The NEW Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop App – More Power and Control

The NEW Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop App – More Power and Control

Hi! Welcome back to the I’m Jesus Ramirez. This video is going to be a little different
than what you’re used to. We’re not going to cover a Photoshop or Lightroom,
but instead, we’re going to focus on the brand new Adobe Creative Cloud desktop app. I’ll cover some of the new features and give
you a brief overview. I think it’s a huge improvement over the old
app. I would love to know if
you disagree, or you agree. Let me know down in the comments below after
you watch the video. So let’s just get right to it. This is the brand new Adobe Creative Cloud
desktop app. It’s much bigger than the previous version. It overtakes the entire screen, and it allows
you to see all your Creative Cloud apps. You can see which ones are
installed in your computer, and which ones are included in your subscription. To open an app, you can simply click on the
open button. If the app is not installed, then you’ll see
an install button. To check if an app has an update, click on
the updates section. And if you haven’t set your apps to
automatically update, you can update each one by hand,
or update them all at once. Let me show you how
you can set them to automatically update. If you go into file and preferences, this
window will come up. Then you can click on apps, and you can set
the auto update options in this window. I’m gonna click on done, and I’m gonna click on the ‘all apps’ section
so that we can see how the apps are now organized. They’re organized by device type. We have desktop, mobile, and web. And the apps could also be organized by category. Photography, design and layout, video and
motion, illustration, UI and UX. This is a great way of discovering new apps
that can help you with the types of projects that you’re working on. If you want to learn more about an app, you
can click on this icon to open an overview of the app and its key features, as well as
streaming videos and written tutorials. And actually, for the Lightroom section, these
are my videos. I have a photo editing course, seven tutorials. How to remove distracting objects from a photo,
which is just one tutorial. And a local adjustments course, all on Lightroom
of course. So check those out, just go into your Creative
Cloud app and click on those links. I’m gonna click on this back button to go
back into the previous photography category. And I also wanna point out that on these boxes
that contain the apps, you can find out on what type of devices you can install that
particular app. For example, you can
install Lightroom on a desktop, a mobile device, or you can use the web app. If you want to install an older version of
the app, just click on the three dot icon and select ‘other versions. And you can install an older version of the
app. Below the category section, you have the resource
links. These will open up a web page to things like
Adobe Stock, where you can download photos, videos, and 3D assets. Adobe Fonts, which of course allows you to
download fonts that you can use in your designs. Behance, which is a community for creatives. Tutorials, and a support community. This is this forum here. For example, you can click on Photoshop, and
if you have any issues with your apps, this is a great resource. You can get your questions answered, or you
can help someone else by answering their questions. Also, there’s a ‘Your Work,’ tab. When you click on that, you’ll be able to
see your Creative Cloud libraries. This is one of my libraries, it contains 3D
assets. They’re all here. There’s also a search bar where you can search
for anything that you like. For example, if I type in ‘clone,’ and click on search,
the app will first look through your libraries. In this case, I don’t have anything with the
word ‘clone,’ but if I click on ‘all,’ the search will apply to other categories, apps,
help, stock, and your work. For example, you will see tutorials on the
clone tool, the apps that reference that keyword inside of it – Photoshop and Lightroom in
this case – forum questions and answers. There’s also Adobe Stock assets with that
keyword. So it’s a really powerful search feature. These are the basics of the new Adobe Creative
Cloud app. Let me know down in the comments below if you like this version better, or you prefer the previous one. Like I said earlier in the video, I like this
version much, much better. Also, don’t forget to check out my latest
tutorial on expanding and bending a building in Photoshop. Even though you may never want to bend a building
in Photoshop, I recommend watching this video because I show a really cool technique with
the mixture brush. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. And of course if this is the first time that
you visit the Photoshop Training Channel, don’t forget to click on that subscribe and
notification buttons. Thank you so much for watching, I’ll talk
to you again in the next tutorial.


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    R Garlin

    Thanks for this concise yet comprehensive look at the new Desktop App – I was pleasantly surprised when it popped up a couple of days ago – and yeah, its a very welcome update!

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    anjel anjel

    thank you so much I see many beautiful accounts on Instagram really beautiful hi-quality photos from Russian accounts do they use other App not from Adobe or you know what App do they use ? thank you so much I really enjoy watching your channel.

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    WorkFlow Lounge

    The update looks great. I’ll just be happy if it doesn’t eat up all my processing power while CC runs. Currently I have to kill it after I use it on order to use anything else on my laptop even with 24Mb of ram. It’s a bit frustrating

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    Chris J

    Doesn't seem to do anything more than the previous version, just organised differently. Personally I don't see the point of this update.

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    Tomas Nilsén

    wow nice work adobe, an new app!!! hahahah long time i saw some good updates. Will see how good On1 Photo 2020 will be, the beta seems awsome. Think there will be an bye bye adobe really soon

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    How is this an improvement? Older one is by far better, takes much less space and provides a cleaner interface, tired of these convoluted approaches for UI design.

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    Lórien Davy

    Question, Jesùs: If I turn on Automatic Updates, will I still get a red-button alert when I have updates available? Or will Adobe go ahead and install all my updates from now on behind the scenes? Thank you!

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    Photoshop Training Channel

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    Susan Pratt

    I like this version. Last night I had opened it and discovered it. Your tutorial helped me understand better how it is laid out.

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    Alexander Walter

    The new app looks a bit better organized and Adobe Stock isn't as obstrusive as before. You could open the former version as a single window so I don't see any benefit. There's no more reason for the menu bar icon to live there and besides – where is the dark mode?

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