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I can’t describe it but there’s
something beautiful about making things and we need to know where stuff is from
we need to know who made it. I didn’t start a business to start a
fashion label. I created Vaute to make as big of an impact as possible. A company should play an important role in society otherwise we just dump it. It’s just trash. But it’s not trash man it’s just treasures for us. I’ve been better at being an artist than
I have been at being a businessperson. We’re all on the rocket ship. We’re astronauts in training and getting ready to fly off this earth. We are here to kind of explore
women, beauty, business, entrepreneurship. That freaking ghee. I still smell like butter! I smell like a bakery! Before we do leave I have a simple question, is there anyone on board, this is your first time in Key West? To make a product that you can put a stamp on it, and say it’s original, we make it
here you can’t get anywhere else. I was really happy with what I was doing
but something was not happy within me. If I was really caring about like making
money instantly I would have had a normal job. If you’re only here once I
for one don’t want to spend that doing things that I don’t want to do. It’s just um… It’s really overwhelming. We were looking for a place
like Steeltown Garage Co to go to ourselves, and it wasn’t here so we thought
well let’s just make it. 10 years ago it was so hard to do the same thing and today anyone can open a business. You might fail, but you won’t regret it.


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    Mubashar Ali

    I need 5 to 7 sec intro of shopify so that I can embed into my YouTube videos. If you have please send me the link. I am in your partner's program.

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