Pretty Fit | EP 1 with Neha Kakkar

Pretty Fit | EP 1 with Neha Kakkar

Hi, guys. What’s up? Thank you so much
for watching Mostly Sane. I’m Prajakta, welcome back to another… Uh! This is not another YouTube video. This is the first episode of my
first ever YouTube original series. [Prajakta grinning]
Okay. If you’re a subscriber
of my channel, then you would know that my life is a pendulum
of extreme emotions. I mean, I want to eat healthy but I want samosas also. Oh! Thank you. I want to stay fit
but I never want to go to the gym. [crew man] Prajakta, no! We’ve reached the 21st century
and more the technology the less you move.
If you consider that to choose a boy for marriage
is also… I’ve to swipe left or right for it. But then, there are these people who get fit while doing
their everyday jobs. Like… A farmer’s gym is his field. A dhobi builds his biceps
in a dhobi ghat. Houses are turned into arenas
in villages. To keep this simple,
it’s functional fitness. I mean, getting fit while
doing your everyday job. So two birds with one stone
and six abs. The climax of this long story is that I’m very intrigued.
I really want to try these things. But I know that it’s hard
and I won’t be able to do it myself which is why the show. On this show, I’m going to
get a bunch of fun ladies to come and help me try a lot of new things. And they’re going to do
such unimaginable things with me. And the best part is
you get to watch all under the name of
functional fitness. So yeah that’s pretty much what Pretty Fit is. This is my first YouTube original.
[birds chirping] It is going on my YouTube channel so obviously I want someone
who is mad on YouTube. And there is only one name
that comes when you talk about women on YouTube
and of course – it had to be Neha Kakkar.
– Yay! Good job, Prajakta. You got Neha Kakkar
for the first episode. Very nice. – Wow.
– But you know what is… the coolest thing I think about her is that Neha is such a sport
because I only told her that it’s a fitness challenge and that it’ll be fun.
[Prajakta chuckles] – Oh, my God!
– Given the sport that she is she wanted to know
if we’ll be together and if it’ll be safe, I said yes and she agreed. It was all chill. Look, Prajakta, I’ve trusted you a lot – you know this, right?
– I appreciate that. But before my trust for you breaks, tell me what it is. What are we doing?
Don’t tell me we’re swimming. – No.
– I don’t know how to swim. – Even I don’t know how to swim.
– Great. But the activity that we’re doing
will be told to you in a while. Firstly, let me tell you
what the overall flavour is. Okay.
[waves crashing] The favour is going to be functional fitness or something
that we’re looking at. Because everyone gets busy
with their own lives and who has the time to hit the gym
for an hour in the morning? – Personally, it’s not my cup of tea.
– Same here. I don’t have the time – or the energy for it.
– And we’ve to shop for it too. -[Neha laughing]
– Get some clothes, a bottle – a bag, it’s a lot of effort.
– Exactly. So the concept of the show is
getting fit doing everyday things. – I mean, like, everyday chores.
– Wow. – Like olden days.
– Yes. They used to be very fit.
Absolutely. So that is the whole concept. I thought it would be a fun thing
for us to do. It’s a… it’s a little out there! – Okay.
– [Prajakta] But it’ll be fun. – Are you sure?
– It’ll be fun, don’t worry. [Prajakta] You’ll definitely have fun,
don’t worry about that. [Prajakta] You want some coconut water? Why don’t you get one for yourself?
We can all have a drink. – We’ll say cheers.
– Let’s have a drink together. – Cheers!
– Cheers. It’s sweet, right? We should pay Krishna though. No, let me pay. Okay, you pay. – You pay.
– No, now you pay. – You pay.
– No, you pay. Okay, I’ll pay. It’s my show so I decide. It’s my episode so I’ll decide. – Hi!
– [Neha] Hi. See, if there was another celebrity like me her ego would’ve been hurt
that no one is meeting her. What I see is opportunity. Now I’ll ask everybody to subscribe. -[Neha laughs]
– These are new subscribers. [Neha] Okay, come on, click! – [girls] Bye.
– [Neha] The coconut water was stuffing. [Prajakta] My experience, I mean, in my house – karaoke is an event
because dad loves singing. – Oh, wow! So my favourite songs to karaoke are Neha Kakkar songs. Because I’m like – it’ll be great and I’ll have fun.
– Yeah! – I also know that you come
from a family full of music. – Yes. [Neha] I think Indian Idol
started in 2006. – I had participated in Indian Idol.
– That was… – I got eliminated in the top eight.
