The power of women’s anger | Soraya Chemaly

The power of women’s anger | Soraya Chemaly

Translator: Ellen Maloney So sometimes I get angry, and it took me many years
to be able to say just those words. In my work, sometimes my body thrums, I’m so enraged. But no matter how justified
my anger has been, throughout my life, I’ve always been led to understand
that my anger is an exaggeration, a misrepresentation, that it will make me rude and unlikable. Mainly as a girl, I learned, as a girl,
that anger is an emotion better left entirely unvoiced. Think about my mother for a minute. When I was 15, I came home
from school one day, and she was standing on a long veranda
outside of our kitchen, holding a giant stack of plates. Imagine how dumbfounded I was when she
started to throw them like Frisbees… (Laughter) into the hot, humid air. When every single plate had shattered
into thousands of pieces on the hill below, she walked back in and she said to me,
cheerfully, “How was your day?” (Laughter) Now you can see how a child
would look at an incident like this and think that anger is silent, isolating,
destructive, even frightening. Especially though when the person
who’s angry is a girl or a woman. The question is why. Anger is a human emotion,
neither good nor bad. It is actually a signal emotion. It warns us of indignity, threat,
insult and harm. And yet, in culture after culture,
anger is reserved as the moral property of boys and men. Now, to be sure, there are differences. So in the United States, for example, an angry black man
is viewed as a criminal, but an angry white man has civic virtue. Regardless of where we are, however,
the emotion is gendered. And so we teach children to disdain anger
in girls and women, and we grow up to be adults
that penalize it. So what if we didn’t do that? What if we didn’t sever
anger from femininity? Because severing anger from femininity
means we sever girls and women from the emotion that best
protects us from injustice. What if instead we thought about
developing emotional competence for boys and girls? The fact is we still
remarkably socialize children in very binary and oppositional ways. Boys are held to absurd,
rigid norms of masculinity — told to renounce the feminine emotionality
of sadness or fear and to embrace aggression and anger
as markers of real manhood. On the other hand,
girls learn to be deferential, and anger is incompatible with deference. In the same way that we learned
to cross our legs and tame our hair, we learned to bite our tongues
and swallow our pride. What happens too often
is that for all of us, indignity becomes imminent
in our notions of femininity. There’s a long personal and political
tale to that bifurcation. In anger, we go from being
spoiled princesses and hormonal teens, to high maintenance women
and shrill, ugly nags. We have flavors, though; pick your flavor. Are you a spicy hot Latina
when you’re mad? Or a sad Asian girl? An angry black woman?
Or a crazy white one? You can pick. But in fact, the effect is
that when we say what’s important to us, which is what anger is conveying, people are more likely
to get angry at us for being angry. Whether we’re at home or in school
or at work or in a political arena, anger confirms masculinity,
and it confounds femininity. So men are rewarded for displaying it, and women are penalized
for doing the same. This puts us at an enormous disadvantage, particularly when we have to defend
ourselves and our own interests. If we’re faced with a threatening
street harasser, predatory employer, a sexist, racist classmate, our brains are screaming,
“Are you kidding me?” And our mouths say, “I’m sorry, what?” (Laughter) Right? And it’s conflicting because
the anger gets all tangled up with the anxiety and the fear
and the risk and retaliation. If you ask women what they fear the most
in response to their anger, they don’t say violence. They say mockery. Think about what that means. If you have multiple marginalized
identities, it’s not just mockery. If you defend yourself,
if you put a stake in the ground, there can be dire consequences. Now we reproduce these patterns
not in big, bold and blunt ways, but in the everyday banality of life. When my daughter was in preschool,
every single morning she built an elaborate castle —
ribbons and blocks — and every single morning the same boy
knocked it down gleefully. His parents were there, but they never
intervened before the fact. They were happy to provide
platitudes afterwards: “Boys will be boys.” “It’s so tempting, he just
couldn’t help himself.” I did what many girls
and women learn to do. I preemptively kept the peace, and I taught my daughter
to do the same thing. She used her words. She tried to gently body block him. She moved where she was building
in the classroom, to no effect. So I and the other adults mutually
constructed a particular male entitlement. He could run rampant
and control the environment, and she kept her feelings to herself
and worked around his needs. We failed both of them
by not giving her anger the uptake and resolution that it deserved. Now that’s a microcosm
of a much bigger problem. Because culturally, worldwide, we preference the performance
of masculinity — and the power and privilege
that come with that performance — over the rights and needs and words
of children and women. So it will come as absolutely no surprise,
probably, to the people in this room that women report being angrier in more
sustained ways and with more intensity than men do. Some of that comes from the fact
that we’re socialized to ruminate, to keep it to ourselves and mull it over. But we also have to find
socially palatable ways to express the intensity
of emotion that we have and the awareness
that it brings of our precarity. So we do several things. If men knew how often women were filled
with white hot rage when we cried, they would be staggered. (Laughter) We use minimizing language. “We’re frustrated. No, really, it’s OK.” (Laughter) We self-objectify and lose the ability to even recognize the physiological
changes that indicate anger. Mainly, though, we get sick. Anger has now been implicated
in a whole array of illnesses that are casually dismissed
as “women’s illnesses.” Higher rates of chronic pain,
autoimmune disorders, disordered eating, mental distress, anxiety,
self harm, depression. Anger affects our immune systems,
our cardiovascular systems. Some studies even indicate
that it affects mortality rates, particularly in black women with cancer. I am sick and tired of the women
I know being sick and tired. Our anger brings great discomfort, and the conflict comes because
it’s our role to bring comfort. There is anger that’s acceptable. We can be angry when we stay in our lanes
and buttress the status quo. As mothers or teachers, we can be mad, but we can’t be angry
about the tremendous costs of nurturing. We can be angry at our mothers. Let’s say, as teenagers —
patriarchal rules and regulations — we don’t blame systems, we blame them. We can be angry at other women,
because who doesn’t love a good catfight? And we can be angry at men with
lower status in an expressive hierarchy that supports racism or xenophobia. But we have an enormous power in this. Because feelings are the purview
of our authority, and people are uncomfortable
with our anger. We should be making people comfortable
with the discomfort they feel when women say no, unapologetically. We can take emotions and think in terms
of competence and not gender. People who are able to process their anger
and make meaning from it are more creative, more optimistic, they have more intimacy, they’re better problem solvers, they have greater political efficacy. Now I am a woman
writing about women and feelings, so very few men with power are going to take what I’m saying
seriously, as a matter of politics. We think of politics and anger in terms
of the contempt and disdain and fury that are feeding a rise
of macho-fascism in the world. But if it’s that poison,
it’s also the antidote. We have an anger of hope,
and we see it every single day in the resistant anger of women
and marginalized people. It’s related to compassion
and empathy and love, and we should recognize
that anger as well. The issue is that societies that don’t
respect women’s anger don’t respect women. The real danger of our anger isn’t that
it will break bonds or plates. It’s that it exactly shows
how seriously we take ourselves, and we expect other people
to take us seriously as well. When that happens, chances are very good that women will be able to smile
when they want to. (Applause) Thank you. (Applause) (Cheers)


