Project Designer 1.0 Tutorial

Project Designer 1.0 Tutorial

Hello and welcome to this video covering the
new 2N Project Designer! To use the Project Designer, just access it
on our website Choose the region where you operate. This is very important because of different
part numbers. Select the type of project where you want
to use a 2N IP intercom. We’ll show you how the configuration works
on our flagship, 2N® IP Verso. Click [Configure] Progress bar at the top of the page shows you the steps which will follow. You should begin by choosing the preferred
main unit and modules. Choose the main unit on the left. Let’s opt for a black version with a camera. Add the modules you’ll need. They’re divided into 4 categories. Selected modules will show up immediately
in the picture on the left side of 2N Project Designer. You can simply drag and drop the modules to
rearrange them. Click [Next] A list of all selected items in the previous step will appear below the picture of your intercom. Choose the way you’re going to install the
intercom – flush or surface. Don’t forget to add the correct number of
frames, and other necessary installation items. Click [Next] Gold license enables all the advanced functionalities (such as noise detection, external camera
support, automation, SMTP client etc.) If you think you won’t need these features,
you can remove it from the basket and pick another one or continue without a license. Click [Next] Here you can choose accessories for the intercom. We highly recommend adding a security relay
to each intercom. At this point your intercom is configured
and you can move on to choosing other devices for your project. Once you’ve finished configuring the intercom,
you can add answering units, access cards, and other accessories. That’s it! You’ve finished your project. You can see the list of all chosen items in
2N Project Designer. As the last step, you need to save your configuration
by clicking [Export XLS] Do you have another project that needs configuring? Just click [New Configuration] to start a
new project. Thanks for watching and we wish you a pleasant
experience with 2N products.


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    Matt Raban

    Very useful excellent job! I have clients already providing some very positive feedback on this new function, a very well done! ;0)

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