Should we be worried about a penalty if we quickly removed hacked content?

Should we be worried about a penalty if we quickly removed hacked content?

>>Maxster in Mexico says “Site hacks have
been on the rise” – which I agree with – “especially on CMS platforms like Joomla
and WordPress. If our site was hacked and damage was done
by the hackers (doorway pages inserted and spammed) but removed within days, do we need
to worry about a penalty?” Well, I would do a site colon search.
If you still see great search results and you still see traffic coming, then you probably
– you got it caught and removed before Google noticed it.
In general, if you do see something like that happen, you can always go to our Webmaster
Console. Check if you have any messages. For example,
we might have told you that you’ve been hacked. Worst case – if you think that accounted
for why you might not be showing up in search engine result pages, you can do a reconsideration
request. But a lot of the people notice that they got
hacked very quickly and they can correct it very quickly.
And so it’s entirely possible that we’ll crawl your site, it’ll get hacked and you’ll clean
it up and the next time we visit your site or crawl from your — the pages from your
web server, you’ve already cleaned it up. So if you can do it and fix it pretty quickly,
you might not have to worry about, “Yes this was a problem and we have an issue.”


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    Dan Stevens

    If I submit a request to re-submit my site after a hack attack…how long does it usually take Google to respond? Or do they put my site in a queue to be re-crawled next scheduled date?

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    Mark Fulton

    I had a site running the previous version of WordPress where a hacker injected code to show a 301 permanent redirect to the GoogleBot, but normal visitors were not affected and shown the site normally.

    It screwed search rankings for awhile, but was fixed soon enough and oddly Google didn't notice.

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