Sell ANYTHING You Want Online | How To Do FB Live…

Sell ANYTHING You Want Online | How To Do FB Live…

hey what’s up Aaron Chen here hope
you’re doing well today listen if you’re watching this video right now then you
probably doing a bit of research online about how to do fb live okay so
I’m gonna share some strategies with you over the next few minutes and once
you’re done with this video you can literally go away and start doing some
Facebook lives and start you know converting leads into sales and all that
good stuff okay so before I do that I’m gonna talk a little bit more about you
know why it’s so important okay so first of all the fact that you’re even
searching for this information is great okay and the fact that you want to learn
about Facebook you know doing Facebook lies is a really really good thing okay
because the truth is is that if you want to connect with your list all right one
of the best ways to do it is to do live video okay not just video but live video
all right so you’re watching this probably you know on YouTube or
somewhere on one of my websites and this is a recorded video all right this is
content that you know I grab my camera and I hit record and I’m doing a video
and I’m doing it on a specific topic right and that’s really good especially
if you’re creating you know a following and you’re creating a channel but if
you’re doing a live video and you’re getting people to come to that event and
see you do a video live especially if you’re you know trying to build some
sort of online business you know maybe you’re selling a digital product maybe
you’re doing e-commerce maybe you’ve got your own products you want to sell
whatever it is if you’re an internet business and you’re trying to sell
something online then live video is one of the bests okay another great platform
then you can do this on is YouTube right but let’s just focus on Facebook today
and I’m gonna talk you through the process and I’ll give you a strategy
that you can try out okay so first of all make sure you do it okay
that’s the best that’s the first thing doing video is very very important
that’s the way that you know people get to see your face they get to see your
surroundings they get to get a feel for what you really like as a person and
that’s very important okay when it comes to to marketing because it’s about
creating authority it’s about creating credibility and it’s extremely important
that if you’re going to be doing Facebook live like this okay or video
that you confident okay you don’t want to do a
facebook live and you don’t want to seem like you know like really shy or you
know you’re very nervous you know and you’re not you know you’re trying to get
the information out but it’s not really coming out because what that does is it
doesn’t inspire confidence in your viewers okay and and I’m assuming that
if you’re gonna be doing Facebook live you’re trying to do it too you know
build a relationship with them obviously build Authority
okay build credibility and they get them to take some sort of action right I’ll
get them to know like and trust you so that later on you can ask them you know
you can you can you can do an action and get them to do something that you want
right so if you’re not confident then people aren’t gonna want to follow you
and they’re not gonna want to consume your stuff okay
so confidence is is very important now if it’s the first time that you’re doing
a facebook live what I recommend try the strategy is just do them okay don’t
worry about it in fact what you could do is you can do a test Facebook live so
the cool thing about Facebook live is you don’t actually have to do it live to
the public what you can do is to practice you can set it to a mode where
only you see the actual video stream okay so maybe for the first two or three
if you want if you want to practice I would get you know your camera your
mobile phone set it to the people that can see it which is basically only gonna
be you okay on your newsfeed and then just hit start hit the Facebook live but
and this is actually on your on your Facebook profile okay there’s a there’s
a button there it’s very very easy to do you just hit it and then it’ll basically
you know that the stream will start okay so go ahead and just practice a couple
of times and once you get confident about the topic that you want to talk
about switch it to public and all your friends get to see it and all their
friends and their friends and their friends right hit live and then
literally just go for it okay just go for it
now the important thing that you must have okay when you do a Facebook live
first of all is the lighting is gonna be good okay so people must be able to see
your face okay don’t don’t do it in the shadows right don’t do it in some dark
little room make sure the lighting is good so that they can see your face
and they can see your surroundings very important okay another good tip is that
your surroundings are very important okay especially if well it depends what
you’re trying to do okay if you’re trying to you know if you’re in the
weight loss industry you know maybe you’re in the gym or maybe you’re
outdoors that that’s fine okay but if you’re doing business right if you’re
doing internet marketing work from home affiliate marketing whatever you’re
gonna make sure that your surroundings are pretty professional okay make sure
that you know it’s okay to do it outside maybe you can do it in your car but make
sure the camera is not shaking violently because it is shaking violently people
find it very very difficult to follow okay it’s okay to kind of hold it and
walk around maybe if you’ve got you know one of those contraptions where you know
it makes everything very very smooth right maybe you got a I think it’s
called a gyp I can’t really remember or if you have a camera like that in the
background maybe you have a DSLR make sure you hold it and if you’re shaking a
little bit it’s okay but if it’s very very shaky then you’re gonna lose people
okay I like to do it stationary pretty much because I just think that it you
know there’s less distractions for people so you know keep these things in
mind whenever you’re doing a video okay sound is also very important all right
but the lucky thing is that if you’re using an iPhone or you know some someone
