The Ultimate Social Network

The Ultimate Social Network

Hey everybody Eric Worre here. Welcome to Today I want to talk to you about maybe one of the
most undervalued attributes of the network marketing profession and that is
the social network that is created and the value of that social network. Here’s
what I mean by that. In 1990, they did a… I saw a study recently that said in 1990
the average American had 3.8 friends. 3.8
significant friends. Confidants. People they could share important things.
Important life discussions with. 3.8 and fast forward to today. 27
years later. You’d think because of social media and all the
interconnectivity and the social network that that number of friends will have
grown. Matter of fact it’s decreased by almost 50% or approximately 50%. It’s 1.8
today. 3.8 in 1990, 1.8
today. We’re more connected than ever but the significance of the social network
that we are leveraging is not as powerful as people would think. So enter
network marketing. Network marketing serves incredibly important emotional
need and that’s this need to be connected in a meaningful way with
like-minded individuals different. Different organizations. The corporation used to
provide that. Some religious institutions used to provide that. Sometimes
communities, little towns and cities used to provide a sense of community and all
of those different areas have said tended to be fragmented. And you’re
left with people feeling more and more alone, less and less connected. Less and
less socially connected. Now if you ask the average person inside of network
marketing, how many of those people have more than the 3.8 friends
that the average American had in 99 let alone what they have now. You’ll
see the longer people are involved in this profession, the more meaningful
relationships that they have. The more confidants, people that they can share
important information with, actually exist. And why is this so? The financial
opportunity that we have that actually ends up giving us a
reason, an excuse, to spend more time with like-minded people. Without the
financial incentive, you wouldn’t be spending as much time with your upline
or your downline or at the events or at your conferences, building those
relationships. You wouldn’t be as connected with those people because
again we’re all trying to learn from each other so we tend to be more
connected because we’re seeking knowledge in different directions or
seeking feedback in different directions. So the social network that’s created
here is incredibly valuable, very meaningful and in itself is one of
the biggest assets of being involved in network marketing. The richness of life.
Those of you who know what I’m talking about. have been around for a while.
The richness of your life because of the quality of the social network that you
have built because you’re involved in network marketing is a huge asset in
your life and you know it. For those that are just getting started or haven’t
built that yet, I promise you the longer you stay around
the more you’re going to leverage the real value of the ultimate social
network which is network marketing. Hope you got value from that. Hope it caused
you to think and hope it causes you to reach out to somebody else and build a
more meaningful relationship. Network marketing isn’t perfect but it is better.
If you have an entrepreneurial bone in your body
there’s just nothing better and the social network is just another piece of
what makes it great. Have a great day everybody. See you next time. Take care.
Goodbye. Hey my name is Eric Worre and if you’re involved in the network
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    Zahira debieb

    hello Eric woree.. I'm from Algeria we need your help.. I am a networker… but I have big idea to mak a network company.. help us please

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    David Horvat

    My personal opinion is that today people are having too much of everything and not time for the family which is the most important. How will in bad time 10 apps help you if you need the friends which will be with you together at the time when you need a human person. I am Co-Founder of a company which is creating a platform through Start Up for Project Management, but it will just help to entrepreneurs to do more activity through day and after a work have time for family and friends!!!

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