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    Tynan Larson-Caldwell

    Hmmm. It looks like she is wrong. Women and men commenting on this. She seems too be perpetrating steriotypes.

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    Thomas Kingwell

    Not true. Simply a perspective that is not reflective of reality in many contexts. Men are expected to remain calm, women are encouraged to express emotion. Anger is an emotion. In no shape or form is anger accepted from men in the workplace. It is far more acceptable for women to display anger and the men are expected to swallow it down and respond in the way she attributes to women.

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    dain epperson

    I've never stopped watching a TED Talk in the middle of it. This woman is wrong on so many levels, and continues to assume and tell others bad information.

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    012345678 9876543210

    Regardless of gender, race or pick any other faction in life anger is not the problem. In-appropriately expressed anger which 1 dis-respects the person you are angry with (thereby shutting down the conversation amd halting the path to a peaceful resolution) or 2 becomes an outburst rather than an expression of emotion are bad for all societies as a whole.

    Men are taught this very lesson from an early age (to varying degree’s of success. The shuttering of women’s anger not only hurts them but also innoculates them from learnjng the consequences of anger (which men are acutely aware of)

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    LazySpoon Utensil

    I am someone who continually reflects on his own anger problems. There's good information in this talk, but it's muddled up by gender assignments. Assigning gender specifics to unhealthy anger management is counterproductive to the problem. It cherry picks. Anger is not gender specific, and neither are the potential solutions. She's right in saying that anger is an indicator of a value being threatened. It is the "fight" response in the "fight-flight-freeze" triad. Anger arises when the individual perceives some sort of destabilization or threat of destabilization to a value system, whether it be safety, social status, respect, financial pressure, or whatever. That is universal to all individuals, even animals, insofar as they can perceive their place in some kind of environmental homeostasis.

