Mobile Monkey Review – Free Chatbot Creator For Facebook Pages And Websites + Much More

Mobile Monkey Review – Free Chatbot Creator For Facebook Pages And Websites + Much More

In this video I’m in a do a product review
for MobileMonkey which is a Facebook chat bot builder but you can also take these chat
bots and put them into your website or whatever platform that you’re using if you’re using
one of those funnel maker platforms any of those platforms are to be able to take this
chat bot that you create in you can do a lot of other things and integrated with your website
no matter where it is height my name is Adam from were I do AppSumo reviews
from time to time and create WordPress tutorial videos if you knew your consider clicking
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AppSumo now let me just get out there this video I’m not can do a tutorial on it because
I already did a full tutorial and I’ll put a link to that video in the pinned comment
and in the video description box so what were talking about today though is this deal that
is currently on AppSumo in its $49 for a lifetime account now let me just get out of the way
with $49 get you so here is their website here is the pricing the regular pricing of
MobileMonkey and so this is kind of a comparable to or trying to be comparable to ManyChat
or chat you’ll or one of these various chat bots there’s little nuances and differences
between all of them just you know okay so essentially the AppSumo plan is this plan
right here where it’s going to be if you bought it straight up its $42 per month and there
are some limitations on it and the biggest limitation is the amount of contacts so it
is which I actually don’t think is a big deal that the deal is limited to 5000 contacts
however there’s pricing here if you wanted to add more so if you wanted to get another
7500 contacts you would pay $24 per month although I don’t think this contact limitations
a big deal and I’ll tell you why basically there are some differences between their free
plan in their paid plan okay the free plan does not have a contact limitation but you
don’t have integrations and that’s why I don’t really care about the 5000 contact limitation
on this deal and that’s because you get integration so you As a pure integration so if someone
if you have checked out that the main purpose of it is thick like someone’s name and email
address to maybe send them something while you can pass that off to to your email marketing
platform or your CRM or whatever through one of these integrations the only time that that
that contact limit comes into play is when you actually want to do big message blasts
through this tool you’re not going to be able to do that with an unlimited amount of contacts
are limited to the 5000 or if you wanted to buy a bucket of more okay so I’m just actually
getting that out of the way right away so essentially with the the paid plan you’re
to be able to do chat last year and have drip campaigns better segmenting the big one is
really those integrations that’s what you’re getting that’s what you’re paying for is the
integration so you can build chat chat bots with this thing the Chabad builder I like
a lot it has some elements in it and if you watch the tutorial video you’re in a see it
all there some elements in it that are just really unique and cool and I find that after
about 15 minutes of using it I was really able to really dig into it and build whatever
I wanted so there’s not a steeple for me there wasn’t the steep learning curve like that
so essentially the way it works is you buy the deal for $49 you get that 45,000 contact
limit your love to create one chat bot that you connect to one Facebook page which is
in a big deal because you can really only have one chat bot per Facebook page anyway
so you’re in a crate that one chat bot and it removes all branding but the branding actually
on the free plan doesn’t really get in the way in my opinion this actually jump in and
take up a quick look at it so what let me actually stop for second some of things I
like is I like the post comment guard what this is is a feature to the free plan though
you can you say on your Facebook page make posts you can say if you want to con if you
want to coupon 20% off coupon sounds good to you and her, down below and then you can
link this up to that post and when someone says I wanted her yes sure this will automatically
send that whatever message back to them when they’ve said that or they’ve interacted with
that post one thing I don’t like about it is it’s not keyword triggered I was hoping
I could use this platform for Facebook lives and if I’m talking about something specific
I can say enter this keyword and then I’ll have the system automatically send you whatever
it is in this the system doesn’t do that I would think that that would be a feature that
they would add in the future but who knows I think one of the really nice things it’s
pretty unique you get this live chat take over so the way the system works is it’ll
notice if someone’s interacting with your chat bot but then you want to jump in and
take over on that interaction the chat but will kinda get out of the way for you but
like I said you’re really paying for the schedule blasts you’re paying for the drip campaigns
and you’re paying for the integration that’s the big one that you would be paying for okay
so here is the tool and you can see I’ve been cranes and chat bots here I’ve been using
this thing for the past couple days okay so I just made a tutorial this was the Chabad
I created for that here’s a Chabad I created called the VP crafter chat but let’s actually
take a look at this because I’m using doing some more advanced things with this particular
chat bot so on this one I’m actually I created a form from the form element I’m asking questions
getting answers collecting those answers and sending them off in an email with this chat
bat mitzvah very simple to use and seamless so let’s first take a look at the interface
here so on the left and I can say what I like about this interfaces is not it is not intimidating
hits very simple I actually think symbols good in a lot of cases okay so we have pages
this is where you’re in a build out their particular pages of your chat chat bot and
link them all together Q&A is really cool what this is is if someone’s in your chat
bot in there asking things that your Chabad doesn’t have an answer for your to see those
collected in this Q&A section that you can going here from time to time and add answers
or add responses to these things that people are asking the way that they are asking it
I really like that the settings is just where you go to add a name to your Chabad and link
it up to your page that so go you can easily unlink it from the page so I like it when
it’s old is easy to connect but just as easy to disconnect your ex capable to do that here
I can tell you some of these other but things I’ve tried and I have no idea how to disconnect
this thing but this isn’t that way HTML elements as words can generate this little snippet
of code that you’re in a drop into your website in order to get the chat working on your website
as well FB comment guard that’s where you know you can link it up to your particular
posts and if someone is comments at all it will send this automatic response to them
messenger ads I’m not into that too much Plaster I really wouldn’t personally use Facebook
chat bot to do all this blasting that’s why that 5000 limitations not a big deal to me
i.e. I don’t think I would want people blasting
me in my messenger like that so that’s why for me that the limitation of the 5000 contacts
is in a big deal because I’m I’m not going to respond I’m not to reach out to people
that way I’m sure it works I’m sure there is a high response rate in all of that but
I personally wouldn’t use that or I don’t feel comfortable using that right now that
might change later yet you drip campaigns and connections I’m assuming that would be
your integrations and all that and then your contact so whenever anyone interacts with
