PowerPoint: Using Find & Replace

PowerPoint: Using Find & Replace

In a long presentation like this, sometimes
I have trouble finding a specific word or phrase that I know is in there somewhere.
The Find feature can help by searching the presentation for you. To begin, click Find on the Home tab… type
the word or phrase you’re looking for… then click the button that says Find Next. If the
word is found, PowerPoint will jump to the slide, and select the text for you. If you realize that you’ve made a mistake
throughout your presentation, or you need to swap a certain word or phrase for another,
there’s a command for that too. Just click Replace on the Home tab, or right here in
the dialog box. I just need to change the years in this presentation,
so I’m going to enter that here. When you’re ready, click the Replace button…
and PowerPoint will replace will replace the word, and take you to the next instance automatically. You can even use Replace All to change every
instance at once, instead of cycling through them one by one. When it comes to using Replace All though,
it’s important to remember that it could find matches you didn’t anticipate, and
might not actually want to change. Generally, you don’t want to use Replace All
because it doesn’t give you the option of skipping anything you don’t want to change.
So you should only use this option if you’re absolutely sure that it won’t replace anything
you didn’t intend it to. Now that you know how to use Find and Replace,
you can put this time-saving technique to work in your PowerPoint presentations.


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