Talking With Customers Using Shopify Ping || Shopify Help Center

Talking With Customers Using Shopify Ping || Shopify Help Center

Today, we’re exploring Shopify Ping, a free
iOS app you can use to chat with customers while they’re on your online store. Shopify Ping helps you manage customer conversations
through Shopify Chat, Apple Business Chat, and Facebook Messenger. You can also connect and chat with Kit, a
free virtual assistant. If you haven’t yet, hit that subscribe button
and ring the bell for new videos from our channel every week. For any topics discussed in this video, you
can find the related help links down in the description. If you don’t have access to an iOS device
like an iPhone or iPad, then you can download a third-party live chat app to communicate
with customers instead. Before moving forward, make sure you’ve
downloaded Shopify Ping from the Apple app store. When you open the app for the first time,
you’re asked to log in to your Shopify store. In the AlyAthletics store, we’ve already
added the messaging channel, Shopify Chat, so that’s what we’re going to connect
to Shopify Ping today. If you’re using Apple Business Chat or Facebook
Messenger, the features shown in this video are available in those messaging channels
as well. Start by tapping the apps icon. Here, you see the list of chat apps that work
within Shopify Ping. Click Add beside the messaging channel you’d
like to connect. If you’ve already added a messaging channel
in your Shopify admin, then you may not see the Add button, like in this example. This means the messaging channel has connected
to Shopify Ping automatically and you don’t need to take any further action. Now, when customers contact us through Shopify
Chat on our online store, the messages appear in Shopify Ping. To read a message, tap the conversation to
open it. You can reply directly to the customer by
typing in the message field. You can also create saved replies for common
questions. For example, if customers often ask what your
shipping policy is, then create a saved reply that includes this information. Tap the gear icon on the home screen and then
tap Saved Replies. From here, you see your current saved replies
– Shopify Ping comes built with a few standard saved reply messages. To create a new reply, tap the plus icon and
enter a shortcut, like in this example “shipping-policy”. Shortcuts let you use a word or sentence that
expands into a larger reply. Then, in the message field, write the message
to attach to the shortcut. Then tap Save to finish. To use your saved replies, click Settings,
then Close, and open a chat. From here, start typing your shortcut to see
the saved reply appear. Then, tap the saved reply, and click Send. You can also use Shopify Ping to send products,
discount codes, and draft orders to your customers. Before you’re able to send product links
in Shopify Ping, your online store must have password protection removed. You must also have your products available
on the chat sales channel. Let’s look at this t-shirt’s product availability
on the Shopify admin. Here, you see all of the sales channel’s
where this t-shirt can be purchased, including Shopify Chat. If we deselect Shopify Chat, then we won’t
see this t-shirt as an option to send to customers in the Shopify Ping app.The same rules apply
for other messaging channels. Now that we’ve confirmed this t-shirt’s
availability, let’s send the product link to a customer. In the conversation window, tap the store
icon, and then tap Products. You can scroll through the product list, or
use the search bar to look for an item by title. Select one or more products, and tap Share
product to send a link to the customer. When the customer opens the link, the product
page opens up where they can review the details and select what variant they’d like to purchase. You may also want to share a discount code
with a customer. To do this, tap the store icon in the conversation
window, and select Discounts. Here you see a list of the discount codes
you’ve created in your Shopify admin. Take note, you are not able to share automatic
discounts, so you don’t see these listed. From here, select the active discount code
you want to send, and tap Share discount. When your customer clicks the discount code
link, it’s automatically applied to their order at checkout. You can also create draft orders directly
in Shopify Ping. In the conversation window, tap the store
icon, then New order and select Add product. Here, you can search for and select the products
that you want to add to the order. If you’d like, you can customize the order
with a discount, like 10% off or $5 off – but this is optional. Then, customize the shipping rate for this
order. You can add one of your existing shipping
rates showing, or create a new custom shipping rate. When you’re ready to share the draft order
with your customer, tap Send order. When a customer opens the draft order link,
they’re redirected to your store’s checkout. This is a great opportunity to turn customer
questions into new orders. Once a conversation is finished with a customer,
and you’re back on the home screen, swipe right to mark the conversation as Done. Or, if you want to come back to a conversation
later, swipe left to mark a conversation as Unread. You can use the drop-down menu at the top
of the dashboard to filter conversations. If you have multiple messaging channels connected
to Shopify Ping, then all conversations are grouped together under Active (which means
the conversation is ongoing), Done (meaning the conversation is finished), and Unread
(which are messages you haven’t opened yet). Otherwise, you can filter by the messaging
channel. Don’t forget to subscribe for new videos
every week. If you have any questions about Shopify Ping,
leave a comment for us below or reach out to us directly at


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    This would be more helpful if you could connect several stores into one interface. Also, being able to respond from a ping/desktop browser would be so much easier

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