Shopify Themes: Which Ones Convert the Best [Oberlo Weekly Q&A]

Shopify Themes: Which Ones Convert the Best [Oberlo Weekly Q&A]

Hey everyone, my name’s Jessica – and
it’s Q&A time. Every week, we break down a question that
a viewer dropped into our YouTube comments. If you have any questions of your own, ask
away! Alright, let’s do it: Sarah is wondering what the highest converting
Shopify theme is. Thanks for dropping us a line Sarah. Store design can be really tricky. Just to clarify, when we’re talking about
conversions, we’re referring to sales. So, which Shopify theme generates the most
sales? Honestly, this is a really tough question
to answer. Simply put, there is too much going on in
the world of ecommerce to attribute a conversion to the Shopify theme that you’re using. Design is definitely an important factor in
your ecommerce store, but you can create a beautiful Shopify store with every theme – even
the free ones. When discussing conversion optimization through
design, it’s better to focus on the importance of high-quality images, clear product pages,
and product reviews. All of these will help you boost your conversions
no matter what theme you choose. We hope this answered your question, Sarah,
and best of luck with your store! If you’re looking for more information on
Shopify themes, we’ll leave some links that you can check out in the description. Got your own question? Let us know! We’re always scanning the comments and would
love to use your question in our next video. We’re cranking out videos every week, so
if you’re as into ecommerce and dropshipping as we are, subscribe for more! Until next time, happy dropshipping.


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    Thalles Felipe

    Thank you for the video! I'll apply new theme for testing, with high quality images… Do you recommend any app for reviews?

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    Hi Oberlo people
    A little (beginners) question. When choosing a product you have to prepare them with some info and put a price tag on them, however, is it smart to change the price lower than the suggested price from other sellers?

    You are supposed to make an impulse buy from the customers but for a newbie wouldn't it be good to make an intro sale to the nearest 10 as 25 $ suggested price, you open the store with a start sale with the price 19.99$?
    Let's say that's an easy 10 $ profit earning per product.

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    Shayke Speeer

    The Shoptimized theme has been a complete nightmare for our store. Nothing but issues that are preventing us from even opening. Tech support is useless. This has been our experience. Yours might be different. Roll the dice if you want.

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    Jeremy Williams

    Hello Jessica,
    Thank you for this informative video on Shopify themes. I am about to start a store but had a quick question before I go ahead and would appreciate your expert opinion. I read this review ( and it mentioned that some of the themes have conversion apps installed. Do you recommend these? Anyway, thanks for the video and help!

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    anubhav wadhwa

    Jessica, I have a question, does speed matters in an online store, I mean obviously it does, but do we need to be strictly measure every millisecond in loading time of a web page? Do we need to be that strict for speed in an online store?

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