Oberlo: How To Configure Shop Settings || Shopify Help Center 2018

Oberlo: How To Configure Shop Settings || Shopify Help Center 2018

In this video, we will walk you through the
Oberlo app general Shop settings and help you understand how they function. You can access the settings page by clicking
on the gear icon from the sidebar menu. Note: You will not see the settings area if
your Oberlo app is not connected to a Shopify store. Let’s begin with the overview of each setting
and its function. The “Store name” option is meant for adding
the Shopify store name, and is used only internally in the Oberlo app, therefore, your customers
will not see it. The “Set new products as published” option
makes all your products published and visible to your customers once you push them to your
Shopify store. If this option is disabled, you will always
have to publish products manually, therefore, we recommend having this setting enabled by
default. The “Set products as taxable” option should
be enabled if you want to include tax in your product’s final pricing. You can adjust the tax percentage in your
Shopify admin, on the taxes page to follow to your region and country’s regulations. The “Set unit of measurement for product weight”
feature allows you to change the weight measurements of each product before adding them into your
Shopify store. Product weight is only required if you plan
to set your shipping costs based on weight. We typically recommend setting your shipping
costs based on price, or making the shipping free and including it in the retail product
price to avoid additional hassles of weight based shipping. The “Notify customer about the order fulfillment”
setting is used if you want Shopify to automatically send the shipping confirmation email to your
customer, once the order is shipped by the supplier and marked as fulfilled. In the shipping confirmation email sent to
your customer, you can include a redirect link to the package tracking website. You will simply need to add the tracking company
URL in the field “Custom shipping tracking URL”. We recommend using the 17track URL that you
can find linked below or in the Help Center article. By setting this up, your customers will always
be able to track their orders, and you will save time on customer support. The last setting “Disable Shopify login” is
visible only for the Pro subscription plan users, and it forbids logging into the Oberlo
app through the Shopify admin>Apps page. This feature is useful if you have virtual
assistants, and you want to limit their access. If this setting is enabled, everyone will
be able to access the Oberlo app only through the app.oberlo.com/login page. Once you have selected your choices, do not
forget to click on the “Save” button to save any changes you made on this page. Another aspect of settings is related to the
automatic updates. We will walk you through them in the another
video, so do not forget to check it out!


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