Top 10 Scary Nickelodeon Theories – Part 4

Top 10 Scary Nickelodeon Theories – Part 4

What the heck? Angelica was laughing at a war documentary
and what’s up with Stu? No seriously is he okay? As a kid, I used to love watching cartoons
on Saturday morning. It used to be a great break from reality and
it was nice not to have to worry about anything. But as it turns out, some of our most beloved
and favourite cartoons might not be what we remember. Nickelodeon did a great job with selecting
some amazing cartoons but what if I told you that there are some dark theories about our
favourite characters? This video might just make you reevaluate
your entire childhood. How’s it going Youtube? I’m your host Landon Dowlatsingh and just
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with the white. The true origins of
the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles starts this list off in at number 10. Who else was a huge fan of these lean, green
fighting machines? I definitely was a huge fan of the movies
and I was so happy that The teenage mutant ninja turtles became a TV series and it aired
on Nickelodeon between 2012 & 2017. According to the show, Spinter found four
baby turtles covered in an alien mutagen. But let’s challenge this theory for a moment. How would a turtle be physically attracted
to April O’neil and what’s up with their insatiable hunger for pizza? These don’t sound like typical turtle tendencies
or instincts. A reddit user by the name of killjoy95 claims
that Splinter was so desperate to have his own children, especially since his daughter
Miwa disappeared. So he kidnapped human babies and he might
have accidentally or on purpose exposed them to mutagens with turtle DNA. Whoa wait a minute! Splinter is a kidnapper? I always knew something fishy was going on
with Master Spinter. Next up in at number 9 we have The Penguins
of Madagascar are actually dead soldiers. Yep, and the fun doesn’t stop there. Apparently the penguins and other animals
in the show are actually reincarnated people. Reddit user Soletrador believes that the penguins
specifically were part of an elite force in world war 2 and they died in combat but now
they are reincarnated as penguins so that’s why they have very similar tendencies and
personalities as WW2 soilers. So wait a minute, you’re telling me that
this show is basically about dead souls coming back to earth as animals and this is supposed
to be targeted towards kids? There’s just something about this theory
that gives me the creeps so maybe it would be best if we just move on and forget that
this ever happened. Drake is a burnout and this takes us over
to number 8. Drake and Josh was a TV show on Nickelodeon
about two very different step brothers living together. This series ran from 2004-2007 so it didn’t
last very long. But apparently one of the main character’s,
Drake became addicted to smoking weed. This theory kind of makes sense. After season 1, Drake started to smoke and
he became more of an airhead, laid back and he started to do poorly in school. He also developed a really big appetite and
he never gained weight. So what could be the explanation for all of
this? Drake’s a burnout and here’s your proof. Oh and his two friends Scottie and Treavor
might have been the ones who started his addiction and maybe they are even his supplier. Alright next up on our list in at number 7,
Ren and Stimpy. So basically, looking back at this entire
show, I’m just going to go out and say it… Everything is wrong with this show. No seriously, literally everything about this
show is messed up and I can’t believe that our parents actually let us watch this when
we were younger. In case you forget what this show was like,
I’ll give you a little sample. What the hell did we just watch? Apparently this show wasn’t supposed to
be targeted towards kids but I know a lot of people who used to watch this when they
were younger. There are a lot of sexual innuendos and it’s
definetley not appropriate for kids but somehow it was only rated 13 plus. Moving up this list in at number 6 we Steve
from Blue’s Clues. As it turns out, Steve is actually an inmate
who is hallucinating all of the time. Think about it. Steve thinks that he is living in a house,
but he’s actually only moving within his cell. Pay close attention when he changes rooms,
his legs move up and down but his position on the TV stays the same. And he doesn’t use doors when he leaves
a room because they are all in his imagination. Still need more convincing? Other people are never in the same room as
him and the other characters that he sees are an imagined dog and other animated household
objects. So Steve is all alone in his cell and he’s
clearly hearing voices. He also doesn’t have access to dangerous
items such as knives or scissors which are all things that an inmate would never have. Whoa, things just got deep. Stu from Rugrats is suffering from clinical