    While it is possible for modern gender stereotypes to encourage anger to be expressed in different ways, it is not the root of the issue. I have found that passive-aggression is one of the less talked about responses to the emotion. While I have seen this response typically in women, it is not specific to women. Throwing a tantrum or outburst, more commonly addressed, is another way. I have seen that in a majority of men, but again, it is not specific to men. Both responses are equally as destructive and equally as telling. Both lend to the idea that the individual is experiencing the threat without experiencing a pathway to understanding and dealing with that emotion in measured, constructive ways.

    And as someone who has unfortunately had plenty of experience ranting and raving wildly at anger, and as a white male: No, I am not regarded as having civic virtue. I am regarded as being petty, whiny, immature, and even a little manic. And yes, even I have been told to bottle up the anger and not get so mad about things. That is a problem for ANY gender.

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    Star Cherry

    I get exactly what she is saying.
    The shame is always the worst feeling afterwards. Being labeled a crazy bitch, ghetto, ratchet, you name it.
    I lashed out at a group of guys that sexually harassed me everyday on my way home, I had just had enough up until then.
    But they just didn't take me seriously and made fun of me, which only made me angrier but also ashamed of myself for the way I reacted.

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    Jose Cruz

    Women are penalized for being angry, really? Because to me, it seems that women are pretty much white listed to get as angry as they want to be, since their anger does not represent a "real physical threat" they are free to yell and scream all they want. (We all know that). Men on the other hand, an angry man is capable of killing with his bare hands, so it's not taken lightly. That being said: A man who cannot control his anger can end up in prison. A woman who cannot control her anger gets the bad looks and maybe a fine.

    But are you a woman who wants to get rid of that anger you feel without getting into trouble? Then use the male method of blowing off steam: Play violent video games, listen to heavy metal music, get into competitive/fighting sports, etc.

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    Eric Hamilton

    Felt compelled, given all the men commenting negatively on this video, to share. It was a very interesting watch/listen and a learning experience. Seemed like she was speaking a lot of truth from what I could tell.

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    EMS 76

    Anger is never something to spin into a positive. It is the emotion of those who are not in touch with themselves, don't understand their own emotions, can not admit their fears and anxieties, and have not learned how to control themselves. In short: anger is for the immature.

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    LaChèvre Magnifique

    "An angry black man is viewed as a criminal, but an angry white man has civic virtue"
    Ok… You are rascit
    "Angers is reserved as the moral property of boys and men"
    And freedom is reserved as the property of rabbits, if your sentence is just throw as you have done without further clue, it's like my sentence with rabbits, disconnected from reallity.
    "Woman are penalized because they show their anger"
    Should I use my rabbit sentence again?
    I stop here because all of this video come from nowhere.

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    Diana Richardson

    I really appreciate this talk. I am really surprised at how much hate and questioning there is on this talk. I haven't seen a questioning comment from a woman. Just saying. Just as women can't understand men's challenges, men can't understand women's challenges. Like she says, stop telling us to shut up. Just stop. Just. Stop. The only TED talks I've seen that get so much hate is on talks about the subtle or vulnerable struggles of women, and most negative comments are from men. What does that show? It's honestly like when kids would argue in middle school about whether a period or a kick to a male groin would hurt worse. Neither will know, so stop telling each other, "It's not nearly as bad as you think it is."

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    Anger is neither good or bad. Culture reserves anger as the moral property of men. Anger confirms masculinity, and confounds femininity. We preference the power and privilege of masculinity over women and children. Men of power don't take women seriously. Think in terms of competence, and not gender. #TedTalk

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    Out of context this means nothing . There is appropriate anger and inappropriate anger. How many men were hit by their mothers?

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    Trevor Brown

    Look at our culture in movies and some commercials when a woman gets angry they get vengeful so fearing woman over men is no real big surprise

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    Tim v1.0

    Sorry, this is just lame. An angry black man is seen as a dangerous criminal and white man is seen as civic virtue? By whom exactly? Men are rewarded for anger? Sorry, that’s idiotic. Some men channel negative emotions in a useful, productive way, just like some women do. Whining about how others react to your behavior, and blaming the reaction rather than the behavior, is not useful or productive.