your chat bots you you have them a link jobs they don’t have their email that you asked
for it but you do have their basic information and their length is having interacted with
your Chabad is actually interesting I don’t know how GDPR compliant you a chat bot is
if you’re not letting someone know that hey I know you’re asking me if I’m open tomorrow
but because you’ve interacted with me I’m going to send chat last your way that’s why
I’m not a big chat blast fan right now I would think you would you need to ask someone or
you have to let someone know that or are asymptotic kind of opt in to receive future unrelated
communication how about that one alright so these are all of the options here in so this
is your basic chat bodybuilder you’ve got these great elements you can just drag and
drop in here to build it all out like a said that you want to check out the tutorial video
right off the bat at me and this is really easy stuff one of things I was really impressed
with was how easy was to build the form so you can ask questions and take their answers
and put them into these like little containers and then you can she’s read them right back
that container or you can email those information that information out in this matter fact that’s
what I did on this particular bot so I got this feature called schedule appointment and
here is this form that I created were I’m asking people all kinds of questions and I’m
reading it back so the first question for scheduling appointment is goes a little something
like this what day would you like to schedule his appointment for an of summonses Friday
right here is is okay great Friday it is so I’m putting their answer in this bucket called
day and then right here I’m using that bucket in my response and I’m doing that over and
over again in this form and then right here at the end of the form I use this email element
to take all the information I just collected and send an email to me what someone’s responses
were and then I gave him another option of where else ago like as of this is a review
this is not the tutorial I have a whole video on that now what I found was really nice if
you want to take these messenger bots and enter this messenger bought and integrated
with your website or maybe your landing page service or your sales funnel service was really
need LME show you so I go to HTML elements I’ve already created it right here it’s super
easy just click on add HTML element you pop in the domain name that you are authorizing
this to appear on when we go ahead and click on edits you can see so I just named it and
then I put in my little domain name right here this is the domain I wanted to show on
okay but was really needs you can have multiple ones of these by the way and this is what’s
really neat right here it’s this page if I wanted to embed this or integrate this with
a page on my website and so they go to my website they see the little Facebook messenger
icon then they click the button to start interacting I don’t have to have that experience starts
the same way it would start if it happened on Facebook so right here I can choose where
in my body I want to start them off in so if I just wanted them to click the button
and see that schedule appointment right away I can do that or if I wanted to create something
kind of unrelated to the rest of this bot I can do that and that way you can create
different Facebook messenger bot experiences for different parts of your website and probably
not explaining that the best however I think when you start using it into you could just
start using it now get a free account see if you like it without even purchasing it
on AppSumo just seeing if you like it first so anyways that is one of the really neat
things that I saw with it so you should definitely click on the link down below to check out
the tutorial if that interests you in the tutorial makes no mention of the AppSumo deal
and if you want the AppSumo deal visit it’ll take you straight on over to the AppSumo
page but I’ll have a link to that and L link to the full tutorial it’s just on YouTube
and the pin comment and also in the video description box now I will say that I’m I
lie like this a lot I do see a good use for having a Facebook the just the bottom part
of it I said I think there’s a huge use for just about any business of but I don’t necessarily
feel like on this one that you have to have this paid version of it and the reason is
because I would pay in a heartbeat for the integrations that’s why I would buy it I don’t
think I would do the drip marketing I don’t think I would do the schedule posts this is
a personal thing in the branding is so minimal so if you don’t Byatt’s in your using the
free version of it there is this main menu right and it has this branding right here
and you can add menu option so the branding will actually be on the bottom but is not
like something that is blatantly thrown in people’s faces when they’re interacting with
your body let me show you so here I am on my bot you can see this is what I did for
my tutorial whenever you’re interacting with the bot you have this hamburger icon off to
the left you can see there it’s the three blue bars and that’s where the branding is
hiding so if I click on this it shows that main menu and there it is powered by MobileMonkey
and I of course I can kinda drown that out with my other options like here’s he click
here to ask a question to call to schedule appointment to see what we have on sale to
have a coupon so whatever you wanted to say you can stack those options and then at the
bottom it’s is powered by MobileMonkey that’s really the only place you see the branding
and the way that Facebook messenger bots work in general it’s not so obvious that I should
be clicking that hamburger icon unless you’ve interacted with bots before or are you even
aware that that is there and present so this is not one where the branding really gets
in the way so anyways I think this is a really cool tool I can’t really say how it stacks
in comparison to ManyChat I’m sure it’s not quite ManyChat level yet I don’t know how
it stacks against chat fuel I’m sure it’s not there yet but for me I really found the
interface was very simple to work with not intimidating not overwhelming very simple
and an easy laid out like I said I haven’t used those other services quite frankly I
got turned off by those other services if you look at ManyChat I haven’t really checked
out Chatfuel as much for you look at ManyChat it’s expensive I mean I found it expensive
you know so for further prices of this to pay $49 one time you get that 5000 contact
limit but you get those integrations I found that to be really good because if you look
at say a ManyChat staff of 5000 contacts it’s very very expensive file per month just that
alone so that price barrier caused me to never really try ManyChat although there were instances
where I felt like it could help me overall I felt like it was a little too pricey for
me so anyways this is more evident overview I’ve been using this I think it’s really neat
visit W to come straight on over to spades as an affiliate link you
click on that or you go to that link I heard a few bucks helps to support the channel I
definitely always appreciate when people do that and this one just go ahead on over here
in read through some of their reviews and read through some of the questions I even
have a question up there about the keyword issue that I wanted you will be able to see
up my Avatar in there and see the question that I’m asking so I think it’s definitely
pretty neat although I don’t feel like it’s that one of things that you have to you have
to buy unless you want those integrations I think it’s really about the integrations
for me anyways that’s all I have for you in this video if you’ve had a positive or negative
experience with MobileMonkey or chat bots at all I’d love to hear your experience in
the comment section down below and hate thanks for spending your time with me thanks for
watching this video and I’ll see in the next one