any one of those new you know smart phones most of the time their mics the
inbuilt mics are very very good okay I’m actually just doing this video from my
iPhone and the iPhone mic and the camera itself is actually very high quality so
I don’t I don’t really have to use an extra mic or anything like that but you
can buy extra mics and stuff like that if you really want to okay and then
literally just just do your Facebook live honestly you can do it for 10
minutes you can do it for 15 minutes you know I probably wouldn’t do a facebook
live pass like you know 30 to 40 minutes otherwise you start to lose people
unless you tell people up front that you’re gonna do that and they expect to
hang out with you for a long time okay then it’s fine then you can do it for an
hour you can even do it for two hours if you want to as long as your content is
really really good okay so when should you do Facebook lives well again it
depends on what you’re marketing okay but I would say that
you can do it pretty much any time honestly it depends on which part of the
world you’re in if you’re living in the how to do fb live u.s. you definitely want to do it after
work right because if you do it at like a lunchtime or you do it at 3:00 p.m.
people are probably in the office so not as many people gonna see your stuff okay
you want to do it like after after work 7 p.m. 8 p.m. 9 p.m. you know maybe when
people have you know they finished dinner they’re back home their rates of
relaxed 9 p.m. they’re ready to go do a Facebook live
right you know if you’re in Australia if you’re in Asia if you are in you know
China that part of the world then it depends who your target audience is you
know most of the people in your Facebook are they from the US are they from Asia
are they from Australia it just really depends I would try different time zones
okay but remember that most of the time it’s when people are finished with work
that’s probably the best time to do a Facebook live now I’m gonna teach you a
super cool trick okay that you can implement today if you really wanted to
okay now this is how this this harder this is how this strategy works all
right what you want to do is first of all you’ve got to have a list going
already okay so when I say you got a list going
that means that you’ve got some sort of email database of you know your specific
audience that you know you could be marketing to okay so maybe they’re on
your get response list maybe they’re on your Aweber list okay but you’ve got a
you’ve got a pool of people that you’ve already built now it doesn’t matter how
many people are on that list okay you could have one person on that list you
could have 5,000 people on that list you could have half a million people on this
it doesn’t matter okay you need to start how to do fb live from somewhere right now you’ve got that
list what you want to do is you want to send them an email and say hey there
how’s it going you know good to speak to you whatever it is listen I’m gonna be
doing a live I’m gonna be doing a Facebook live and then pick a day pick a
day on time okay so this is this hypothetical okay so you can change the
days and the times however you want but I would say something like this hey you
know how’s it going it’s Aaron here listen I’m gonna be doing an awesome
Facebook live on a Friday night 9 p.m. Eastern Time ok 9 p.m. Eastern Time u.s.
where I’m gonna be talking about the three best strategies that you can
in your internet marketing business right now to make money okay it’s
probably gonna go for like 15 minutes to half an hour so I’m not gonna be long
but I’m gonna be sharing with you some amazing information on there now the
best thing is is that if you show up live and you’re lucky I’m gonna be
giving away a prize so make sure you show up on Friday 9 p.m. Eastern Time
see you there okay so you send out that email alright your email list gets that
email and then I would say maybe an hour before send them another email reminding
that you them that you’re gonna have this Facebook live and then at 9 o’clock
all the time that you decide make sure you you get on your phone okay go to
Facebook hit the record button and like the exact time that you tell people
you’re gonna be on and then do your Facebook live okay now make sure you
deliver on what you told people that you’re going to deliver on okay so now
you’ve got people showing up right people will be showing up at 9 p.m.
Eastern pop pop pop you know people to be sure you know slowly showing up and
look it doesn’t matter if you if you’ve got one person or if you’ve got a
hundred people okay do your Facebook live like you’re presenting to 500 or a
thousand people okay even if there’s only one person there it doesn’t matter
because eventually this is gonna start to grow and grow and grow and grow okay
now make sure you’re confident your lighting is good your sound is good your
internet connection is good okay and make sure you give tremendous value on
that Facebook live okay so if you say that you’re gonna teach them three
strategies to make money in 2018 make sure you give them lots of value don’t
just say oh you stuff envelopes you join an MLM and you do affiliate marketing
thanks guys bye bye don’t do that make sure you you go deep into it make sure
you know you give them a lot of awesome content that they can take action on
okay that’s the first thing the second thing is you want to drive engagement
okay make sure you’re saying hey you know so what do you think of this idea
give me a comment if you agree with this give me a like if you agree agree with
this give me some hearts you know give me a smiley face if you agree with this
okay so you want you wanna you want to be engaging people the whole time so
that as you’re speaking you’re drawing them into your world into your
presentation okay now do the presentation for you know as
you need two 10 15 20 30 minutes okay and then at the end here’s what you want
to do okay and this is how you create viral ASSA tea in your in your live
streams in your live videos okay so towards the end you say something like
this so listen I hope you enjoyed this video today you know it was really
really fun doing this now remember I said that I’m gonna be giving something
away okay so if you’ve got some value from this video today if you think that
