Selling Websites for your Digital Agency

Selling Websites for your Digital Agency

hello all my name is Nick Calabro with
Calaboration a digital marketing and media agency and I want to quickly talk
about what web development and web sites as a whole can do for your digital
agency let’s talk about it so what do I actually mean by web design
websites as a whole being kind of a turning point a pillar a piece of
content for your agency well there anything about selling websites to any
type of business is that well first of all every and any business needs a
website and if they tell you otherwise tell them the stats just simply say you
are wrong right anyone and everything with a website is going to perform
better than those without statistically right so it’s very easy to
sell websites because everyone wants them and if they don’t know that they
want one it’s very easily sellable today right the benefit here is that a lot of
people without even you selling you’re gonna say oh I need a website when in
reality they may not even need a website as much as they need some marketing
strategies right and the benefit here is that you’re gonna be able to go in to
any type of business and they may even say to you without you even bringing out
the binder and giving a sales pitch that oh yeah we definitely need a website and
I definitely know that we want to get this out in the next two to three weeks
can you help us with that so if you have a client like this or a prospect like
this that already has a website in mind okay it’s gonna be a very easy sale now
the great thing again is that there’s no overhead for this right anyone at any
level can easily start selling websites because there’s absolutely no overhead
all you need is a computer okay it may be like a web server and you’re talking
paying 50 bucks a year okay for the domain and the server and then you’re
charging this company maybe ninety nine dollars two hundred dollars a month for
the actual management fees plus a couple grand on top for the actual development
of the site okay so you’re easily able to profit off of these services and if
you have even half a mind for technology okay creating a simple WordPress or even
Wix or a square pace or a Squarespace site might be cake for you okay and if
that’s the case even better because they were able to get turnout more websites
and more actual services for these clients who don’t even care about the
backend that you’re using and they just want the damn thing up there right and
if you’re in that position you’re able to easily do two three websites
week okay can easily make ten grand a month if you’re just finding the right
client you’re willing to pay this kind of premium for the website which a lot
of company to understand the value of a website will happily pay so the other
benefit you’re gonna find from selling all these websites here and there is
that you’re gonna say to these prospects and clients okay great so now that you
have this website what is your plan now how are you driving people to the
website how are you driving traffic how are you getting eyes onto this webpage
that you just spent five thousand dollars for and if they say oh well you
know it’s on my email signature I’m sure they’ll gravitate toward it somehow it’s
on my business card that’s not real traffic right this is only going to get
people that are already in contact with you people that are already probably
going to buy from you these are not leads these are not generating business
for the company right so now the great thing about selling website is that
you’re easily able to sell services on top of that okay so now that we have
this website let’s start tracking all the visitors to the site let’s start
implementing some SEO tactics right because we want to actually drive new
and qualified traffic to this site and once you’re able to do that with SEO
with Facebook advertising with Google AdWords all these other different types
of tactics you can easily tack on to three grand a month right for these
services that they’ll be happy to pay because your site now being a lead
generating machine isn’t gonna get any traffic to it without these services so
with the site plus all these services they’re going to easily and very happily
have an amazing online presence that will always be generating business and
always be generating leads for them so the big bottom line here is that making
websites requires absolutely no overhead so you can get started doing it right
now just find those clients and you can find plenty of content on the site and
everything to learn how to find the right clients and had a cold email and
all this other great stuff and then charge a premium right and the right
clients will be happy to pay that premium because I understand the value
that the website will bring right and then upsell so after you have the
website built say to them look we want to drive traffic to this now so let’s
start let’s put you on a retainer here so you can actually get a whole kind of
strategy running a month in and month out that will constantly drive business
to the site so ultimately start making websites start making money
i’m nickolay bro now get to work


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