The Entrepreneur Struggle…Can You Relate?!

The Entrepreneur Struggle…Can You Relate?!

(bouncy music) – Alright everyone (laughs
loudly) let’s get this speed dating party
started. (Bell rings). – Hi I’m Gary – Veronica. – So what do you do? – I run a nursery,
for plants, you? – I’m starting my own business. – Hmm, starting
your own business, yeah my ex really
liked video games too. – Oh no, I’m really starting
a business, for real. – Mmm, for reals, in
your parents basement. – Yes, but it’s
not how it sounds. – I think it’s
exactly how it sounds. – (laughs awkwardly) You’re surprisingly mean for
someone who babysits plants. – Ooh, and you’re surprisingly
unemployed for someone that looks like the adult
version of Tommy from Rugrats. – What does that mean? (bell rings) – Hi – Hey – I’m Courtney, I run
a therapy practice. – I’m an entrepreneur myself. – Entrepreneur huh? Know
that’s the very word my clients used when
they’re between jobs. – I’m not between jobs, my
job’s actually doing just fine. – A lot of people say fine
when they really mean bad. – How’s everything going? – Fine. – Okay great (Laughs loudly)
(Bell rings) – Mom? – Hi sweetie – What are you doing here? – I needed to tell
you that there is a job opening at Taco Bell. – I have a job. – You do? Since when? – Six months ago, I
have two employees and we work in your garage. – I thought that was your band. – I don’t have a band. – That’s the spirit. – Now here’s the
application for Taco Bell, it’s entry level but
we all start somewhere. (bell rings) chu chu – Hi, I couldn’t help
but overhear your
last date (laughs). – Oh, I promise I’m not
like a loser who lives in my parents.
– Oh no no no no, I totally get it, I’m running
a business out of my dorm. – Oh, that’s great. – And it is exploding,
I use ClickFunnels so my website basically
does my selling for me. – What is ClickFunnels? – Oh it’s this website
that’s so easy to use, you can literally
make your own funnel in less than twenty minutes,
I just did a free trial and it was amazing, they
have so many free templates. – That’s honestly the best
thing I’ve heard all day, would you want to go on a
date sometime, like for real. – I actually can’t
get over the fact that you look like
an adult version of Tommy from Rugrats. – I wish that was the first
time I heard that tonight. ( Bell rings)


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    FeelGood Within

    Lol thts how Gals talk to Male Entrepreneurs? M SpritualLifeCoach & Lot of Female Entrepreneurs complain their partner is not supportive or as ambitious😝 Though I truly loved it 😝 so creative you guys

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    Adam Dahle

    This accurately describes how I feel when people ask me where I work. I started my free trial a week ago and I’m already done building out a few funnels. Now I just have to drive traffic to them….

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    Nico Moreno

    Thanks so much for the awesome video Russell🔥 This will definitely help me grow my Online Business and Make More Money Online!! Keep it up! 💯💯🙌

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    Alenka - Affiliate Marketeress

    He's an entrepreneur and doesn't know about CFs??? No wonder she dodn't want to go out on a date w him. What she said is just letting him down gently… 🤣🤣

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    A Noman

    i just tell people im unemployed and do nothing all day, I enjoy the awkward vibe it brings on. They 're very uncomfortable after that. I'll keep my head down and let people judge until I reach my goals.

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    Katie Woodland

    OMG this is hilarious! Love it 😀 & love ClickFunnels it makes life as an entrepreneur so much easier (& keeps me out of my mums garage 😉 ) xoxo

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    Rain Rain

    Dear Russell, please advise me….

    My Question:
    I like your products a lot, but I'm not sure which one to invest in right now: Funnel Builder Secrets? or the One Funnel Away Challenge? Does FBS contain all the value I can find in OFA?

    Recently I watched many of your videos including your 10X presentation and read both your Expert Secrets & DotCom Secrets books.
    I already have a high-ticket product that I want to sell in a Network Marketing business, I'm already familiar with someone's sales funnel work and website that I want to model, I want to automate it like him because I made no sales in the traditional way, so, I guess 10X times zero is zero lol …. just kidding, but seriously I don't have youtube content, no brand, no past existing businesses, nothing, just a man working a 40-60 hours per week job who wants to break out of this lifestyle and sell my product online.

    I considered investing in FBS but I still want to hear from you on which direction to take. I appreciate your time reading this. Thanks!

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    Jax Andree

    📢 Russell's One Funnel Away Challenge is starting soon! Highly recommend you do it!

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    Easy to tips and tricks ect

    Hey Russell, I think this commercial was very well put together gets across the point!
    … I have a product that has yet to be discovered that I have sold at farmers markets in Vegas, and in Loma Linda California. I'm needing some investors, it will turn a sunburn into a suntan in 4 days I know that's a big statement but it's true and can be proven easily enough, look forward to hear from you I'm going to have to check out your funnel but how do you funnel investors? That's the question.
    … if you leave a comment in my most recent video I'll be sure to get it .bye for now ,Ken, God bless.

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    J. Mark Bangerter

    What is the adult version of Tommy from Rugrats? haha

    Such a great video. I didn't even know that this ever got made.

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