Shopify Dropshipping with 6-Day Shipping | Aliexpress Alternatives 2019

Shopify Dropshipping with 6-Day Shipping | Aliexpress Alternatives 2019

(smooth music) – Hey, what’s going on, everybody? It’s your boy, Mohamed Camara, and welcome back to the channel. I got some good, good things
to share with y’all today. I’m gonna be talking to you about how to move away from AliExpress and get fast shipping times. I’m talking about six-day
shipping times, okay? I’ma post a little pic right here, but I’m averaging six-day shipping using sourcing agents, and I wanna share a few of them. There’s one that I primarily use, but there’s two other
alternatives that I know of that I’ll share with you so you can get shipping
times that are fast. And we all know the
benefits of this, okay? It’s gonna make your customers happy, and that’s the end goal. As long as your customers are happy, they will keep purchasing
with you in the future, and if your customers aren’t
happy with the first purchase, they’re not gonna come back and
become a repeating customer. That’s where you really
make most of your money is by having a brand loyalty
over a long period of time. That’s the difference between a sustainable dropshipping business and a dropshipping
business that’s just there to pump out cash. You get repeat customers, but your margins are gonna go up, right? You’re gonna have extra
revenue, extra net profit because people are gonna
respect your brand, and it allows you to
brand your store, okay, not just have a store online,
but to actually brand it. Me, all my students, everybody, it’s a requirement that
you do use sourcing agents and get these fast shipping
times so we’re efficient and we’re operating at a good level when it comes to making
our customers happy. So, the very first suggestion
that I have for you is CJ Dropshipping. Now, you might’ve heard of CJ or not, but CJ Dropshipping is basically like an alternative to AliExpress, but they have a bunch of sourcing agents which you can contact,
you can source products, and usually, they’ll find the same exact
product for you cheaper, and they’ll get you faster
shipping times, like I said. So, there’s many benefits
to using this platform, and it’s free, okay? It’s absolutely free. Actually, I’m gonna leave a
link right below this video so if you wanna check this out and follow along with me here, I’m right behind my computer. You can click that link. It’s gonna take you to a
page that looks like this. You can just register, okay? Make a username. You can add your Skype info. That’s where the sourcing agents will stay in touch with you. You don’t even need to contact them because everything is so self-explanatory, but sign up through here. You know, click next,
go register, whatever, and then you’ll end up with a dashboard that looks like this. The good thing about CJ
is that they actually have a direct integration with Shopify. Once you sign up and create your account, you can also connect your Shopify store and you’ll have the app
directly in your Shopify store. It’s just as equivalent to Oberlo and the AliExpresses out there, but it’s way better because it’s free and you’re getting faster
shipping times for cheaper. As you can see, I do have
some history with them, so I’m not just suggesting you guys this software or whatever. This is actually what
I use on a daily basis, over $300,000 in revenue. What I wanted to show you was
actually the shipping times. If I come down here, you’ll see that CJ
shipping times right here. If I’m hovering over the
actual stats over here, it’s showing 812 orders were delivered, and the average delivery
time was seven days, okay? So instead of six, it was seven. I think we slowed up in
the past day or so, maybe, but that’s fine, because it
is fourth-quarter right now, so there’s a lot of packages being shipped throughout
the ports in China. Basically, like a week’s time, and you can get that right
away by just signing up. I’m not even sure why people
use AliExpress anymore. To be honest, it has its benefits. I’m not saying AliExpress just sucks, but it sucks when it
comes to order fulfillment because it takes, like, four
days just to process the order before you even get a tracking
number to your customers, and it takes another three weeks. That’s without going through customs problems and things like that. So, it can add up. The times can add up. With CJ, you’ll get usually only one or
two-day processing times. I usually get tracking
numbers to my customers in 48 hours, all right? And then after that, it’s
about a six-day waiting time, and usually, you know, it’s gonna come a little bit quicker. It might come a little
bit slower, but that is, it’s still something marketable. That alone is gonna increase
your conversion rates because you can market on your site, get it by this day, and when customers see that, your conversion rates
are gonna go up, right? You’re gonna have lower product costs, because let me tell you
this about AliExpress. AliExpress is full of a bunch
of other dropshippers, too. They’re dropshippers just like us. They have friends who are
able to manufacture things, but they create a website
and an account on AliExpress, so they tell their friends, “Hey, I’ll take that product that it costs “50 cents for you to make, “and I’ll list it on this
AliExpress website for $1.” And then we go and we think, all right, this is a wholesale price, and we try to sell it for 10, but we can save an extra 50 cents. When you’re operating at
scale, that’s a whole, you know, you can cut your
costs down by half, pretty much, and get the faster shipping
times, faster processing times. Another thing with AliExpress is, the reason why it takes so
long to get to your customers is because there’s a bunch of ports, okay? There’s three ports in China, there’s the Shanghai,
the Guangzhou, I believe. There’s a bunch of other ports, but these are the three main ones. Out of these ports, there’s so many E-package
shipments coming there that it just gets clogged up. It’s crazy. It’s absolutely horrendous,
you know what I’m saying? I learned this from a mentor who is actually based out in Asia, and he was able to give me insight on how the shipping system actually works. I do recommend going with CJ if you’re looking to get
those fast shipping times. Two other alternatives that I
wanna talk to you guys about is of course print-on-demand
companies like Printful. I’ve been getting a lot of
questions from you guys of, you know, are they trustworthy? Can you use them? I’ve used them with one store. It’s done very, very well. It’s just that you’re
gonna have smaller margins. It’s reliable, you get
fast shipping times, but your margins are gonna be smaller because they’ll charge you shipping, and shipping from the US is actually a little bit more expensive on the business owner’s side. You know, to have the best of both worlds, don’t use AliExpress. Go with Printful or any of these print-on-demand
companies if you want, but CJ is like, it’s the ideal situation. Another software that you
can use is called Eprolo. Now, I haven’t used
this for my experience. I don’t have any experience,
so, no ties to this company, but I know that they’re capable of getting faster shipping
times to the US, too. So, I’m just here to
share all the information that I know. You guys go out and do
your own research on that. But I do, you know, I wanna link you guys to
CJ down below this video. Very, very important you
get your shipping times down as much as possible, especially since we’re going into 2020. You should not be, it should not take a
month for your customers to get what they paid for. My cost of goods sold actually went down because I’m building a
relationship here, as you can see, with my sourcing agents, so I’m able to negotiate and say, “Hey, can I get an extra dollar “off of shipping costs, here?” And that saves me a
lot of money, you know? It actually increases
my net margins up a lot. Go ahead, go sign up. It is a requirement, okay? All of my students have to
use CJ Dropshipping, you know? Fast shipping times is what is required. If you do wanna be my
next student or anything and you’re interested in Ecom Bootcamp, I’ll leave a discounted
link below this video. You already know how that goes, but in the meantime, I want
you to comment down below. AliExpress alternatives, okay, the topic of this video is
AliExpress alternatives. Comment any question,
you know how it goes. I’ll be in the comments section. I’ll get back to you
guys as soon as I can. You know I respond to everybody there. That is about it. I’m gonna wrap this up here. Appreciate y’all tuning in, and I’ll see y’all in the next video. It’s your man, Mohamed Camara. Peace. (smooth music)


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