Speedup WordPress Website Speed 2019 : DomainRacer

Speedup WordPress Website Speed 2019 : DomainRacer

Do you want to speed up your wordpress website? Fast loading pages improve User experience
increase your page view and also help you with your wordpress SEO. hey, guys welcome back Bhagyashree year fromDomainRacer.com
and in this video, we will share the most useful wordpress speed Optimisation tips to
boost wordpress performance and speed up your wordpress website. so let’s get started the first question is why speed is important
for your wordpress website. speed is incredibly important for two main
reasons first User experience
second Google ranking you can check your website speed using to like Pingdom or GT Matrix .so
first I will tell you the reason what slows down your wordpress website. There are a number of reasons slows down your
wordpress website like first web hosting when you are web hosting Server is not properly
configured it can slow down your website speed next wordpress configuration 3rd reason is
not optimizing image fourth contrasted themes and social widgets 5th too many plugins installed
on your wordpress website 6th reason external scripts like add, front loader it can also
slow down your wordpress speed now let’s see how you can fix them and speed
up your wordpress website your wordpress site speed can be improved significantly by spending
time on the basic such as optimizing images disable and update plugins themes and reduce
external HTTP request in simple install wordpress cache plugin and
speed up your wordpress website there are the number of cache plugin live W3 total cache
plugin WP super cache plugin but we recommend you to choose W3 total cache plugin for the
full video guide regarding W3 total cache setup and configuration to click on the I
icon to the top right corner So follow the video guide and setup and configure
W3 total cache and speed up your wordpress website. second, if you have too many images on your
site optimize the image using smush image compression plugin it will automatically compress
the size of an image When you add to your site and use standard size format to improve
website performance the plugin reduces the size of images without losing the quality
of the images. 3rd non optimized wordpress theme so make
sure you always use tested wordpress themes so after installation of W3 total cache plugin
optimizing your images themes you will notice that your site loading a lot faster than before
installing W3 total cache plugin and optimizing the images. one more thing always keep me updated and
use content delivery network because the location of your web hosting server can also impact
on your wordpress website speed when you use cdn every time a user visits
your site they are served those file from which server is closer to them you can use
MAX CDN or Cloudflare but we recommend you to use Cloudflare because Max CDN is paid. now the last and common reason which slows
down your wordpress website speed is plugin sometime plugins are the tablet especially
if they are badly coded and incompatible with your version of WordPress to fix this disable
all the plugin from Cpanel simply rename the folder name to disable the plugin and check
your wordpress website speed one by one you can disable plugin and check your wordpress
website speed I hope this video tip help you to speed up
your wordpress website and boost the performance of your wordpress website if you like this
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