– You got eliminated. No contestant had cried like me
in their life. In all the reality shows in the world no one has cried as much as I did. – I cried so much…
– “My life is ruined.” “What will I do now?” So it was,
I thought everything was over and I didn’t know what to do,
my dream was shattered. Then I remember the last song I sang because the last song was always sung
with my three siblings. The song was Din badlenge din yeh hamare Kal chamkenge apne sitare Such honge sapne yeh saare That was the last song I sang. And I became a judge in India Idol. And I was sitting there
and there was a contestant… And he sang the same song? Oh! I’ve seen that episode.
You just went… I saw that and lost it because oh God, that was me
some years back. And here I’m today. I can’t explain how big a moment
that was for me and I’ve come this far. So if I’m not wrong,
you used to sing folk songs earlier. – Devotional songs. Yes.
– Devotional songs. From four to 16 I’ve only done
devotional songs. That’s it, I spent my entire life
in Mata Ki Chowki. So do you miss that a little bit now? I do, I definitely do. But the way my songs are now,
Kundi mat khadkao raja after singing such songs,
Chote chote peg after singing such songs,
I can’t sing devotional songs anymore. It is amazing that before you went
mainstream – all the content that you did…
– Absolutely. So I did the very first selfie video and when I did,
nobody made selfie videos that time. I didn’t have a lot of money
to spend on a music video. And I wanted people to see
how good my expressions are and how well I can do justice
to a music video. So I decided to make a selfie video. I did it and it went viral. I’m just here to make people happy.
I’m here to entertain people. Did you face… I’m sure
you’ve stories on this. Because we live in the world
of internet where everyone has a lot of power
to pass judgement. – Yeah.
– And to pass comments, please tell us. My height. Really? I had been to this party once
in Bombay. There was a TV actress
who came there and she might be watching this now. – So she…
– You know who you are. So she comes and asks me if I’m standing or seated. Yeah, imagine. – Are you serious?
– Yeah. There are people like that. See, 28 million people love me. But there are many among them,
I think there are one million people who hate me. So I actually wanted to say this
and people don’t know this. All the songs I’ve sung,
all those songs have been sung by all the top singers and I’ve sung them too. Because I sing well,
my voice gets stored. And I’m very proud of myself. Give me any song and I’ll kill it. What I’m saying is,
now that we spoke under the shade with coconut water,
these things will continue. But we should get to our challenge. Don’t worry,
it won’t be a religious gathering. [Neha] No. [Neha] No, I can’t. I can’t. The reaction that you just heard,
that was basically a reaction to what I said.
So I told Neha how our fitness challenge today
is to make lassi from the scratch. I mean, from milking the buffalo
to making the lassi and drinking it. Like I said,
it’s functional fitness. We’ve to get fit
while doing the job. Mukesh does this every day. Mukesh, this is Neha.
Neha, this is Mukesh. Ma’am, I’m a huge fan.
My daughters are also your fans. Your daughters? How cute! The daughters view is not
very flattering right now but okay. No, you can touch them.
Why don’t you try? – They’re lovely.
– What are their names? – She’s Tulsi and she’s Parvathy.
– Wow. They listen to ma’am’s songs. They listen to ma’am’s songs? – Shankar.
– Good job. Hey! Ma’am, here is some
lassi for you. – [Prajakta] Hey!
– [Neha] Wow. Oh, my God. Mukesh, how do you get it
from there to the glass? – You mean how do we make lassi?
– [Neha] Yes. Look, if you want to make lassi make friends with them first.
Feed them some hay. Give them a bath after feeding them. Milk them after that. Boil the milk and make curd out of it. And once the curd is ready,
you must’ve seen how we use the pot to beat it,
beat it up. Use as much sugar as you want,
and there’s your lassi. Oh, my God. So what we’re going to do now is we’ll go to our coach Urmi. Because Urmi is our trainer
who’ll train us for this task. So let’s go meet Urmi. – Let’s go.
– Let’s go. [cattle mooing] – [Neha] Let’s go.
– [Prajakta] Okay, we’re doing this now. [Urmi] Oh, wow. That’s some excitement. – [Prajakta] Yeah, we’re damn excited.
– [Neha] Hi. Neha, this is Urmi.
Urmi, this is Neha. Hi, Neha, how are you? I’m not that great because I’ve cervical spondylitis. Don’t worry. Your workouts are
designed with such exercises. I’ve kept it well balanced, it’s not that
intensive on your neck and shoulder. – Lovely.
– But whatever muscles you’re going to use in this lassi challenge like making the lassi,
milking the cows. [Prajakta] If I had to sum the whole episode
in to one, it’s going to be this. Yeah, very exciting. – Girls, ready?
