sucks out blackheads like I mention from people’s face okay so again
that’s the beauty niche moving on of course pets now pets may seem cliche in
dropshipping okay loads of people loads of people do do the pet niche and like I
mentioned of course competition is good with a with with an it within a niche
okay there’s competition there’s people making money okay that’s the main
important thing and of course the size is massive pets itself is massive but in
in pets as a general you can niche down so sort of cats you know dogs of course
even horses okay listen it’s a massive niche you know and again
people are super super super super passionate about pets okay you will
never find a bunch of people more passionate than people who like pets
okay and it’s cooked of course with that it has attached it evokes emotional
people who absolutely love their dogs and love their pets if you’ve got a pet
at home you know I’m sure you love your cat love your dog they’re practically
part of the family okay so it’s easier to sell to those people
it still works okay it’s not saturated at all you’ve
just got to get very creative with the products you know you can think more
about personalization as well so quite a bit of personalized
personalized sorry cat products before you know and you know those things work
that’s what you can tap into you just got to get really creative instead of
selling the usual sort of cat bracelets and those sorts of things if you’re
trying to sell those you know nine times out of ten it won’t work you’ve got to
start thinking outside the box you really have so you know I’ve done a real
quick search you know this is unusual I’ve never seen it before it’s like a
cat tea I don’t even know what it is it’s a cat tea infuser I wouldn’t know
what it is good auntie believe it or not so this is a product that can work okay
looks cute cat lovers and again another thing I’ll scroll down a saw where are
they cat spoons again these were doing very
well for people so these are not common things that people will see in shops as
well okay they wouldn’t generally go to a shop and see sort of things like that
so when you put like cat’s spoon cutlery set okay in front of people who love
cats okay it stops them dead in their tracks and that’s the most important
thing that’s what’s valuable that’s what gets them to click through onto your
product page whereby obviously your product page is there to then sell the
product okay but you’ve got to make sure that the product itself is you know it
stands out it’s unique it’s cool okay or invokes someone’s passion and emotion so
these sorts of things here are cool again relatively cheap as well and
because they’re so unique you can put on a higher price to those because you know
you wouldn’t find it in your local shop people won’t just go to the local
Walmart and find these things they have to you know the only way they can kind
of find these things is through you know Facebook or these sorts of places where
your marketing and on your website so again very good products to to sell so
I’ll put down there of course you know you can go into sub breeds as well
pitbulls Doberman pugs you know cat quickly like I’ve mentioned now onto my
bonus niche so if you stay for the video congratulations well done
but it’s gonna be babies babies and kids okay it’s a massive massive niche okay
very very profitable as well understand personally I’ve made quite a bit of
money inside this niche okay and it’s a great one to kind of
look at of course and try and get into if of course if you wanted to again is
super passionate okay and again it’s emotional now copying mention you
throughout this video okay people love kids babies okay if you’ve
got a mom who’s just literally just had a kid a baby okay
that is literally their life and soul okay they will do anything to protect it
that will do anything for okay that is literally you know their life or so okay
so selling a product which will benefit their kid or benefit the mom okay he’s
gonna help you know their life their baby’s life a little bit more easier and
again cute things always catch people’s attention so if you’ve got a cute
you know babysat a cute clothing or something like that okay people wouldn’t
actually click on it and it’s a niche that’s always gonna be around a cake
because everyone knows someone who is having a baby or who is at least even
had a baby or are expecting a baby can’t everyone sort of know someone that fits
into one of those two things so it’s not gonna be one of those things that that
go up will go down I’m all about snitches that are here for good that are
long sustainable the sort of trans thing you know and seasonal niches don’t get
me wrong you can make a lot of money in those niches but they’re just personally
not for me so yeah that quick just to do a quick example of these ones for
confine them so here’s one kind of a baby anti-roll pillow as you can see it
stops the kid from rolling over onto his belly or whatever it may be again he
solves a problem you know it looks cute as well so stuff like this works and
Nancy Robert ed protects her as well I think I saw another product which was
pretty cool as well so this thing here which is I
believe is like a baby head pillow so again look super cute super cute kid I
think what it does is obviously if you sit the baby up I’m guessing here if
there’s any moms watching this please do feel free to correct me in the comments
but I think if the kid lies down there make sure that the kid doesn’t hit their
head okay so it solves it solves a problem again
100% totally wrong but going from a picture I’m guessing what that actually
does so remember guys please do get creative with things okay try to think
outside the box don’t just jump into one niche and then jump into another and
jump into another jump into another try to stick to one you know or pick two or
three that you want to go out and then start looking for products within those
two or three okay then obviously of course test as many products as you can
within that niche and then obviously if it does if one of them doesn’t work out
it’s totally fine just move on to a next one and then put your focus into that
because that way you’re gonna get a lot more feel for the niche itself and of
course you’ll learn more of what actually sells and once you know what
sort of product sells to a certain audience that’s when you get better over
time okay there’ll be a link down below as well
for my free Facebook mastermind group jump in there is everything to do with
Shopify and drop shipping and all that good stuff so get in there get your
questions answered and mingle with other marketers who are doing exactly the same
to help you out so if you want to reach out to myself the best place is probably
Instagram it will pop up on the screen it’s at beast of EECOM feel free to drop
me a message slide into my DMS and yeah I’d be more than happy to help you guys
out with anything to do with Shopify and drop shipping please do drop me a
message on facebook like me on facebook and as well get into that free
mastermind group down below and get to working with people who are here to help
you guys out okay so that is me for this video until next time when I drop
another video all for hashtag value bombs I am starting that hashtag hashtag
value bombs until then I see you later take care bye bye


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