Reporting on HubSpot Conversations

Reporting on HubSpot Conversations

In this HubSpot tutorial I’m gonna show you exactly how to report on those HubSpot conversations that you’ve been having Hey, you know what time it is. Are you a hub spot user looking for fun and interactive? education that helps you be better at HubSpot then welcome to Sprocket saw as your team uses the hub spot conversation inbox to manage communication with your leads and customers Are you measuring the success and/or failure of those conversations? well You should be you can use conversation reports on your dashboard to analyze how many conversations? Have taken place how quickly your teams are responding which team member is Chatting the most and let’s not forget about which channel your visitors are using to get in touch with your team the most as well You might be wondering what reports can I build and how should I be doing? It? Well, no worries Let’s dive into the hub small portal and get you started Alright, so as you can see I am in hub spot and I’m gonna give you the first probably pro tip that I Enjoy and that is if you’re gonna report on conversations sure you can add it to your marketing dashboard You can add it to your sales dashboard, but you might actually want to create just a dashboard for Conversations. Look I’m sure there’s going to be reports that come out in the future that you’re gonna want to add to the ones that We already have and so in this tutorial, I’m gonna start with a brand new dashboard called Conversations. So the only thing that we really need to figure out is do we want it to be Visible by shared or private. I am actually going to say shared read-only. So nobody can mess with it Although I really don’t care if they mess with it But for this tutorial, let’s just go ahead and get into this now. We have a new dashboard here called Conversations and you’re gonna see that it automatically brings in a bunch of stuff here Which is sudden what annoying, but we’re gonna go ahead and we’re going to remove these dashboard reports because well, we didn’t want any of these and Frankly help spot why? Why do you do this to me? No, I’m just kidding. We get it You’re trying to start us out in a good way But what I want to do is I want to come in here and I’m going to hit add Reports and over to the left side. You’re going to see Conversations I’m gonna go ahead and click on that and you’re going to see a couple different things one chat conversations over time This is a view of how many conversations are taking place over a specific time range So I’m gonna go ahead and add that report. You’re also gonna see chat conversations by URL This is a view of how many conversations begin on a URL where there’s a chat widget and I’m gonna go ahead and add that Report and you’re gonna see average chat response time by assignee and I’m going to go ahead and hit add report average chat response time by assignee This is a view of the average response time by each team member to a new chat conversation Wondering how response time is measured well The response time is the amount of time between being assigned a conversation and the team members first response pretty simple Right, you’re also gonna see chat conversations by assignee This is a view of the number of conversations that have been assigned to each team member and yes, you get it I’m gonna hit add Report I’ll scroll up here a little bit and last but not least. You’ll see conversations by source This is a view of how many conversations Originated from either a live chat conversation or an incoming email and guess what? Yes, I’m going to hit and report But before I do even though I’ve explained these to you You can see if you hover over any of these it is going to give an explanation I’m gonna hit add report. And once I’ve done that then I can go ahead and go back to my dashboard Notice here. There is also create a custom report, but we’re not gonna mess with that in this tutorial We’re just going to go back to dashboard now we have a conversations dashboard that pulls in all the information of what we’ve been doing when it comes to our Conversations by URL chat conversations over time average chat response you get it and it allows us To go ahead and take some actions on here so we can rename the dash We can change the owner we can set it as the default dashboard Kkona deleted all sorts of things now The best part that I like is I can make it a reoccurring email Send them to myself on a monthly basis and I know all about the conversations that are happening in my HubSpot conversations tool Hey Did you like this video? 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