My Setup and Tools for Digital Painting

My Setup and Tools for Digital Painting

what's up guys I'm going for jitta and a lot of times people ask me what kind of software and hardware I'll use so in this video I want to show you guys my office setup and what kind of tools I use to do my work so let's get right to it for digital painting on the Mac or on the PC I'd like to use Photoshop with a dual monitor setup so the bottom screen is a Wacom 22 HD Cintiq and the top is Dell 2713 so it's a little bit older but it's a factory color calibrated monitor and it's great to use as a control monitor or to put some reference images up so the control monitor is attached to monitor on like that and it's hovering over my Cintiq like that I also always were standing I never sit so for those of you guys that want to try sending that I make sure that you have some sort of math you can stand on I usually use one of those biofilm mats you can buy online and as you know I also love to paint on VR and for then my tool of choice is quilt and the way I store my VR equipment is I bought those neat little hooks that that um go straight under the table and I can I just put the touch controllers down here I have the same hook here for my headphones and also for my wrists for the mobile solution I use iPad pro together with a Apple pencil and I also bought this little rubber cap see that which holds the original cap in place so that you don't lose it and the iPad pro together with a pencil is a power combination if you're out and about my tool of choice is procreate and I want to show you some tricks I'm not going to go too far into details but one thing I do first thing when I open procreate for the first time I go into the Preferences which is this little wrench icon and I go to preferences advanced gesture controls so I keep most of it a standard but one thing I change is that I set the quick menu to touch so what that means is in pro-grade when you touch and hold it opens that I drop a tool right it brings up the eyedropper tool and you can choose a color which is really cool and you can also hold this button and pick the color as well so this is very useful and it's like the Alt key in Photoshop but another cool thing is the quick menus so if I tap you see that there's quick menus coming up with different functionalities so for example I have flip horizontally here and then you can just tap again and flip again so this is really cool in itself already but what's even cooler is that you can actually just swipe so for example if I want to mirror this image I can just swipe diagonally and just flip the image and what else do we have here we have new layer up and merge layer down right so if I want to have a new layer I can just swipe up and you see that it created a new layer and if I want to merge down I just swipe down and you see that I merged those layers fill layer is on the bottom left so for example I chose the color with this I can fill the layer with two tests I can undo so it's very intuitive controls and the cool thing is those quick menus are customizable so this is my custom setup as perspective assist here also log on the bottom right new layer merge down and flip and fill layer but you can also tap and hold and select any type of functionality you want and make your custom quick menu so those quick menus especially the swiping technique accelerated my painting process a lot so if you are pro grade user and you don't know about this make sure to give it a try it's really awesome and that's my setup I hope this helps but don't take this that don't don't go and copy it because um this is something that works for me it doesn't mean that it works for you so make sure that you find something that you are comfortable with that's the most important and I'm going to put the names of the products i showcased in the description of the video and if you're interested how I put everything to use visit dr. Moreau comm / go Roku Jayden there's tons of painting tutorials you can watch so I hope you enjoyed this video and see you soon bye


  1. Mario Rosales

    Hi Goro, your art is so nice, and your VR panorama is wonderful, thank you for sharing. I have a question for you, are you working on Mac for some things and on PC for Quill and VR?

  2. AngryBoi77

    nice stup!!

    the new Procreate really cool
    im using older Procreate and never update cuz the limitation of older ios for ipad 2(also older ipad).

    nice video thx

  3. JewelZeng

    Hi Goro, I'm wondering if you can have some tutorial on how to creat an animation from your quill works by using camera movments? What software are you using for rendering?  Thank you!

  4. Oswald Cobblebot

    Actually – Rift headset must be kept with lenses down. That way dust do not gather on the inside and lenses. Gravity. also – less risk of sunlight hitting the lenses, whish could burn/damage headsed screens.

  5. Jean-Baptiste ROBERT

    Nice, thanks for the tips. Do you use a screen protector? And if you do, what kind of screen protector!
    I test the apple pencil with the first generation of ipad pro and I thought that the pencil slipped too much on the glass.
    It's very weird but maybe it's ok after few times!

  6. Geser Allan

    Hi Goro, do you use factory calibration or calibrated the monitor with those calibrators that sell on the internet? thanks

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