you know you can use this information today to help you in your business or
whatever you’re doing okay so you know you know if you think that you’ve got
some great information on weight loss and you think you’re gonna go to the gym
and now you’re pumped or you know now you’ve learned how to generate you know
20 leads a day on Facebook and your pump and you’ve got some value from this if
you’ve got some value from this this Facebook live today I need you to do two
things okay first of all I want you to comment like and share this video if you
got some value from it and also if you do all three things what I’m gonna do is
I’m gonna pick someone at random who has liked commented and shared this video
and I’m gonna do something really really special I’m gonna be giving away a free
gift okay now that free gift could be pretty
much anything you want you can you can make it up okay so here’s here’s a few
ideas now you don’t have to do any one of these things but here are a few ideas
that you can you can try okay the first thing is you can give away a
free strategy session call you can say something like listen I’m gonna pick
someone at random okay and who does all three things okay you must share you
must comment you must like and after that I’m gonna connect with you you know
you know in the background I’m gonna I’m gonna message you on Facebook and I’m
gonna give you a free 30 minute strategy session where you tell me about your
problems and I’m gonna help you fix them so again it depends on what niche market
you’re in but if it’s weight loss you can give them a free 30 minute weight
loss consultation if it’s on online business you can teach them you know get
them to tell you about their business and you can you know give them a free
consultation you can even do little things like you know show me your
capture page and I’ll give you some free feedback on your capture page
help you improve it you know tell me a little bit about your business and I can
record it quick five to ten minute video telling you how to improve your business
you know it might be a free giveaway maybe you give them free tickets you
give them you know a free iphone you give them a free mp3 player whatever you
want okay now obviously you know a free iphone the free mp3 player that kind of
stuff costs money and you want to do that later on once you start getting
really successful at this stuff but you get the idea okay and so what you’re
doing is you’re doing a few things you’re getting people to share your
content because they like it and because it was awesome and you’re giving them
another incentive because you’re going to give them a free giveaway basically
some time with you okay that’s the best because it’s free alright
and obviously the more you do this the better you’re the more confident you’re
gonna get the easier it’s gonna become okay does that make sense
pretty cool right now what’s gonna happen is because people are sharing
your content on their Facebook channel what happens is your Facebook live
starts to become viral right and the more you do it the more viral your
content becomes okay and on the description box of your Facebook line
make sure you type something in there that says something like hey if you got
you know if you want to learn how to do something blah blah blah click here and
get my free course and then you can lead them to your capture page okay so as
your video is propagating and being shared across the internet on Facebook
other people will see it on their friends via news feeds they’ll watch the
video and if they like it they’ll share and if they want to check out you know
what you’re doing they will click on your link which is in your description
box which will probably lead them to your website and they’ll opt-in in the
make they come they become a lead so there are a couple of things that are
going on here number one you’re building your credibility okay you’re building
your authority you’re connecting with your people you’re giving something away
for free which is invaluable especially if it’s your time and you’re consulting
on their business or whatever niche market you’re in
and you’re you’re going viral people are seeing your stuff and they’re opting
into your list because you’re it’s in the description box and you’re
generating leads for free pretty cool right pretty cool right so listen let me
know what you thought of the strategy listen this is a group this is a huge
Golden Nugget okay please take action on this stuff because this this stuff I had
to pay to learn this strategy you’re getting it for free okay I literally had
to pay a lot of money to learn the strategy this very strategy right here
and you’re getting it for free so make sure you use it okay if you’re not doing
facebook lives make sure you do them number one if you’re not using this
viral ahsani strategy make sure you do it number two okay and did I say take
action already number three take action on your stuff okay so let me know in the
comments below what you thought of this video right
does this strategy sound cool this is is this something that you can do right do
you think you can implement this in your business do you think you’re gonna start
doing Facebook lives right if you got some value from this video today give me
a thumbs up okay and listen if you want to spend a bit more time with me
if you want to learn internet marketing business I want to teach you how to do
that okay completely up to you of course okay all you have to do to get access to
my free course on how to take this to the next level alright it’s click on the
link right below this video there’s a little link right there it’s going to
lead you to my website and then you can enter your best email address and then
you’re gonna get the free course directly in your email inbox okay so
listen my name is Erin Chen I hope you enjoyed this video today I hope you take
action on this strategy and I hope you get tremendous results from Facebook
live I’ll speak to you very soon in another video
take care


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    Liz Langsteiner

    Love your video.Beautiful presentation. Your hair looks great and you are cute! Your surroundings are professional. You clearly practice what you preach.

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