Shannon & Laura How to Increase your Website presence on Google

Shannon & Laura   How to Increase your Website presence on Google

In the last few months, Google has been
increasing the different types of Rich Snippets that you can do on your content.
Rich Snippets, meaning you structure your content in a way that it shows up in
Google search right under your listing. So Q&A is a big one now. If you include
Q&As in your content and you structure them a certain way, and
on the back end of your website you actually list it in a way that’s gonna
show up in Google. I can get into the technical details of that but it is way
too geeky for this conversation. So those Q&As are really indexing well.
Because you’ll have your, say Connor Speaks website and then maybe there’ll
be some public speaking questions and answers, but those questions are
showing up right below your listing and are actually part of your listing. Oh wow.
So, it increases how big your listing is on search so you’re taking up more
real estate and your answering people’s questions,
so people automatically gravitate towards the question, and they want to
see what the answer is so they click on it, and that’s from your website.
That’s a ninja move there, I don’t know if everybody’s doing that. I know, it’s a
pretty stellar a ninja move, yeah. Okay, I like that, I like that.

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