Top 10 Scary Things That Really Happened on Mars

Top 10 Scary Things That Really Happened on Mars

What’s up top 10 fam hope you’re having
an awesome day, Im your host Ayman Hasan and welcome back to another video. Its time to dissect whats really going on
on the red planet you guys. I personally believe, and this is largely
influenced by movies ive seen, that when earth becomes inhospitable theyre just gonna migrate
our asses to Mars. But are there things we need to be prepared
for? Before we find out i just wanted to let you
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shirts on our instagram so what are you waiting for. These are the Top 10 Scary Things That Really
Happened on Mars. Starting us off with number 10 is The Face. So this is a bit of a wildcard and this was
my first time seeing this image as well so i was like was i living under a rock all this
time? Like how did i not know about this? Either way back in 1976 NASAs Viking 1 Orbiter
travelled past Mars and snapped an image that turned everyones heads for all the wrong reasons. The image shows the surface of the planet
which obviously is a mismatch of elevated and flat surfaces. I dont need to explain what the surface of
a planet looks like you guys already know. But one of the elevated planes looked very
much like a face. You can see the eye hollows, a nose and lips
too. After this was made public many people started
speculating that the face was an alien crafted monument on Mars. Which honestly i wouldnt even be surprised
about. If they can disguise their headquarters on
earth as an iceberg or under an island then this wouldnt even be a second thought for
them. A face on Mars? No biggie. However this one has been semi debunked because
the Mars Global Surveyor took a new picture of the area in 2001 and this one was obviously
a lot more HD. In the newer picture the plane looks a lot
more blobby and cracked and there are no facial details at all. But honestly i feel like in the 70s aliens
were more lax like oh the humans will never figure us out but now theyre like damn theyre
advancing quickly. So now theyre covering up their tracks but
i dont buy it for a sec. We saw what we saw. Coming in at number 9 is The Bone. Now back in 2014 again i mustve been living
under a rock that year too, NASAs Curiosity rover took a chilling image. Now when you first look at it its just a pile
of rocks, nothing weird, nothing stands out but wait. Right bang in the middle theres a really oddly
shaped rock, so much so that one could argue its not a rock at all. The rock looks very much like a femur bone
from a thigh which then opens the can of worms to why the HELL is there a bone on a quote
on quote uninhabited planet? Is it a fossilized human femur bone from one
of the many people theyve abducted and taken back to Mars? Or is it a fossilized alien bone and now we
know that they may have similar skeletal structures to us? Like where did this bone come from? Is it the femur bone of an animal? An extraterrestrial animal? Like what are we working with here. The bone is more crooked than a human femur
bone which are usually more straight. Most skeptics say the bone most likely became
that shape due to wind or water erosion, with NASA forever maintaining that the only life
on Mars are the microbes and that there isnt enough oxygen for other organisms. But what if its just housing organisms we
havent studied that dont need oxygen like we do? Got you there. At number 8 we have The Grey Lady. i dont even have to explain what that is by
now, anytime ive said grey white or red lady on this channel im talking about a female
ghost and you guys better damn well know that by now. So back in August of 2015 the Mars Curiosity
rover captured a picture of some rocky terrain in which someone found an apparition of a
grey lady. The shadow or ghost really does look like
a woman in a dress just standing amongst the terrain looking at the camera if anything. And i mean last time i checked ghosts dont
need oxygen so her existence could very much be real. According to scaling, shed have to be the
size of a pebble so i mean… theres that. But again we dont know what the effect of
the lesser gravity on ghosts so it could easily miniaturise them, who knows. But also it could be the ghost of an alien. Like we dont know, all we do know is that
the apparition exists. NASA piped in saying everyone gets excited
when a rock resembles anything interesting but like live a little NASA. Filling our number 7 slot is The Waffle Island. Now firstly i didnt even know there were islands
on mars. Like i thought islands were land masses surrounded
by water but theres no water on Mars so its like whats happening? But maybe I need to adapt my definitions to
make them more galactically appropriate. Either way back in 2014 the Mars Reconnaissance
(ri-con-ih-since) Orbiter captured a picture of a waffle shaped island. The misshapen waffle is located in the Athabasca
region of Mars and is 1.2 miles wide. Its located in an area with a lot of lava
flows so the smooth parts around the elevated parts are where the lava flows. NASAs scientists claim the waffle like appearance
just comes from lava intruding from underneath and pushing the crust upwards but a complete
explanation is yet to be found. And that leaves room for us conspiracists
to be like *hand rub*. Personally i feel like aliens are on Mars
and have their homes or headquarters inside the planet so all these weird land formations
on the surface are just their creations under the surface. Who agrees? And also for the record if that is meant to
be a waffle, its a shit looking waffle. I said what I said. Now at number 6 are the Marks. So back in 2017 NASA released a picture the
