Pursuing a Career in Fine Arts: Things You Need to Know

Pursuing a Career in Fine Arts: Things You Need to Know

and this is NDTV and you're watching education crying hello and welcome you're watching heads-up art isn't just a creative manifestation but a powerful catalyst for social change we acquainting drawing or sculpting a piece of art is diverse in its form but how much importance is given to art appreciation or education in our country on today's show we take a look at the art scene in India and just what it takes to be an artist first up my colleague swimmer caught up with contemporary artist Vinita Das Gupta to find out about her journey in the field of art and denita gives us her tips on how to kick start your career as an artist hi I'm Bonita Dasgupta and I'm an artist when I was a child I went to stay with my grandma in a village near Calcutta and there I started exploring different mediums from nature are so excited to explore all the mediums as to scribble everything on the paper so they really encouraged me more to take it as a hobby in 2001 I joined Delhi College of Art and there I started my painting as a profession I did my bachelor's when I completed my master's from there I love the Frida Kahlo her walk her life a journey her you know incidence everything you know inspired me I think dynamics change but I joined follow you for that times like a lot of friends family they objected why she is good in studies may collage or something oh yeah there was a base mall during that time architects interiors like we are taking of art seriously now so I think that question whether art can be a good carrier or not that has really you know gone from people's head in a long journey I have struggled I've seen all the hard times the realization also lot of art is a left art and join some other things so I think it's a very big challenge to the screen as an artist because we don't get paid we don't get fancy or anything the depend on what we sell and if you don't share galleries don't want us and everything you need new values new artists new medium so it's always very challenging for us to you know maintain that standard which we have created art is not strictly painting or drawing our culture it is beyond that it is more of performance art now so there is no restriction answer people are exploring different mediums in art there are so many new media's like who cannot paint they are doing video art who cannot draw we are doing photography or collage so there are so many different kind of four mediums in art now you should have some creativity some good ideas we should have some education some Academy before you know going in the mainstream because I know you can walk under an artist but that influence is always there you paint like he will cut like in so when you join any art college it will try to enrich you more to bring off something which is original and not quick you are less influenced by party very hard working your saqib doing something new every time you have to keep yourself updated you need to struggle a lot if the market is not good don't you just change your career because it's not selling or the galleries not picking you you know maintain that flow from a contemporary artists we move on to an entrepreneur deeper Subramanian always had a passion for art tired of her corporate job deeper decided to turn her passion into a business and opened her very own gallery this is her journey Rahman Pablo Picasso once said art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life apart from being a creative process art can also be a powerful force for social change and it's the thought of blending arts with business sounds appealing to you look no further than B pursue grim onion and are trippin off based out of Bangalore and the owner of the gallery they are there was really no plan to start any art gallery by of course urge to start something creative was definitely there and I had an exhibition in 2009 and Bangalore I'm an artist myself the ads but I never had a chance to pursue it as a carrier but eventually I realised that it made more commercial sense to show the works of other artists you know just like any other gallery business would and I would sell be new to the business at that point in time so that's how this whole journey of having a you know a space for my own work you know nobody really does that but I did it because I had a space already how to Beach I was working out of and I created that space to show my own work in the beginning deeper calls herself a parallel entrepreneur having independently started to diametrically opposite ventures become graduate from Madras University Deepa started as a marketing professional in the hospitality sector and worked six years but having tired of the corporate world Deepa started her first venture in 2001 o de sá India a pharmaceutical chemicals company but art was always her passion in 2009 bieber decided to turn her passion into a business and started the gallery they are in December the same year I kind of reached a dead end in my corporate career I was in the corporate world for nearly five to six years and I knew that if I wasn't going to do that I had to do something else you know ever since this so I became the self-appointed first generation entrepreneur when I launched the gallery commercially in 2009 December it was a city based artist who showed her works it was a solo show I realized two things one was that I found myself and that was my passion and number two I more importantly I knew that that passion had a potential of being monetized you know pursuing your passion is wondering and commercializing it is another thing altogether the gallery they asked is now a little over six years old but Deepa feels art and its appreciation still caters to a very Mohnish penguin something that she would like to change the gallery more often than not exhibits the works with new and upcoming artists and is visited by art lovers students and even first-timers who know nothing about art and over the years Vibha has found that bangalore's love for art is slowly spreading to a larger audience but we had a show at one of the public malls in the shopping malls in the city and we had the limited over 200 plus artists and 300 plus works you know so it was a large group show in about set in about ten thousand square feet of space but a good thing was you know the kind of response that I got out of that was amazing and you know people who've never experienced seeing art for the first time they would just come and they ask questions and they were so happy you know to see the display debug office is located a few floors below her gallery letting her manage both ventures and attainable but moonwalking between the worlds with colors and chemicals is no mean feat and Deepa has seen her fair share of ups and downs so the first business was a challenge and Babson's because it was something totally new data part and of course the financials was the big thing that it was you know to run a business the working capital and so on and so forth the only problem that I faced while starting in our jazzy was the market itself and trust me till today as we speak in the last year the market has not cooperated with me because there are people who have made the commercially successful ventures out of art galleries even in the 90s you know there are people who have but yeah I guess I am still waiting when I'm sure the gallery will I've invested a lot of my effort in the gallery so I think I'm sure someday it will pay me back in now it's bound to entrepreneurship says Deepa is something that excites her in her own humble opinion she believes that if you want to pursue your passions just do it I'm happy to see that this generation is coming up with a whole lot of ideas you know when I started off it was pretty limited and it's nice to see youngsters starting office on entrepreneurs startups as opposed to you know going for a paid job they have that kind of patience and we have it kind of you know what is the word tenacity to survive and sustain in this world so I think that's the good thing about being in this industry it's not being employed for the sake of being employed otherwise you know you'll find people leaving every second day but they're still sticking to this industry because they get the kind of satisfaction that they get out of the season then as opposed to a job which is which is does a job time now to slip into a short break on the other side I track with a couple of young aspiring artists from the Karnataka Chitra collaboration stay tuned you


