Shopify CSV import

Shopify CSV import

For import CSV file into Shopify open menu “PRODUCTS ->Products” and click “Import” button. In import wizard click “Choose File” and select your CSV. After you click “Upload file” preview and configuration dialogue will be opened. You can assign columns on sense by clicking “change order of column headings”. Click “Next” to apply settings. Click “Start import” to import your file into Shopify After CSV import Shopify will send email with import log to you. Please check your email at this step and wait while new mail received … Close dialogue and reopen menu “PRODUCTS ->Products” to check the results. And check public side of store. Everything is good.


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    Nikolai Kekish

    The main question here is how to generate right csv file 🙁 Shopify import is nice but it is necessary do right formatted file…

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