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    Tim v1.0

    Men and women have been on the same planet for the exact same amount of time, in almost exactly the same numbers. Someone needs to explain to me how women are just as strong and resourceful as men while at the same time finding themselves is such a terribly awfully repressed position. The fact is that men and women built our current society together, complete with its norms and expectations.

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    Agata Derda

    Men that say that toxic masculinity doesn't exist because they don't yell or hit their girlfriends are idiots! It is like saying: "I never raped anyone so I don't think rape culture is real or I don't think rape ever really happens because I've never done it". Also, stop saying that being a bully is not rewarded! Look at the current president, the orange head!

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    Debbie Ochoa

    Women need to change this! Too many men in power think this is ok, But it is not. Antidote, Respect.

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    this is basically why, when u ask ur girlfriend if she's angry or something's wrong she just keeps silent about it until she cant keep it inside anymore

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    hope dean

    I finally understand why women make up about 70% of the customers of 'break' rooms where people go to vent their anger by smashing things baha

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    hope dean

    I feel like this would have had that extra something if she'd just used more examples of exactly what she means, so we can understand the manifestations of feelings and societal standards she's trying to explain

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    Great, powerful talk! All emotions exist for a reason and for everyone. It's time we stopped reserving some emotions for one group of people and some emotions for another. We all have a right to all of them.

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    Karma Cifer

    I wasn't able to show anger before, so I always turned my anger into crying and sadness. Learning with my psychologist to express anger is the best relief and my life is brighter. With that I also learned to keep my opinion and don't let others "walk over me". (My problem was with not wanting to hurt others or cause any damage to anything at all)

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    Jae Wey

    I'm a trans man, and I think she is mixing topics. It seems like she wants to talk about gender stereotypes, but she's putting it under the guise of anger. She's making some good points, but there's just something… off?

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    Kurt E. Clothier

    WTF are you talking about? No one I know, of any color or gender, views anger as a virtue. I was born and raised on a small farm in the Midwestern US, but have lived in all corners of the country on work contracts. This is universal of everywhere I have been. People quick to anger and especially those that act upon their anger are not well respected, often feared, and only achieve their goals by control and coercion.

    Of course, in certain scenarios, it is both perfectly reasonably and acceptable to be angry and use that as fuel to get something done. To that end, it's very different to get angry about trivial things, or to use your anger as an excuse for abusing someone else than it is to get angry about some injustice and to work to rectify it. Even in the latter, if that anger persists to rage, retaliation and revenge often follow, neither of which is productive.

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    Malice OConner

    When men speak up in defense of their stance, it's looked at as anger even. How sad. When we speak up in defense of ourselves, we're misogynists, racists, sexists, etc. This is dangerous. I have seen women angry all over the place more than men. Honestly the women are worse in anger. You all pretend you're innocent. You're worse. Get a girl angry and she will destroy social lives, work lives, or otherwise. Also, even in some cases where a woman was angry she has lied to destroy people's lives. I witnessed that on many occasions. Also, look at the girl smacking her boyfriend, no one stops it. No one says anything. If roles were reversed – people would've stopped the male. However Domestic Violence is horrible, and not at all a gender issue! Just as many men suffer from domestic violence as female. Neither are justified.
    How often are women angry about something she may not even understand why? How often is a male angry at something he doesn't understand? Yet, men display anger easier than a woman, but the display/act of anger is what is judged period. If a boy or girl throws a controller through a TV for a game, that's bad. Versus boy or girl getting upset because they are abused, or victimized. This is still anger and how it is displayed (men or women) is the importance. Do not justify a sex's right to feel a human emotion, and condemn another human for feeling the same emotion.

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    james brown

    they became so angry they……… began to build houses then they started road building, mining and farming, progressed onto hard labouring jobs, everyone was really shocked and how women have progressed

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  53. Post

    How is this an educational video? Why do different characteristics of anger expression have to be related to specific genders or race? Everyone expresses or holds in their feelings differently. She speaks as if all women and only women hold in their feelings of anger and all men and only men showcase their anger? That is ridiculous. I agree with some of her statements, but I do not believe they should be focused on specific groups of people. We should be focused on encouraging and teaching the appropriate human emotional responses for everyone. People like this think they are promoting equality and female empowerment but they are actually spreading and encouraging the exact opposite by propagating these themes. In my opinion.