  1. manoj gehlod

    yrr mujhe bhi kuch samjha me nhi aa raha h me kya karu kaha se surat kare yrr painting ke kya aap mere help karo ge kya plz Aap me no. do na mujhe .

  2. Jeevan Lewis

    Shajar Javed… yes …… The companies do need digital artist. Specially people who are will to do in Photoshop …. Premier pro…… After effects……. First get training in this software..may be go through a short course on fine arts digital drawing …. Little complicated in the beginning to learn…. See where these softwares are targeted… like movie making…. Advertising …… tv channels … News…..etc…… Then enter into some company…… Start with little things….. It's one of the most expensive jobs… If you have talent and use it… Virtual designing… All the best … God bless you

  3. Jeevan Lewis

    Try to do art work on digital ..I mean on computer .. applications… If you master Photoshop and illustrator and you know these applications there will be companies ready to pay for you

  4. Stephen Strange

    Like she said. Don't get paid, there's very little demand. A terrible choice. If you're an artist and wanna pursue art or any comic books or video games as career, you're in the wrong country

  5. Sangeet Verma

    हेल्लो मुझे panting के अलावा कुछ नी आता। क्या आप मुझे बताओ गे की मै अपना करियर कैसे बनाउ। क्यो की मेरे पास पैसे नहीं है कोर्स कारने क लिए। please agli video hindi me bnao

  6. Sangeet Verma

    हेल्लो मुझे panting के अलावा कुछ नी आता। क्या आप मुझे बताओ गे की मै अपना करियर कैसे बनाउ। क्यो की मेरे पास पैसे नहीं है कोर्स कारने क लिए। please agli video hindi me bnao

  7. Sangeet Verma

    हेल्लो मुझे panting के अलावा कुछ नी आता। क्या आप मुझे बताओ गे की मै अपना करियर कैसे बनाउ। क्यो की मेरे पास पसे नहीं है। please agli video hindi me bnao

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