The DIY Affiliate Gator Website Builder 15 Second Tour

The DIY Affiliate Gator Website Builder 15 Second Tour

Hello and Welcome this is Rochelle from
the DIY Affiliate and today we are going to be checking out the🐊Gator website
builder🎨 from Hostgator let’s get started I just signed up for the Gator Website Builder
and connect your domain Get A Site Choose a template🧐 you have over 200
templates to choose from loading the editor👆 15 Second Tour Your website comes with a few pages📟
built-in click this menu to navigate between 🐊 Here are the pages can add an
additional page 📟to your site here or pick from a pre-built pick from a
pre-built layout or build a page from scratch 🖥
Mobile Editor 📟📲🎴
customers expect simpler content phone Number, Maps Hours Images etc

Toggle to adjust what your visitors will see on mobile versus the desktop Elements are Awesome add-ons images 🧗‍♀️🔊text social feeds etc you can put on your site
Drag An Element Anywhere you like Add A Button🔳🔲🔘 Link Button to Url or Contact Form just drag the button to the Site and
then Add then Edit the destination URL📝page End of Tour I hope this has been helpful to You This was just the 15-second tour I do have other tutorials
that are being made which will show you how to use the elements on how to add the
pages and much much more


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    Athletes Forever

    My channel name is also my domain name.. Godaddy, with hosting. The problem is, I don't know what the hell I'm doing. 😬 I'll watch the full video.

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    Life Lessons Digital Inc

    Hello Rochelle , I’m so glad you did this video. Very very helpful. Can’t wait for the more in debt view of this.

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