The 7 Keys to Creating a Powerful Brand Name – The Sponge Branding Insights

The 7 Keys to Creating a Powerful Brand Name – The Sponge Branding Insights

Hey Luke Faccini here with another
branding insight. Now remember there’s more in the post just skim it for gems. So
let’s get straight into the seven keys for creating a powerful brand name.
Number one: stickiness. Now for your brand to be memorable you want to make sure
you can create a concrete image in the mind of your prospect. For instance, what
comes to mind when you hear blue fox? Number two: keep it short.
One or two syllables max. If you can’t do that go to number three which is control
the nickname. People are lazy and they tend to shorten names. Think
Coke versus Coca Cola. That’s one syllable
versus four. Number four: avoid acronyms as they are meaningless to your new clients.
Number five: spelling. Spell it correct and as it sounds, without any clever
letter swaps. You don’t want your staff to be having to spell it every time.
Number six: avoid hidden meanings. Check that it
doesn’t mean, or it’s associated with anything that’s embarrassing, or
insulting anywhere else on the planet and number seven: finally it has to be
freehold for you to own it. That means that you need to check all the necessary
databases trademarks, ASIC, domain names etc, and getting those right you’re well
on your way to a successful brand a powerful brand and next up is creating
the brand identity. That’s another story I’d love to hear your thoughts and any
questions that you have so far away.


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