Oberlo: How To Override Products || Shopify Help Center 2019

Oberlo: How To Override Products || Shopify Help Center 2019

This video explains how to use the product
override feature in Oberlo. This feature is useful in the following scenarios: 1. If your Shopify product lost sync with Oberlo
and you want to connect it back. 2. If you want to change the supplier for your
Shopify product. For example, you can switch to a different
supplier if they offer a better product price, better delivery options or if your current
supplier no longer has the inventory of your product. 3. If you already have AliExpress products added
to your Shopify store and you want to connect them to Oberlo. To start, you need to have the product you
want to override with, in the Import List. Search for your desired product. Thenclick “Add to Import List”. Next, navigate to the “Import List” page
and find the product you added. Take note, that the variants of the old product
you are replacing, are automatically updated with the new product variants after you override. This means you need to edit the variants on
the “Variants” tab before overriding the product. For more details on how to customize a product,
see the video linked above. To initiate the overriding process, click
“More actions” and then “Select Product to Override”. From the pop-up, do a search and select the
existing Shopify product you want to override. If you want to replace the product title,
description or images, mark the corresponding checkboxes. If you do not mark these boxes, the product
will look the same in your Shopify store. This is a great option if you have done a
lot of work on your product descriptions and don’t want to start from scratch again. Once ready, click “Override”. If you want to cancel the overriding process,
click “Cancel Override”. Finally, to confirm the override process,
click “Import and Override”. Once you click “Import and Override”,
you may get a pop-up asking to map product variants if you have unfulfilled orders with
the original product. Unfulfilled orders are orders that have not
been placed with the supplier yet. Under New Variants, you have to select the
proper variant from the new product to order from the new supplier. For example, if you have an existing order
with a black 105cm belt, you need to select the black 105cm belt from the New Variants
dropdown. You can also override products from the “My
Products” page. To do so, click on a product you want to override. On the sidebar, scroll down and click “Override
Product”. In the Override with section, paste the URL
of the new product. You can use a URL directly from the Oberlo
admin, or from the AliExpress website. Then, take the same steps as outlined previously
to finish the override process. Oberlo has another great feature which allows
Basic and Pro subscription plan users override the product only for the unfulfilled orders. This feature is useful, when you notice that
a different supplier has offered a better product price for a limited time or you want
to test out a new supplier by purchasing some products from them. By doing this, Oberlo changes the product
to a new one only for one selected unfulfilled order or all unfulfilled orders. This means that nothing changes for your product
in Shopify – the product title, description, and variants all remain unchanged. To override the product for current orders,
go to the “Orders” page. Next to the order you want to override, click
“Override Product”. In the pop-up find a product you want to override
with and select a matching variant. You can only choose from products that are
already imported to your store. To apply this override for all orders containing
the original product, with the “To Order” status, click the checkbox. Otherwise, leave this box unchecked to only
override this specific order. To finish the process, click “Override Product”. Check out the next video to learn how to make
your online store look credible and subscribe to the Shopify Help Center Youtube channel
for more videos like this one.


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    0:34 – How to override from the product import list
    2:25 – How to override from the "my products" page
    3:02 – Basic/Pro feature: How to override from the "my orders" page

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