– [Neha] Ready. Let’s go. [Urmi] Let’s get started. Move down and then… Oh, it’s like twerking? It’s like twerking only. – Twerk!
– [Urmi] No twerking. [Prajakta] It’s like watching a
twerking video in slow-mo. Elbows straight. [Urmi] Relax, okay? From here
we’re going to do donkey kicks so Neha, just make sure you don’t
bend the elbows. – [Neha] Okay.
– [Urmi] Your back leg will remain bent and you just have to lift the heel and bring the thigh parallel. [Urmi] Exhale to come up, inhale down and lower back will remain steady,
elbows straight. Your glute muscles are in work here. And breathe out. – [Urmi] Get into the lunge position.
– [Neha] Lunch? – Lunge!
– Keep your neck straight but hips will move side to side. Okay? – You’ve to keep the core engaged.
– Oh, it’s like… Perfect, you can sing a song too. Right? – And… – This is like being
at a Neha Kakkar concert. – [Urmi] Yeah.
– [Neha] Do “la la la” like this. Okay, you can sing that. No worries. – [Urmi] Arms up.
– [Neha] Arms up. Abs engaged and move side to side. Keep the neck steady. Prajakta, no cheating, go lower. – Hey, I’m not cheating.
– Go lower. Go tight, three two and relax. Excellent. There is a really fun partner exercise
called Cossack squat and it’s even called lateral lunges. So you’ve to be facing each other but slightly away from each other
and slightly wider. – So I go?
– Yeah, don’t pull her too much. And the heel should not come out. Inhale, exhale. Butt forward. I can’t look at Neha’s face right now. Yeah. Neha, butt forward. Stand still. Not so much. Just normally, no, that’s it. Lovely! Because when you’re going to
milk the cows then you’ll have to be
in a squat position. Imagine going to the cows and… Oops. Yeah. Okay, the last one
is a very simple exercise. You’re going to lie down
on your back. – [Prajakta] Love that exercise.
– [Urmi] And keep your legs high and your knees bent. [Urmi] And move side to side
starting from your right. Okay, lovely. Lift the heels up. Yes. Don’t let the heels drop. – Breathe.
– What are these noises? And relax. Awesome. Did you feel that in your oblique
and your abs? Okay, super, awesome. – [Urmi] Some fun, some fitness.
– Yes. – [Prajakta] I loved it.
– So you girls are officially ready. – [Neha] Are we?
– We did some rotations some shoulder strengthening. Yeah. And you’ll have a lot of fun
in the stables. – Wow.
– [Prajakta] Thanks, Urmi. – Yes. All the best for the challenge.
– We’ll see you soon. – Thank you very much, bye.
– Make tasty lassis. [Prajakta] Okay. If you say so. Thank you, bye. [cattle mooing] [cattle mooing] – Shall we?
– Before we start I want to start with hailing
Mata Rani. – Shall we?
– Yes, come on. – Who’s it going to be?
– Who will it be? – Jai mata di.
– Let’s rock. [Prajakta] Neha is getting ready. No, I don’t need to get ready. – I’m winning this anyway.
– Okay. – Tulsi, have some.
– [Prajakta] Here you go. Oh, okay. Easy there, my friend. Good girl. Come, Tulsi. Accept my apology. Please eat the hay
because I’m apologising. Oh! She’s eating.
Come on, eat some. I don’t think she likes it, guys. Mine is eating now. [water splashing] Hello. Are you playing Holi? [Prajakta] Yes, she’s eating. Neha got a tight one. I cleaned her up. [Prajakta] Done. – Let’s go.
– [Neha] Bye, Tulsi. – Let’s go.
– Ma’am, pick up your bucket. Will she kick? He’s scaring me.
He’s saying she might kick me. Come closer. She’ll kick me. Kick you? She won’t. Okay. Oh, my God. – Oh shit.
– Shall I do this? Won’t this hurt her? Will this hurt her? What… – Oh!
– You can’t do that. Please help me here. It’s done, let’s go. It’s done. Bye, Neha. – Hey, she’s winning. Run!
– Bye. Run! Wait for me. – [Prajakta] Someone stop the train.
– Wait. [Neha] Wait. Okay. So we’ve taken
some liberty now because we’ve milked the cows – and it’ll take an entire night
for the curd to be formed. – Yes. – So we already have formed curd.
– Here it is. – Ta-da!
– You can see. And now we’ll make lassi with it and whoever’s lassi will be delicious will be the king of the world. – Hello!
