Plone 5.2 Installation for production on Ubuntu server Part01 | Plone CMS 5.2

Plone 5.2 Installation for production on Ubuntu server Part01 | Plone CMS 5.2

Hello Friends, Today I introduce about installation of plone 5.2 . This is a cms and you can create a website and use for collaboration tools . and document management system also. Before this, I have already created plone 5.0 videos. But now I introduce latest version of Plone 5.2 cms. With new features for end users like dropdown menu, mobile friendly and url customization. For server administration, It’s support python 2.7,3.6,3.7,3.8. And use and latest zope 4.1.1 database. Now I introduce about requirement for plone installation First of all you ready a server with clean installed ubuntu server. Whatever any version of ubuntu server. Secondly, Need of a hostname means a domain name, this is optional for intranet network. Internet connection required. Now first step of platform preparation. Connect to server through ssh. Update and upgrade the server. And Install essential libraries. Connect to server and login server through ssh. Platform preparation is now complted. Now perform step 2 intallation of plone. Download latest version of plone and extract the file. and run script and follow the screen setup. Now Plone setup is completed. Now we are going to user supervisor to start plone with the server. This will help to start plone services with OS boot time. For this to change and create plone5.cof file and add some script and add plone services. Now Let’s see.


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