Quora Hack: Secret Tips to Get More Visitors to Your Website

Quora Hack: Secret Tips to Get More Visitors to Your Website

hey everyone it’s neil patel here for another QA thursday I’m here with Adam from viewership hello everyone and this week’s question is this one is from trending America’s news collection it’s a very long handle on YouTube hi Neil can you share how to generate traffic from Chora so this is actually funny because Corrib and me and they banned me for something that they should have never ban me for so damn you I hate you for that core but they eventually let me back in two or three times they banned me let me back in ban me let me back in ban me and then they let me back and then they stop banning me so you’re in I’m in now unless they change people again so let me tell you how to get trapped from Chora and you’ll also find out how I got banned at the same time to not get banned yes so the first way to generate traffic from Chora is you go and you look for every single person who’s asking questions related to your industry and you answer them now what we did was I started explaining what kora is before yeah go for once you explain kora I don’t know kora as well so more is a Q&A website where people go and ask questions on any topic it could be you like if you’re just curious randomly hmm how hard is it to be Olympic athlete you can ask that question on Quora and you’ll get Olympic athletes and other trainers to respond to you or you can ask a question like how do I rank on page 1 of Google or who are the top marketers in the world like you can literally ask any question you want how to cook an egg and some people respond yeah what’s the meaning of life whatever you want there’s no like rules just ask whatever you want cool so now that we got that out of the way it’s a really popular Q&A site one of the most popular sites on the internet and the way you get traffic is you answer questions so you do searches on Quora related to keywords within your industry you want to then go and answer each question by answering each question you’ll build up Authority and you’ll grow in popularity that’s what we first started doing that was our first test we didn’t generate any traffic but we’re generating branding and that did generate some leads but not enough the next strategy we use was hey this isn’t scalable so instead of answering questions with you know me Neal responses to each and every single one we’re like wait a lot of these questions I’ve already answered through my blog post so my team which knows my content they went and they took blog posts and they took the snippets of the excerpt that were very relevant that answered the questions linked to him or not more so link to him they took it they put him on Quora and they linked over back to the blog whenever it made sense and that strategy worked amazingly well but Quora kept banning us saying we’re plagiarizing content from neil patel calm lead writing your own content yes yeah and then we’re like we’re not and then they let us back in they kept going through that process but then eventually they realize we weren’t plagiarizing content because they have so many people and that strategy worked really well but what we found that works the best is copying and pasting content from your blog that already answers a question and linking back plus adding in unique content just for the Korra audience it doesn’t have to be a lot like a few sentences you combine both of those link back and you do that consistently you’ll get a ton of traffic now most of you are probably trying to figure out hey how do I get a lot of uploads the key isn’t to be popular on Korra to get all our uploads we tried gaming the system telling people on social sites about our stuff what we learned the best strategy is you just go find the most popular questions you go look at the best answers you give a more in-depth answer than that you also link over to your site one relevant don’t shove it in the link and you’ll naturally just get more uploads and everyone else and you climb to the top that’s the strategy to get a ton of traffic from Chora works well you’re not gonna make millions of dollars from Chora and if you don’t want to take the time you know responding or taking your blog content and repurposing it on Quora you can just do ads on Quora that works as well it’s not the highest ROI but it works it works better to drive more content awareness then driving direct sales from Quora but you can also do the pay-for-play model yeah I feel like I don’t know kora as well but I certainly know communities and I just find with the community it’s just the more you give the more you get and when he wouldn’t do spam and I mean I my company has forums and things like that and sometimes we get spammers and what happens you just you want him out so if ya add value legitimate value and obviously Neal wasn’t spamming he was actually giving good value just not the way that they wanted if you give good value you know you get that that that juice in return they’ll give that to you so you know sometime I keep in mind with any of these community sites you’ve on YouTube comments anything like that you know Neal’s channel sometimes we see you know people leaving links just to spam and trying to get traffic every day like I go through moderating the comments that the most common one is a group of people I don’t know who they are talking about this Instagram tool to get more followers like that’s the biggest spam comment that we get on YouTube not on Facebook or anywhere else it’s just YouTube but yeah no one wants a spam so it’s like add value if you don’t have value you’re just gonna get block deleted and people are gonna put up with you right so that’s it for this week’s QA Thursday video if you have a comment that you want us to answer on next week leave a comment below we’ll do our best maybe you’ll get included either way I’ll respond to your comment below and if you enjoyed this video like it comment share tell other people about it subscribe to the channel thank you very much


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    Rohit kirpa

    Great I agree all you said I receive many enquiry from Quora great website……
    I learn alot from your video Neil…..