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    Mr Wood

    Bots have been mentioned as a feature planned for Convertfox, do you know if it will be something similar to this? Also, have you tried integrating Mobile monkey or Convertfox with a help desk system?

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    Lindsay Sims

    Do you think this is better than botletter? I just bought that one and I'm not sure about it. This seems more versatile.

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    It's a different product, but did you consider purchasing/reviewing the other Appsumo deal Action Recorder?

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    José Gil Dieguez Neto

    Hi Adam, about the 5.000 contacts limit, you say that it's no big deal cause you don't think "blasting messages in FB" is a good thing (as you wouldn't like to receive them), but, at the same time, you said that you are "definitely" going to use Botletter, that "send updates and drip campaigns on Facebook Messenger to an unlimited number of people". Did I miss something? Or, in this matter, is it Botletter different/better than Mobile Monkey? If so, why/how? Thanks!

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    I had a demo from their top guy, then I put it on the side. Larry Kim started Mobile Monkey and sold his previous company recently for $150 mil. I will be taking another look at how to implement this into some campaigns.

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    Art Rothafel

    Thanks for this Tutorial, Adam… I met and said hello to you this weekend at WordCamp OC. I just purchased Mobile Monkey and your tutorial is by far the best so far. Thanks again.

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    5000 contact limitation is an absolute real pain in the ass, why would i wanna bring them over to email that has an opening rate of 25% while the messenger has an opening rate of 8-0% and above.

    Dealbreaker for me…

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    Thanks for helping me learn WordPress. Can you give me your thoughts on my business website Adam? Also, i am starting out using the free version of chatbot. i like it because its simple. I already have Divi Bloom installed and linked with my mailchimp.
    Any recommendations for my business website? I am still in the process of SEO.
    Thanks for the great work you do Adam. Literally i learned all about WP and its essential from you.

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