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    Ahmed Alanazi

    I can't believe how many people don't understand her point. Or don't want to so that they can maintain the male privilege. Let me simply what she is saying: women have the right to be angry when they are attacked and should express it in a healthy way. Some stiuations requires the person to express anger to defend oneself from being bullied abuse, harassed, or even disrespected. Anger is a way of saying, NO MORE, I'V HAD ENOUGH. as long as the truth is said and there's no physical harm. She isn't saying be crazy and get angry at everything, she is saying be angry when someone is attacking you. It's an acceptable defense mechanism.
    It goes for men and women.

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    Fatlunchbox J

    Is this woman really proposing that we teach girls at a young age to be more angry?! This will do NOTHING but increase man on woman crimes. Look at what's happening today people. So many people think that men hitting women back in an altercation is ok and even expected. "What did you think was gonna happen?" is what they say. Pair this with what she is suggesting, and that is a recipe for disaster. How about we teach our children to be more respectful and uphold the 2 genders to a higher standard than we have been. Yes I said 2 genders. Bashing man will do nothing but suppress man and make him feel worthless. Bashing woman will do nothing but more of the same. More suppression equals more explosive anger and that is what will happen when kids can't be kids. Let kids be kids. They are kids for a reason. Let them play. Let them make there own mistakes. Let them learn from those mistakes and let us help them with how to deal with there anger. I hope this resonates with people. God bless each and every one of you.

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    Katherene Wedic

    It's sad that so many women have to be driven over the edge and to "Express anger inappropriately" I guess it's better to harm yourself cosmetically then to be a real woman with real rage at how society marginalizes us we could because we don't fit the ideal mode and once we're done using our good intentions natural politeness and enthusiasm to help

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    Katherene Wedic

    It's obvious by the comments below that people aren't actually hearing the speaker and what enrages somebody more than anything else not being heard the criticisms below reflect an intentional ignorance on the part of the writers

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    mike gonzo

    You are so wrong lady the reason women shouldn't embrace anger is that it makes you bitchy… And no one likes a bitchy woman especially other women

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    Jules Reyes

    Nothing but men in the comments saying why what she's saying is wrong. Color me shocked!! Why would a woman ever get angry about that?

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    Eugene Rhee

    Wow there are so many cases why the speaker did this speech right here. I can see many replies don't even get the point of this talk.

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    Luna S

    I watched this 3x in the past hours. Saved to my favorites list. Finally. The timing couldn’t be better to hear that I’m not the only woman who understands this.Thank you Miss Soraya Chemaly~

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    James L

    I've seen those effects across both genders. It depends on how one is raised, but I get the generalization.

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    Operation Operator

    stand up for myself without getting upset!
    you discuss your issues out like a real man.
    an anger black man acts like a woman.
    they use fist to hit each other instead of conveying what they mean with words …

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    Regina Bridges

    Omg thank you for the wonderful video I get so angry but no I’m being moody oh and I’m on my rag I just wanna slap a lot of people if I could I have so much medical problem damn

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    Nada Ahmed

    Well, I live in the Middle East and when i was 16 yrs old my mom decided to take to a psychologist because i would get angry and mad on the simplest things.. when i went there he told that a girl being angry mean that she’s not respectful and if there was a man in my house he would punish me and maybe slap me because i was misbehaving and good girls should never get angry or raise their voices .. i was shocked … sorry for my bad english though.

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    Pearlish Daisy

    The message of this speech is recognition of the anger as an internal mechanism against being unjustly treated. Soraya does not call for rage, screaming and fist fights. She admits both men and women face anger, but they manage it differently due to cultural/gender differences. Women are wired by nature to provide comfort, even at the cost of their own comfort. The core of Soraya's argument is to break the pattern of these suppressed and dismissed reactions to red flags our anger communicates to us.

  81. Post

    Just another woman with a useless education who are earning money pulling the victim and feminism cards. She is absolutely despicable!

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    Avery Jarhman aka Prevent Child Abuse

    Hello. Have Medical Doctors & EBCD researchers declared EDUCATIONAL WAR on a growing population of mostly MATERNAL child caregivers failing to place ABOVE ALL ELSE the emotional well being of our Nation's most precious assets?

    The GOOD NEWS: Introducing caring, RESPONSIBLE Child Abuse Awareness, Education & PREVENTION Advocate, California Surgeon General Dr. Nadine Burke Harris, MD, FAAP, MPH, Founder and CEO of the 'Center for Youth Wellness'.