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    Dipak Vadhadiya

    How can I know where is actually from my visits (direct) / (none) showing in google analytics?

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    Asmat Ullah-Khan

    Sir, please give a practical tutorial about article writing and how to keyword research for powerful article SEO based article Please sir .

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    Pramod Chamling Rai

    I’ve one question regarding to search engine machine and optimization, my keywords are ranked # 1 on google but when I search same keywords on bing and yahoo, they don’t show me #1. Why is it happening? Is there different strategy for different search engine?

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    Jonathan Swanepoel

    Neil and Adam. Thanks again. Really helpful.

    Could you guys do a vlog on where you guys get your sites disclaimers and terms and conditions. What are the top things you have both learnt.

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    Live Powerfully

    Instagram growth for new accounts?

    We have those tips like use popular hashtags but they work for mid or big level accounts only. What are your tips for growth?

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    Tech Guy

    Neil Patel is one of the best guys ever. wish I had a guy like this as my friend. he would have helped me in learning to grow my channel. Glad I found him now.

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    Kevin Whitsitt

    It has to be related. With my YouTube videos if someone links to a related blog post, video or something and adds value then I leave it. It adds value to the Real Estate…

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    Journey with JJ

    I heard that nowdays people read less blog(as they are moving toward youtube), it is demotivating factor for us, is it true?

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    1977 Leader

    And other than Plagiarising content rule, Quora bans people based on their poor BNBR rule. I mean Yeah, its good to BNBR, but its not possible whole time. I know this gentleman who spoke at TED TALKS and had a good media attention, who used to answer questions on Quora 10+ hours a day. He was very popular. Within a month of his entry to Quora, Quora bashed everyone's feed with his answers due to massive responses. Because he used to give VERY Valuable content in almost every one of his answers. But he got banned multiple times initially before getting a permanent ban. The reason is he is not BNBR in his answers. And he got a YT channel with lots of Valuable Content on his own name LOY MACHEDO.
    Though he had 3 websites, he 99% of the time never used his popularity on Quora to redirect to his site straight away. If you guys wanna know more about him, google his name "Loy Machedo"

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    The Hustle Mastery

    Neil your the man! I took all your advice to help me grow from 0 to 1,000 subscribers fast! Thank you for all your help. Feel free to subscribe my channel for more free Traffic! Peace.

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    shreenath nishad

    Hi, I have learned a lot from your video and blogs they are really very helpful thanks a lot. I would like you to make a video on topic cluster the new seo technique

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    I've got over 270,00 views from Quora and over 20,000 views this month from 1 account. I figured out this method a long time ago. It's tough to drive traffic to your site with it, however it's great for branding and getting YouTube views.

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    Md Amin

    Hi Neil
    I recently rank a global keywords on Google no 10. But when i search on google.com from Bangladesh then my site rank no 10. But when i use vpn like USA then my this keyword not rank on USA. But Why?? I have no idea. How can i rank a global keywords all over the world!!
    I am waiting for your unique answer!!!!

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    Olgay Celik

    what is exactly your marketing secrect Neil?you purchased 120k for ubersuggest and you said that it was totally free for us.

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    Sachin Khanna

    Hey Neil,

    Thanks for this video. Can you please tell some strategies for outreach. Like I found a site which has more than 3k links from authority sites. But the site is down from last 1 year. And it's on personal name like yours.

    So, how should I outreach to them. Because most of the posts which it have are case studies. And the websites which are linking to it are using "according to this person".

    How do you outreach people with this type of site.

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    Neil, funny thing is that I hate Quora for the very reasons you've stated. From a consumers perspective it's so annoying to read bias (*cough* sales pitch) responses that tend to FLOOD Quora. Most times I literally only want to read about the experiences a consumer had with a particular product, not an elevator pitch. I wish Quora was more like Yahoo Answers in regards to honest opinions and answers.

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    Third Law

    I want to look into this but I'm just focusing on YouTube and Facebook for my blog.
    I did want to try and promote on every thing I can. But I heard somewhere that it's better just to focus on one or two sites and master them. So I'm trying this stragety and see if it works.

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    Sami Syed

    What if I buy upvotes, or create a bunch of accounts to upvote my self. Do you think this is a good strategy? Will quora ban me?

    Also, What if I ask questions and answer them my self?

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    Yogesh Pal

    Yes, you are right neil sir

    I also generate some good amount of traffic from Quora.

    Please always guide us like this.

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    Pagalworld Pendujatt

    Hi, Niel Sir
    I am Shivam.
    I have a question, if i will copy and paste the content on quora from my blog post and leaving the link..then it will be spam?
    Google will think that its a backlink from duplicate content.
    i am talking about google not quora.
    please answer. i am waiting.

