The iPhone XR Drop Test…I Didn’t Expect This

The iPhone XR Drop Test…I Didn’t Expect This

– Hey what’s good guys,
welcome back to TechSmartt where exactly what you
know is about to happen. So we’re gonna do a drop test with the brand new iPhone XR, this
thing just came out yesterday. It’s pretty crazy, they made a $750 iPhone the same year as the thousand dollar, but now $1100, iPhone XS or XS Max, if you wanna get that extra screen size, you gotta pay an extra $100 for it. The reason we’re making this video is with the iPhone XR it
has an aluminum build. With the XS right here, it has steel. They’re the same as the 2017 iPhone X, you guys know, we did a
drop test with the iPhone XS versus the X versus the XS Max. If you missed that, it’s
right up there in the i-card, or linked down below to the
massive iPhone playlist. Don’t click it, there’s just
too much stuff in there. So we’re gonna find out, for
a $250 dollar difference, here in 2018, is there
a noticeable difference where if you drop your phone late at night you’re gonna be sorry. (boxes clattering) Let’s find out. The reason why this drop test
in 2018 is such a big deal, is this is the first
year Apple has released an aluminum and a stainless steel phone. Both fresh and new, it’s called
the XR for a reason, right? So what’s actually new? With the XR one of the
new things you can get are six different colors, there’s black, there’s white, there’s yellow, there’s coral, there’s
red, and there’s blue. I think that’s pretty cool, especially ’cause you’re
spending a lot of money. Black, silver, and gold? That’s just for a different
crowd, we’re cooler. Spec-wise this thing has the exact same processor as the XS or the XS Max. So you’re set with the new
A12, the only difference is three gigabytes of ram in here. So if you’re switching between apps a lot, doing a lot of photo editing, you know, being a real person, you
might notice a difference. So you’re obviously
getting what you pay for, this thing’s $250 cheaper. Also in the XR is a new screen. So it’s a 6.1 inch screen, size matters. I actually like the bigger size because it’s not 6.5 inches or 5.8, it’s kinda a nice comfortable size, and that’s all due to
Apple’s supply chain. This was only possible in 2018 because the iPhone X
happened last year in 2017. So there’s a 6.1 inch screen
with the biggest difference being the quality of display. So on the XS, the XS Max,
and even the 2017 iPhone X there is an OLED panel. With the iPhone XR there is an LCD. So that’s how they’re
saving some money here and you can even see a little bit, the bezels aren’t as
thin as the XS or XS Max. And that’s all because the LCD tech here. The largest change that makes this video so important is the aluminum. So on the XS, XS Max, I
said this at the beginning, there is aluminum on the XR so if you’re gonna go ahead and drop test them will the aluminum do worse
than the stainless steel? It’s kind of a big question. The glass on the XR is the same as the new redesigned
glass on the XS and XS Max. Supposedly more durable and
the reason I’m not checking out the XS is because you guys
already know about it. I did a drop test, which is
right up there in the i-card. But real quick before we get
to dropping these things. You guys can see that the XS is actually a little smaller that
the XR and I kinda like the XR size, it’s got a
little bit bigger of a screen. It’s comfortable, it’s
not huge like my XS Max. So, pretty nice. If you guys wanna see more on the XR I unboxed all the colors, it’s
right up there in the I-card. Really crazy, taste the rainbow, right? So how we’re gonna be doing this drop-test is from fixed lengths. So the first height is going
to be from pocket level. I’m gonna keep my arms locked, and I’m going to start off with the new XR and the XS to kinda see
if there is any difference over aluminum with steel. Starting with the iPhone XR,
let’s test out this aluminum. Dropping at pocket height, in three, two, one: (phone clatters) Ooh, that hurt. So that landed on the corner, so we have a little bit of scuffing
on the edge of the glass where I’m guessing it rolled. On the bottom we have our contact point. So you can see with the
aluminum being anodized too and maybe this’ll be a reason
why you don’t wanna get a blue, coral, or yellow phone. Maybe just the white one? ‘Cause when you drop it,
it’s gonna show marks and it’s gonna show the
silver aluminum underneath. Ah, what can you expect? That was the iPhone XR
from the pocket level drop. Now let’s try out the
iPhone XS, or the tennis. So dropping from pocket height, in three, two, one: (phone clatters) Oh I can see it! Ooh! That’s where impact
point was, at the corner. You can kinda just smudge
it away with your finger and I don’t know about you but, that kinda looks not noticeable. There’s a little chip, not as bad as the aluminum on the XR. Yeah, honestly XS takes
damage like a champ and I think it’s ’cause
of the stainless steel. So that was drop one,
the XS held up way better than the XR which has aluminum, and I’m very nervous for this next drop. So we’re gonna be doing
the call-height drop but keeping it more accurate than ever. I’m just gonna hold my arm out, I’m again 6’3″ that hasn’t changed. So we’re gonna be dropping
this to kinda simulate a call but keeping it more consistent
with a fixed height. So dropping the XR in three, two, one: (phone clatters) That isn’t good. Let’s see if it is good. Oh wow! it’s actually peeling and separating from the aluminum frame. Could be interesting to
see how the XR is built and if it’s built as well at the XS. But you guys can see, the
glass is actually lifting, a little bit, on this corner here. I’m not even gonna peel it. It’s fraying and I’m pretty confident if I hit that corner one more time not only is the glass shattering but it’s probably coming off the phone. And look at that camera