Mars Reconnaissance (ri-con-ih-since) Orbiter had taken of the Hellas Planitia (hellis plan-eesha)
which is basically a plains area inside a huge crater on Mars thats actually deeper
than the Grand Canyon. And its billions of years old so its pretty
damn cool. Either way the photo looks like a bunch of
squiggly lines or scratch marks next to each other. NASA explained it as being caused by dry ice
breaking up and sliding down the sandy dunes and creating those paths however i have my
own theory. Other than looking like scratch marks it also
lowkey looks like a crop field. And crop circles or fields and aliens have
been linked since like the start of time so a) theres that, and b) maybe the aliens created
a cropfield to sustain themselves. You dont know. We dont know what their food situation is,
who knows what theyre using it for. Will went on to say that we dont get told
a lot of things so we’ll never truly know what the truth is about a lot of things we
see. And Will, youre not wrong. Coming in at number 5 is The Coffin. So back in 2014, Will Farrar found something
in an image taken by NASAs Mars Curiosity Rover. Amongst the regular rocky terrain of the planet,
there appears to be a coffin shaped object amongst the rocks. Like its very angular and deliberate and doesnt
look like an eroded or misshapen rock at all. Scale wish 1 metre long and half a meter wide
and i mean based on the people we’ve seen on this list on Mars theyre quite small. So this coffin size seems to fit quite well
but at the same time it could easily belong to Dracula or Edward Cullen. Its so gothic looking with its curvature and
it just looks like a regular vampire coffin so.. Are there alien vampires too? Where does the crossbreeding end? Does it ever? I guess we’ll have to stay tuned. At number 4 is The Rabbit. And no thats not even a clickbaity fake title,
i dont do fake news people i told you before. So back in March of 2004 NASAs Opportunity
rover had taken many pictures of Meridiani Planum (plane-um) which is basically a plain
2 degrees south of Mars’ equator cus i know yall dont know what that is cus neither did
i. One of the pictures shows some rock formations
in the back and in front, isolated on the surface of mars is what appears to be a white
rabbit. Now the picture is quite blurry so its hard
to make out the rest of its body you can definitely see the two floppy ears standing up which
is evidence enough. The ears even move in the Martian wind so
it definitely isnt a rock NASA. however you know NASA always has a clapback
and engineers say its most likely a bit of soft material that came from one of their
vehicles, perhaps some cotton insulation. Well i appreciate you offering that explanation
but id like to believe its a bunny and thats that. Bye. Filling our number 3 slot is Mars Bigfoot. And i feel like calling it bigfoot is a bit
of an overstatement so its more of a mini bigfoot if you will. So this picture was snapped by the Mars Exploration
Rover Spirit back in 2007 on the eastern edge of the planet. Now apparently this bigfoot picture is actually
a bigfoot shaped rock. According to NASA. Like i cant tell if theyre tryna punk us or
not at this point. A rock eroded to look like a femur bone fine
i can suspend my disbelief but a rock eroded to look like bigfoot? Fool me once shame on twice, but fool me twice
im not a dumbass. Now this is how psycho we are as a species,
so the picture was actually originally a big ass panorama that someone zoomed the hell
into and found this bigfoot. This is how we find everything out. But the peculiar thing is that the Spirit
takes black and white pictures, so for it to take a coloured photo it has to take the
picture 3 times with a few minutes in between to put the coloured lenses over the camera. So unless bigfoot was moving 1mm at a time. Things become more sus. From analytics the creature seems to be 6
cm tall so when i say hes mini i mean hes mini. Im finally taller than someone! Now at number 2 is Marshenge. Like Stonehenge but not. So the HiRISE Mars orbiter found something
that sent everyone into a frenzy essentially. The original image is a massive panoramic
picture of a large bit of terrain from a birds eye view. When you zoom in you can see very clearly
a circle of rocks on an elevated circular mound. It stands out compared to everything else
in the picture and it makes you think if aliens really did build it to be their stonehenge. We’ve never gotten to the bottom of why
Stonehenge was created and i doubt we’ll ever get to the bottom of Marshenge either. Was it made as an ancient Martian burial ground? If the stars align will ie spawn the king
of aliens in the middle of the circle? Like what are we meant to expect from Marshenge? Whatever it is im glad NASA cant tell us its
because of erosion. Miss me with the bs. And finally at number 1 is The Skull. So last year UFO hunter and space journalist
Joe White was analyzing pictures taken from NASAs Mars Curiosity Rover and came across
something horrific. Amongst a bunch of rock formations, Joe spotted
what literally is a fossilized skull no joke. Like you can see the jawbone, the eye socket,
you can even make out some teeth as well its very clear. Like we have the dental records lets identify
this mofo you guys, ill go up there and do it myself. Now scale wise the skull is 2 feet so whoevers
body that belonged to would have had to be at least 15 feet tall. Skeptics say it could be just a weird rock
encrusted in mud and then dried out but like really? Are we gonna listen to the skeptics at this
point? Like look at the image, in colour, it is very
much a skull you cant deny it. What dyu guys think? Does it belong to our alien brethren? The martians we havent seen yet?