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    Dhanur Sehgal

    Hi Neil. What would you recommend to a 21yr old. Entrepreneurship as a side hustle or as a full time?

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    Bhagyesh Patel

    One more thing.
    Start Your answer in such a way that users open up your answer to read because Quora only shows first few lines on a website as well as in their Quora Digest that is sent to all registered users daily.

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    rizhan muhammad yahya

    hi niel thanks for the video
    im now running ecommerce business i make fresh website with shopify i want to go big what should i do to maximize generate traffic for e commerce free traffic stratrgy

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    Hi Neil, my question is what you do with long heavy content on seo? I work long content(5-9k word) with ton of photos ¿should cut the content on pagination? ¿cut with an read more button? Or just post it all??? Its for seo

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    GroundStone WasteWater Services

    Hey Neil, I haven’t heard you talk about Reddit, also a great site to answer questions and gain valuable insights into key questions.

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    Prateek Rastogi

    great post on this-i have seen some tutorials on quora but u actually went indepth in a short 5 min video-kudos man

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    joon weng yap

    Hi Neil, my product finally appear in google results using your method (ranking still low but it appear).. I want to know is there any previous video where you explain "how to rank higher in SEO". Please guide me to the video, I ll try to figure it out myself through action… So happy when there is finally some little results show up while my motivation level at the lowest and depress..

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    Narendra Babu

    Excellent and I like it.
    I ahve question now, how to get a traffic from YouTube to wen site. Waiting for your ans.
    Thank you….

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    Advert Lines

    Hi Neil. Q: You said talking about instagram tools and linking to them in the comment box is spam? I found the Instagram tools I use now in the comment box of videos. P.S. I was happy the creator allowed the link. How can you call that spam my man?

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    lemti Cruz

    Firstly, Sir- Neil thank you so much for the wonderful contents. My question is if my blog post on blogger.com gets decent/lots of traffic will I be able to make money advertising?

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    Hi Neil. I was wondering if you know of a way to create an image index on shopify. Google won't index my images, hence the need for an image index.

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    Abhijit Bhoir

    Sir please make video on e-Commerce landing page Hack. We like your content. Love from India. #neilpatel

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    Ndayishimiye Boaz

    I use Quora pretty much every day and it's my main source of traffic since Facebook and Google are too hard.

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    Ashish Thakkar

    1. Do you speak Gujarati? Kem chey Maja ma?
    2. Please increase the width of the sidebar for drop-down optoons in your ubersuggest tool. It's difficult to choose English/India from the drop-down.

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    How old can the posts be that your respond to on Quora. My favorite thing to talk about is self care and time management.

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    Riazuddin Jeelani

    Hey Niel,

    I got a question about Quora blog section if I have 32 articles/posts addressing some questions or topics, you think by uploading to Quora blog. Example: I can just copy paste the 1st paragraph from my original post and ask them to head over to my blog to read the complete article? Or just answering questions and leave hyperlink is a good idea?

    Thank you kindly

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    Jason Trask

    Do either of you have suggesions for how to get an influencer to write a blurb for a book? This question is no doubt a bit off topic, but I would think that the methods you use to make your request stand out to an influencer would be applicable in the world of writing. Thank you.

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    Ian Leahy

    Maybe it helps for branding, but I get almost zero traffic from Quora and I don't get it. I answered a lot of questions and got a lot of upvotes too.

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    Future Tech Vlogs

    Neil I am your biggest fan and you are my inspiration in SEO and digital world. I have a question regarding Quora and other Q and A sites. Use of Q & A sites for link building mainly through Quora comes in effective link building practice as you only get a nofollow link? Any other sites like quora you can suggest here allow quality links while contributing with valuable content.

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    Suraj Jd

    Thanks Neil..
    I have one question regarding Social Media Bookmarking
    Is it good or bad to do SBM blog link or sbm affects the ranking
    I am asking this because some of my blog posts got de-ranked from position 1 to 10 and 11 to 16 and some just vanished from top 100 result.
    Am just scared to do SBM or not.

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    Kristabel Jumawan

    Hi Neil! This is really helpful. Can you also make a video guide on how to get dofollow PR7 backlinks from qoura? Thanks

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    David Grigsby

    Neil man, u really bring some of the most value-adding content of anyone (weighed across the collective, various platforms, even). Thanks so much brother!

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    Roman Mironov

    Hi Neil,

    Thank you so much for sharing your insights!

    Can you recommend which of the two methods you suggested works best for me?

    I am a life coach.

    Should I answer questions to build my brand?

    Or should I publish content from my website tweaking it a little bit for Quora like you suggested?

    Thank you!

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