– The queen. – Yes.
– The queen of this world. I decided this. – Okay, come on.
– Okay, let’s go. Okay, let’s go. – I’ve never done this before.
– Same, buddy. I’ve always used a mixer
to make lassi. Oh! You’re putting dry fruits
in your lassi? Yes! Sugar. Wow! What’s your most memorable lassi moment?
Where did you drink it? Lassi’s awesome memory is always
my mom’s lassi. – Mom’s lassi.
– Mom makes yummy lassi. She puts cream in it
and I wish we had cream. From the top, I swear to God. So you’ve any memory? – We were driving from Kullu to Manali.
– [Neha] Okay. And there was a dhaba there
in the ghat where we stopped for parathas
and lassi, it was really late in the night. I don’t think I’ve had
better lassi than that. Aren’t you adding anything? – I’m adding sugar.
– Put something. [Prajakta] Oh, my God, Neha. Take it easy. [crew] Ten, nine, eight, seven six, five, four… – Oh, my God. This is exciting.
– [crew] Three, two, one. Now we’ll know whose lassi
tastes better. – Okay, let’s go to the tasting area.
– Let’s go. – Please get the pots, guys.
– Please, help us. – Okay. Mukesh.
– Oh, my God. According to your training we’ve… Cleaned the cows, fed them,
milked them and made the lassi. So it’s your turn to taste the lassi
and tell us which one is the best. Mukesh, do you know?
I’ve never been this nervous in my life. Because I’ve never cooked
so I don’t know how it is. Let’s find out. And we haven’t seen the lassi yet. – Yes, we haven’t even seen it.
– We couldn’t see it. Here you go, have some please. Oh! Okay! The expressions are not
going to reveal anything. Hope mine hasn’t become buttermilk. He didn’t have a happy expression
drinking my lassi. – Oh! I’ve never seen such
poker face judges. – Yes. Oh, God! Man! Okay, you both have worked hard. But according to us – this pot has the better lassi.
– Oh, yes! I won. I won! – This is…
– I won. She used her celebrity status
to influence the judges. Okay, tell me something. Was this about the taste
or Neha Kakkar? – It was about the taste.
– That’s it. A round of applause. – What was wrong in it?
– It was sour. – Why don’t you taste it?
– It’s sour? I agree. – Mine is pretty bad, how is yours?
– Good. Okay, fine. It’s fair. It’s okay. But I cleaned the buffalo better. That’s true. Thank you, Mukesh. Thank you,
uncle, aunty. It was a lot of fun. – Oh! It was fun because she won.
– Oh, my God. Don’t tell me that I’m going to get
a lot of gifts. You’ll get a lot of gifts,
you’ll get all the validation in the world – like this belt.
– Yes! – Oh, my God.
– Congratulations. Oh, my God. There we go. There’s a certificate too.
You’ve already written her name. – You all knew because you tasted
the lassi. – It was empty. It was empty,
the name has been written later. Alright. This was the first episode
of Pretty Fit with Neha Kakkar who has won
the biggest championship in the world. No, but on a serious note,
my lassi was disgusting. I don’t think we should call it lassi.
We should call it betrayal. – But thank you so much for doing this.
– Thank you so much. – We love you so much.
– Love you too. And we wish you all the luck
and love in the word. Hope God gives you millions
of more followers. If you like the video,
make sure you give it a big fat thumbs up. I’ll see you soon until we meet. – [Prajakta blows a kiss]
– See you, guys. Love you. Love, love. I’ll pass the math paper, right? Hey! You got to study for that.
Run now. Don’t you guys have to study? – Nandi will answer my questions?
– Yes, it does. Hello, Nandi, I’m Prajakta. – Hi. Shall I?
– Go ahead. Nandi, actually,
I’ve lost today’s challenge. But will I win in the next episode? – Yes.
– Oh! Great. – I’ve another question.
– Go on. Well, in 2020, my channel will have ten million subscribers, right? – Yes.
– Okay, it’ll be done, great. I want to make a movie with Shahrukh Khan,
is that possible? No? That’s okay. I’ll do it with Vicky Kaushal. Oh. I’ve called Kareena Kapoor Khan
on the show too. Will she come? She will? Oh, great. And Beyonce? No? Okay, I was too ambitious. – Oh! One last question.
– Go ahead. Nandi, well I found out that I’ve bad stamina. So by the end of the show
my stamina will be alright, yeah? Ma’am, he is an ox
and not a magician. You’ll have to do
some hard work for it. Are you Nandi or him? I asked him, right? Do some hard work!


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