Passive Income From Home When You Sleep – MAKE $1000+ A MONTH AT HOME

Hey guys, so you want to
learn about passive income. You want to make money while
you sleep well, is it possible? We’re going to find out now there are
traditionally two ways of making passive income. Now the most common way
people make passive income
is through rental properties and the other way people make
income passively is online. I’m going to talk to you
about both here in a second. Now make sure you stick around to the
end because I have a bonus for you guys where I’m going to show you exactly
how I make passive income online. It’s a stay at home dad
working a few hours a week. Now I’m passively earning a thousand
to 2000 bucks a month for most people, that’s a lot of extra income coming
in for not doing that much work, so stick around. Now, make sure
you subscribe to my channel. I do all kinds of stuff here online
about how to make money online, how to make money passively. We talk about affiliate marketing and
legit ways that you can earn money from home, whether you’re a stay at
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every single week. So real quick, a little bit about me guys. I am a stay at home dad and I had been
a stay at home dad for going on five years now. Now when I first started to
make extra money looking for side jobs, side hustles, I was
trading time for money. I was doing things like driving
for Uber, driving for Lyft. I was even doing smoothie
demonstrations at Costco. I would pick up any kind of odd
job I could find on Craigslist. But what I hated the most and drove me
nuts was I had to trade time for money. So I had to go do the
job in order to get paid, which took me away from my family and
also was not a lot of money at the end of the day. So that’s when I really started
to research how to make money online, especially how to do it passively. And now I’m comfortably earning
a thousand to 2000 a month, um, in my spare time as a stay at home
dad. And I don’t know about you, but that’s great additional income and
a lot of people that could change their lives. So I talk about true
tested methods here. I’m no guru, I’m just somebody who’s been doing this
for a couple of years and I think I’ve nailed down the system. So again,
make sure you stick around to the end. And I’m gonna show you my exact
method to do this. Now first, let’s talk about rental
property. So a lot of people, when they hear about passive income,
if you’ve read Robert Kiyosaki’s book, rich dad, poor dad, he
talks about rental property. Basically what the rich
do and what the poor do. So a rental property is considered passive
income because you are not directly involved. So you buy a property, you
have a property management company, run it for you, and then here you are in
the middle of getting paid that check. Now a couple of downsides
with that, don’t get me wrong, there are people who do very well with it, but a couple of the downsides are number
one is you need to have some money to get started. Okay? You
need to buy the property, you need to pay them the company to
run it for you. When things break down, you have to fix it. So there are a lot of headaches that
are involved with that and there’s a considerable considerable amount of
training if you want to do it correctly. So that is what passive income is. Okay? You’ve got checks coming in every month
from a rental property that you own. I live in Chicago. I know people that
own rental properties all over the, all over the city, and do they make
good money? Sure, some of them do, but there’s a lot of headaches
that come along with it. Now, the main way most people like to
make passive income is online now. But the big question is, is it
truly passive? Well, yes and no. You have to put some work in on the
backend to get paid down the road. So what I consider passive
income is, for instance, I have a blog and I have this
YouTube channel on my blog. I write articles and I share my
videos from my YouTube channel. And what I do is I put affiliate
links into those articles. So I have a couple different softwares
that I promote and a couple of different training programs that I
promote all programs that
I’ve ticked that I either use myself, uh, programs, uh, that I’ve
taken or software that I use myself. So I highly recommend if you
get into affiliate marketing, you promote what you already
used and what you know, right? Because people can see through the BS. So I only promote products and
services that I use myself. And if people like what they’ve read
or like what they say here on YouTube, they click on that link and they decide
to buy that product or that service. And I get a percentage. That to me is passive income because
I have done the work a month ago, two months ago, three months ago, and I could wake up tomorrow and have a
commission in and my bank account or the next day or the month after. I’m now at a point where all
the work I’ve done in the past, it’s starting to pay me on a regular
basis, a thousand to $2,000 a month. And some of that is reoccurring, meaning these are software
programs that people are using. So I’m guaranteed that
money every single month. Now that is real passive income.
Okay. Uh, so that’s the great thing. Now I do this in two different
methods. I have a blog, a see if I can’t pop it
up here somewhere for you. And then I have my YouTube channel.
And what I do is I use them together. So whenever I do a video, I also put that video on my blog
and then I write an article. So I’m covered here, uh, for
search terms on, on YouTube. And I’m also covered for search
on Google. And if you don’t know, Google owns YouTube, they’re the two
largest search engines in the world. Google number one, YouTube number two. So the easiest way to get up and started
with something like this and earning passive income is to start learning
how to do affiliate marketing. And then once you learn how
to get the systems in place, setting up things like
sales funnels and emails, and you can do this for very low
cost to no cost to get started. So don’t worry about that is to figure
out what it is that you want to talk about, what it is that, think about the products and
services that are using now. And you can go into Google and type in
golf clubs slash affiliate program and you’re going to find tons of stuff
or it’s fishing or it’s cooking. There are affiliate programs
for just about anything. I personally choose to affiliate with, um, companies that provide services for
online entrepreneurs to make money. So software to help them build websites
and sales funnels. And I also, uh, training programs that teach people
how to do affiliate marketing. And I prefer to do high ticket
products. So when I promote something, I get paid 40%. If you promote
on something like Amazon,
you might get paid two, three, 5%. It’s a very low ticket
where I’m getting 40% on either. It could be $100 sale, thousand dollars
sale, $5,000 sale, $10,000 sale. So I’m doing the same amount of work, but I’m getting paid a much higher
commission. So that is what I recommend. I’m just checking my notes here guys. Um, and if you’ve ever tried to make
passive income online before, let me know in the comments because it
can be difficult. It can be challenging. A lot of people fail. I
have failed over and over, but the biggest problem is I didn’t
quit. Okay. That’s the big difference. You have to keep going.
You have to keep going. And then eventually you
have that breakthrough and
you’re like, aha, I get it. And then that passive income really
starts coming in. Now listen, if you’ve liked this video and this
has been helpful for you, please, please like and subscribe below. And also I’m going to put that link below
guys where you can check out my video and learn how I make money
passively on online. Um, and learn how I put all this together
because it is something that you can do. I guarantee it. If you’re interested
in learning affiliate marketing, if you’re interested in making
money passively from home online, check out that link below and get
started today. Thank you so much.

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