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    Jamie Z

    TED used to make really good vids that I could use in my classes but now they are so loony left that I cannot use them. This is just sexist crap. Anger is wrong regardless of the gender or race of the person. Men and women are just as likely to get angry regardless of what this woman says. Her sexism is wrong and TED should return to the neutral, non political videos.

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    Princess Pat

    This is one of the best things I've ever heard in my life and its sickening to hear how true it is that even today women (including me) feel that way..

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    Karin Tate

    Looks like a lot of the commentators here are confusing drama with true anger, which, as the speaker points out, is an emotion that warns us of an indignity or injustice. Drama isn't to be confused with real anger. Dramatic anger is used to control, frighten, or stifle another person. I think the speaker does a good job of keeping it straight. She's addressing societal norms that teach girls to suppress their own true voice. And for those guys feeling hard done by because this isn't about men, relax. She acknowledges that boys are hurt by social expectations too, only in a different way. It is ok for us to talk about women's needs. It does not negate male needs.

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  93. Post

    For the people that don’t get it:

    This issue doesn’t affect you so you don’t see it exists. Stop trampling on concepts that are REAL just because you don’t “believe” it. Ask any woman in your life if they have experienced this!
    Also it’s irrelevant if you identify as a woman either – just because YOU personally are not experiencing something does not mean it isn’t happening. The world does not revolve around your 1 lone perspective. Why not try to understand or at least do something other than saying NO NOT REAL.

    Maybe it’s so unfathomable to you because actually this type of experience is totally unacceptable and unjust to you and you wouldn’t want anyone to feel this way. You don’t agree people should feel this way – it’s horrible and not good.
    But women DO feel like this. How can you discredit real lived experiences? It just doesn’t make sense.

    Or you’re just an ignorant idiot…

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    Véronique Boyer

    " When we say what is important to us, which is what anger is conveying, people are more likely to get angry at us for being angry. "

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    rhvTV originals

    Most women are giving up on feminism. It has become a platform of lies, societal divisiveness, prejudice and hate. It is destroying freedom and the advancement of women. It is perverting sexual and social norms. Liberals and the Democratic Party are near death because of feminists' practices and ideologies. In my opinion, extreme violence is near at hand. Just read opposition posts throughout the internet…near at hand.

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    Kenneth Faulk

    This was a good speech but it's outdated and dishonest. Many of her points were spot on about women being better problem solvers and not resulting to drama vs resolving conflict. Women would not be so drawn to reality TV if being angry in their actual life want fantasy in mass. I get that. However, men aren't allowed to be angry with children in public. Women can cuss out toddlers, beat them and we look at them as centurions of Parenthood rather than an alcoholic abusive party mom who has children irresponsibly. We too as men swallow our pride when we want to put our foot down when our children cry in public. We swallow our pride when our women openly disrespect us by flirting with other men or agreeing against us as a family unit. But we aren't talking about men and women as a whole. We are speaking about stupid men and stupid women. Being good and decent is a choice and facilitating evil on any spectrum against what is altruistic will cause suffering. We aren't discussing here successful relationships between men and women. Mostly people who fornicate. People who practice abstinence actually benefit more than just sexual discipline. They aren't fat. They have savings. Family heirlooms. They are patient and tolerant. They suffer longer. They plan decades into the future. In short, they love life planning to live all of it. While the rest of us…YOLO. This is the dumbest saying to ever exist but it would solve much of our problems. Abstaining and saying no. We are all programmed to relax or boundaries for companies acting like our friends. Showing up at or schools with magic shows. Perverting family memories triggering love of consuming vs business relationship. Good women do express anger and I love it, because it shows me what she stands for. I love her more when her anger benefits others beyond herself. Most women are some up in Proverbs 6:26. Few, very few women are Proverbs 31. It's not the point of you are all of those things, but if you believe these things would add value to you as a woman.

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  98. Post

    LISTEN to her voice, she is scared, ANGER for her might be a way to deal with her FEAR of being ANGRY?? If she was sure that anger was a good tool to use, then I doubt she would be so upset giving this speech. Why did she not get ANGRY during this talk? Because: THE WHOLE WORLDS WATCHING! I RARELY HAVE TO USE ANGER in the presence of others.

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  100. Post

    Women need to express that anger. Equal representation in mass shootings. I'd like to see the media try to spin it when a middle class colored woman shoots up a fortune 500 company.

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