Online Marketing. A Necessity in Today’s Industry – by Gene Guarino

Online Marketing. A Necessity in Today’s Industry – by Gene Guarino

(light music) – Hey, it’s Gene from the
Assisted Living Network. Marketing, marketing specifically online. You know, it’s interesting to
me because years and years ago when I was doing business, the
internet didn’t even exist. I’m pretty old. You can tell by this gray beard. And before there was an
internet, we had things like the Yellow Pages. We had phones that we would
dial with a rotary dial. But today the world has changed and it’s very, very different and frankly, if you don’t have
a website for your business, it’s as if you don’t even exist. Try to find a business today
that doesn’t have a website or how to even get to there. The directions to get there itself can be incredibly difficult. So, the very least online marketing you need to have a website. Now, I’m gonna suggest to you
that your website is probably the first place that somebody’s
gonna come and see you. First impressions do matter, so you wanna have an excellent website. Now, I’m a really visual
person, so it’s gotta look good, meaning the colors, the logo. It has to have a name, your business, your company has to have a name. What is the name of your business? Choosing a name itself
and then choosing logos or even the font style that you use are all critically
important to your success. Marketing online begins with having a name, logo, a website. In addition to that, you really should have people
attracted to your website. This isn’t the field of dreams where if you build it, they will come. How does somebody even find you? There’s a service out
there, Google, and they have locating services where
you can go to Google and say I’m looking for
assisted living in your town, your zip code. If you’re listed there with
that, it will take them right to the homes like yours that
are in your geographic area. But if you’re not listed
there, if you have a website but didn’t connect those dots, it won’t know how to direct people to you. So, you need to have not only
the website, but you need to have it listed properly,
so people can find you online. The next piece is something called SEO, search engine optimization or keywords. When somebody is looking
for things online, they’re gonna put in keywords
like assisted living, like elderly, like senior housing. And if your website has the
proper keywords and SEO system optimization, if it’s optimized
properly, it has the right words in it, people are
gonna be able to find you much better. Now, if you don’t have
those search words in there, if you don’t have those keywords in there, it’s gonna be hard to find you. If you’re not connected to
Google and somebody getting right to your location, it’s gonna
be extra hard to find you, so we need a website, we need
to have that done properly. In addition to that, there’s
things like banner ads. As a matter of fact, some
of you may be wondering, I don’t even know how
to do this right now. We’ve got resources that you can access. On this page somewhere is a banner ad. If you click on that,
it’ll take you someplace. It will take you to their website. They’re the ones that know
how to do websites properly. So, if you need help, click, find it. But you should have that
for your business as well. Maybe it’s just the logo for your house. Maybe it’s one of those QR codes. Have you ever seen those
square boxes with a bunch of squiggly lines going
in both directions? You put your phone on it and click and it’ll take you right to their website. That QR code is a way to again
get exposure electronically. So, you certainly need to have
a website and all that comes with it, emails that match your
business name would be good. It shouldn’t go back to your
old gmail account, your old whatever account, certainly
not back to an old AOL account. That’ll really date you right there, but have one that goes
directly to your business. So, whatever it is, if
it’s Sweetwater Pines, that’s the one you use. So, we need to have the
website, need to have the SEO and the keywords, need to
have it go directly back to you physically and then
that marking, that square, the QR code that somebody can
click an app on their phone and it takes directly to
their website is a key piece. The banner ad that would again click and take you right to your
website is again a key part. In addition to that, there’s
all kinds of other services out there that are online search engines that you can list your business in. One of the ones that people
don’t talk about much is Yelp. You know, we think about Yelp
with restaurants and movies and places like that or things
to go see in a new town, but if you have somebody doing
Yelp reviews on your home, that right there is one of the key pieces. Now, most people don’t
even understand that. Even in this industry, so I’m giving you some
insider secrets right here. But going to Yelp and putting
an ad on there is one thing. Going to Yelp and being
found, having some information where here’s your address,
here’s your hours, here’s some pictures is
very, very important. It’s like a listing on the internet. Because nobody goes to
Yelp unless they’re looking for something, they want
somebody else’s opinion on something. So, you should be out
there, so you can be found. Online, the ability to
be found electronically is critically important to your success. We’ll talk later in
another session about doing the offline marketing that you’ve seen and you’re used to as well. This is Gene from the
Assisted Living Network saying do good and do well. If you like what you seen
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    Matt E

    I look forward to hearing the off-line marketing approach soon. That aspect for me is actually harder than the online and SEO part. There are also marketing companies that can help facilitate both aspects if needed (for a fee of course).

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