depression and this brings us to number 5. When you stop to think about it, it’s kind
of obvious that Stu Pickles isn’t acting like a father should be. In one episode he wakes up at 4am just to
make pudding because his life is falling apart. Then in another episode he falls off the roof
and starts acting and talking like a baby. And let’s not forget the fact that Tommy
can basically do whatever he wants whenever he wants…So this makes me wonder if Stu
is actually alright? No seriously, I think he needs to be evaluated
and get some help because things are not going to get any easier. Some people are saying that he is clinically
depressed and has ADHD because he is restless, hyperactive, has imparied judgement, a short
attention span, he’s forgetful and he is easily distracted. Wow, this show is a lot more dark than I remember. Rocko’s modern life is pretty perverted
and this takes us to number 4. This show aired on from 1993-1996 and it was
targeted towards both children and adults but it suffered from a lot of controversy
because it had a lot of sexual innuendos and other content that was definitely not appropriate
for kids. So let’s break down some of the most shocking
things in this show. Keep in mind that as children, we didn’t
really understand just how bad this show really was to our innocent minds. First of all, when Rocko lost his job at the
comics store, he became a phone sex operator and things became extreamly awkward real quick. In one episode Rocko visited a doctor who
cupped his eyeballs and asked him to cough. This is something that doctors do during a
physical but instead of the eyeballs they are cupping something else. Oh and the doctor’s name was Bendova. Oh and let’s not forget about the tunnel-of-love. A couple enters the tunnel and when they come
out of the other side, they have kids in their boat. See, I told you things are pretty messed up
with this show. It’s one thing if this was targeted towards
adults only but they also invited kids to watch it. Number 3, Doug escaped from an insane asylum. Doug is a show about a sixth grader who recently
moved to a new town and attempts to fit in. Sounds innocent enough, but what if I told
you that Doug was originally locked up in an insane asylum but he escaped and now he
is trying to convince people that he is just a harmless young boy. We all know that Doug has a ton of daydreams
in order to escape reality but what if these so called harmless daydreams are actually
his mind playing tricks on him. Most of the time his daydreams cause him to
literally almost die and no one seems to really care. For example, there’s one episode where doug
is literally having a hallucination while sitting in the middle of a road during heavy
traffic. Oh and in another episode he blanks out while
he was driving a soapbox racer that was flying down the hill. Next up in at number 2 Dora is being controlled
by strangers. Finally, Dora is making an appearance on this
list. Dora the explorer follows the adventures of
a bilingual girl traveling around the world. To help her out with her adventures, she often
turns to the camera to ask for advice. Well as it turns out, Dora is a prisoner and
she has lost her ability to have free will. She has to constantly ask strangers what to
do next and we control her every move. It’s kind of like a cartoon version of the
truman show. Everyone is watching her, but she’s not
able to make her own decisions. Instead she has to wait for a ton of strangers
to scream at her through the screen to make all of her life decisions. Do you think Dora actually wants to run around
on top of mountains, go diving in the ocean or travel into space? No she doesn’t, but does it matter what
she wants to do? No because we control Dora now. Now in at number 1, Everyone from the midnight
society is actually dead. If you guys have never seen are you afraid
of your dark, what the heck is wrong with you. No seriously, you haven’t lived if you’ve
never seen this show. But for the two of you how might not have
seen it, its about a group of friends who call themselves the midnight society. They meet up in the forest and they like to
tell scary stories around the campfire. But apparently, all of the members are actually
dead or they never even existed at all. Whoa, this theory kind of hurts my brain but
I can kind of see how this might be true. We never actually see their home life. They meet up late at night on school nights
so wouldn’t their parents be like what the heck are you doing? I don’t know too many 14 year old that were
allowed to go deep into a dark scary forest without a cellphone and tell scary stories
at night. That just doesn’t seem like it would fly
with a lot of parents. Oh and they tell a lot of these scary stories
in graveyards so maybe they are ghosts telling stories. Whoa things just got even scarier for me. Well there you guys have it…


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