’cause it actually slid. You got another damage
point on the top right and the camera’s actually
got a little bit of scuffing. Let me try to take a photo. Still looks good even
though it’s got one camera, not two, like the XS. I’m really shocked the
glass hasn’t cracked given how severe that last
drop was from head height. Oh boy. This is exactly the reason
why we’re making this video because chances are you might be buying the new iPhone XR and not know that it’s starting to fray a little bit. So with the XS I think
I know what to expect. This thing’s gonna be a
champ with stainless steel. So let’s do shoulder height drop. Dropping in, three, two, one: (phone clatters) Well that’s a low blow! Whoa, what the heck is that? It took a chunk out of the screen. I have never seen this
ever in a drop test. I’ve seen screens break,
I’ve seen displays break, I’ve not seen a display
and screen not break but proper chip. Like I think if you went to Chipotle they wouldn’t charge you extra for this. That’s a new one. We also have some damage on
the upper right corner here and then the impact
zone, which I’m shocked it didn’t just shatter
the screen, right there. That’s steel for ya. Then on the back it’s
perfect, perfectly functional. There’s a little bit
of your display missing but that’s what we call weight reduction. This video’s been full of surprises. We have a XS that is chipped, we have a XR that is maybe chipping? Definitely chipping, the glass on the back is lifting from the frame, so, I don’t know what this next
drop test is gonna look like. But it could be the one that kills the XR or I will at least. We’re gonna do it from above the head. The iPhone XR in three, two, one: (phone clatters) Whoa! That landed display first. I am shocked! You can see the display
absolutely took a beating. It’s got white scuffs all
around it, but it did not crack. That crack that we saw
on the pocket level drop from the first drop test,
it got a little worse? But I think the chip only deepened and it didn’t actually spread. All these, oh wait! Are you serious? All these white scuffs, you
can’t smudge away really. Let me see if I can get rid of ’em. So some you can, most you can’t, this is now the iPhone
XR after three drops. You can tell your phone’s
screen has taken damage. Which, I guess, is better than not having a cracked and non-functional phone. But not something I’d like to see everyday and definitely why you’d
put a screen protector on this before you might on the XS. There’s only one way to find
out about that one though. So the iPhone XR is showing
some scuffs on the screen. I don’t expect that with the XS. I’m just expecting if
it hits the screen first it will just shatter. That’s like most iPhone X’s
and most iPhone’s right? So let’s be proven wrong, hopefully. Dropping the iPhone XS
from above the head. Three, two, one: (phone clatters) Oh no! So it made contact on the back first, on the
back corner right there. Oh and it cracked the front? It took a screenshot when
I dropped it that hard. I think it saved, we might be covered, cause we have evidence now. Obviously when you drop
your iPhone on a corner, or at least the XS’s and the XS Max’s, and you guys saw this on the drop test, if you missed it check out that i-card. But this is what’s gonna happen, you’re gonna have a chip in your display, your front screen’s cracked,
you’re back is now cracked. Both of these are glass. I don’t know if it’s the
rigidity of the stainless steel that’s causing these
impacts because on the XR, I would say it took a worse drop, and I don’t wanna say it
but this phone’s cracked, and this one works, and isn’t cracked. Here we are, here we have it! The iPhone XS for $1000,
both the front screen and then the back glass, shattered. Phone still works, you
could get away with it. There might be a weird chip if you drop it at the wrong angle, but surprisingly, the real banger here is the iPhone XR. It’s got that extended release, not only in the battery life, but that extended release in the streets. You guys saw, we did the same drop test to both these phones. One is stainless steel,
the other is aluminum, and I’m not a scientist or a metalist. But I would say because
the XR has aluminum, and that is more of a
flexible metal than steel, it actually benefits this
device in the long run. You guys saw the three drops. Do you see a crack on this screen? Or on the back? Yeah there’s a few markings on the front, but I’ll take a few markings on the front versus a crack on the front. One is getting me a number, the other, they’re just not gonna take my phone. So that’s it for the iPhone XR. I’m gonna say it now, this
is the most durable phone Apple’s made in a very long time. And for real, going into this, I didn’t think the
iPhone XR was gonna last. I thought this would be
cheapest phone in the drops and honestly in your pocket. But a phone that can last,
is a phone that I want. Pretty good battery life
too, better than the XS and XS Max from what everyone’s saying. And yeah the screen is a little lower res but I’m focusing on the price. I saved $250 where 50 of
that I could actually spend and get not a 64 gigabyte
but 128 gigabyte. So for $800 all up and in, you can get the perfect iPhone XR, with 128 gigs of storage and a phone that, as you guys can see, will actually last. You guys have seen enough,
the iPhone XR won this battle. That’s gonna do it for this video, if you guys are new make
sure to drop a like, and get subscribed by clicking
that button right down there. And wait, don’t go! Follow me on Instagram,
it’s just TechSmartt. And make sure to check out the two videos right over here after this one wraps up. I’ll see you guys next time. Buh bye!


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