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    Inger Rogers

    Ayman, I don't know what you guys see, but NASA was right about "our perception", we see what we want to see, PERIOD! I don't see it!

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    Marilyn Perez-Aviles

    I believe for the first picture before it was digitally edited, this is the explanation for it.
    Pareidolia is the science behind seeing faces in objects. There but I can't explain the other ones really of the figures. P.S. I do believe in other life exisiting, however it is hard to know the difference between real and fake sometimes.

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    Toni Maree

    It's awesome watching Ayman having fun, you rock girl 🤘
    Number 1 definitely does look like an alien skull 💀 creepy.

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    Inger Rogers

    Finally, I'll admit, the skull got me. Mars has been colonized with beings for centuries. Maybe all these images are just a way for the aliens to send us clues about what's going on in space. There are dimensions we may never get to venture, black holes we may never cross, but we will find out one day that what we've been suspecting will come to light in 'THEIR TIME", not ours.

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    Random Nerd Of Doom

    I hope Martians in real life would be like Martian Manhunter. That dude would be a badass Martian.

    What if Martians have the natural ability to shape shift and are on our planet right now just watching us?

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    Crystal Patterson

    Hi that was some funny s**t lol but i got a theory for you what if before humans existed Mars had life at one point there now Underground hiding because of some disaster or that's where we originated from makes you wonder

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    Le fluf de Boi

    The skull could be someone born on mars 100 years ago, People born on mars are 15 meters, thigh bone must have been his. The black lady, could have been his spirit the rabbit could have been his pet and maybe he built those or aliens abducted and kept him there

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    When I was with my parent and friend while we were on vacation I once had a dream that something was outside of our camper and all of the sudden we woke up to scratching and alarm going off on our car…

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    Seems quite strange. I would love the top you are wearing in this video but in purple, one in while, & one in black. It is very beautiful. Yellow suits you but looks awful on me sadly. But yeah, get those tops in your merchandise and I will buy them. But in a purple, a white and a black. 😉💕🌌🇨🇦

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    If you're planning on a part two, should really consider looking into the supposed Martian Soldier that was spotted which looks like it was stalking the Curiosity Rover a while ago. Really interesting and to be honest, looks way too good to be fake.

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    Justin Baird

    How do we know that beings dont live on Mars. They could be living under the surface to stay warm due to no atmosphere on the surface

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    Anthony Romeo

    KEEP DOING SPOOKY ONES 🥰 I don’t even know what your shirt says but i love it !
    you should do top ten murderers who are on social media right now posting about it
    you best believe there’s so many of those crazy bastards out there.. like jason

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    Roman Roman

    Og anyone "dislikes" a video that Aymen host they are clearly a hater …. she is way to beautiful..that alone makes it dam near impossible to dislike

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    Watching this at 2am, While eating Goldfish at the same time! Mmm I’m having the time of my life (it’s also a school night. Rip to me😂)

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    MARSOC Pltn 5 Sniper

    The "Grey Lady" IS REAL! It's my ex-mother-in-law. All the ghosts were like "damn, this woman is meaner than anything else we've ever dealt with!". So, they not only sent her back to the earthly plane, but they sent her to Mars, in exile!

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    Jackie Erasmus

    I have to say, I can not pass any of the Most Amazing channels videos. It's just impossible. Love you guys and thanks for being só entertaining. Love your jokes, well, basically everything!!! Big hugs from S.A. xxx

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    Steven Botello

    Man her voice is wayyyyyy to upbeat for this video im trying to get creepes out. Not annyoed by her voice geez

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    I spend over a year looking at these photos from Mars. You didn’t even do some of the really Great ones!! I have some photos where you can see hieroglyphics in some photos- you didn’t show the Egyptian looking statue that in the side of a rock cliff- so many other amazing photos!

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    Drema Rozario

    Now I am no conspirator but Ayman Hasan got me thinking differently.
    P.S Ayman Hasan no matter how you dress you are always really cute to me and I really love your long curly hair and you have a cute laugh.

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    Jeffery Parker

    I never understood why NASA scientist believe that any other life form out there needs oxygen..
    Where did they get that info?

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    Richard Baumeister

    The second Nasa face photo is a greatly retouched and does not represent what is really there. A special filter was used to make the details not visible. We await a true high resolution photo from NASA

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    DJ Felix

    Maybe everyone on Mars just… turned to rock? Maybe there was some cataclysmic event that petrified everything on the surface, and now all those things we see- which were alive at one point- are now turned to rock? And maybe NASA knows this, so they're telling us they're just rocks- knowing they aren't actually lying to us, but still not telling us the truth.

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