Mobile App Features for Quick Base

Mobile App Features for Quick Base

QuickBase recently launched a mobile app
for Apple and Android phones it has several new features that you’ll want to
check out welcome to quick base junkie I help quick base builders learn fast to
deliver more using QuickBase away from the office is getting easier and easier
now with geolocation easy photo upload dictation and other features that I’m
excited to share with you I’m using an iPhone so I’ll get the app from the App
Store alright let’s check out that app looks like you can use face ID and other
biometrics I’m going to skip that for now and I can see my apps let me use the
complete project manager from the quick base app exchange to show you some of
these features here on the mobile version of the
homepage includes links to various reports some buttons to create new items
as well as various charts and reports let’s go first into the customers table
I’ll open a record and view an address so one of the features is the mapping so
if I click this little button here on the right it’ll open my maps and show me
that address pretty snazzy if you’re on the road head
back to the application let’s say I want to create a new record I’ll go to the
home page in this app back at the top I can hit the little plus icon create a
new record let’s try the geolocation another
feature of the mobile device now this isn’t my actual address but it did
populate and I assure you it was fairly accurate let’s look at the photo and
attachments feature cancel head back to my main navigation menu and open the
expenses table I’m gonna edit an existing expense on the expense record
here there is a space for a file attachment for receipt clicking on that
I can take a new photo or I can access my photo library or browse to another
file let’s see about taking a new photo now it’s not a receipt but you can
imagine taking a picture of a receipt or damage to a vehicle or pictures of a
different phases of a construction site anything you like and save it directly
to the record that feature I like edit this record again and in the notes here
I can also dictate my notes instead of typing them in which is much easier on
the phone please find the receipt attached that was really easy save that
record and everything’s populated the receipt and the text something else here
on the bottom there’s a little bullhorn where you can send feedback to quick base
on how the app is working for you so send them any feedback if you run into
any issues or find certain features that you like I’m sure they want to hear
about those let’s look at some of the reports so to access the reports we can
see them on the right-hand side here along with each of our tables going to
the tasks report list you can see there’s a variety of different types of
reports table reports like these bubble reports calendars and even Kanban reports this one’s a
little bit interesting my screen resolution has shrunk a bit in order to
fit the Kanban’s on here I can’t actually scroll left to right but when I
pick up a card ever so gently I can move that card across the different phases
and then drop it into a new phase this isn’t very easy so I don’t know what
QuickBase might be doing about that especially since I can’t move from left
to right just a view I have to pick up a card in order for it to move but I’m
sure that’s something they are working to improve perhaps I’ll send something
through that feedback button some of the reports however I cannot access on the
mobile device it tells me I have to go to the full site in order to see that
report there also isn’t an option to create anything through the app this is
really more of a view and edit only no admin settings per se there is a
Settings button down here in the bottom right corner that’s only for my sign-in
info so I’m not going to open that one up right now
but head back into the main menu you can see I can access all of my apps the app
home page for the app I’m currently on go into the items I’ve recently viewed
and then of course access all of these tables and reports that I’ve shown you
there’s also an option to search here at the top so that search works pretty great
searching across the various tasks in this case and I can choose to search
across other items as well I did see in the messaging that
QuickBase sent out with their announcement today that there will be
mobile-friendly forms I have not yet seen those in the desktop version so I
believe admins will be able to go in and create mobile focused forms that will be
available only through the mobile app version as opposed to the desktop
version I don’t see that option yet but I’m sure it’s coming and I heard when I
was at Empower last year there might be barcode reading and possibly even
signature capture coming on the mobile device because those things will come in
super handy and it’s great to be able to capture things like that through the
mobile device that’s some of my first impressions of the new QuickBase mobile
app I’d love to hear your thoughts as well go ahead and comment below if you
learned something new please like this video and to get your regular QuickBase
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  1. Post
    Quick Base Junkie

    At 5:48 when I mention the mobile-friendly forms not being available, what I was referring of is a demo Quick Base gave at Empower 2018. They are working on a new mobile form editor. There is mention of it in this video of the keynote at about 49:30 This editor would potentially provide different types of inputs like larger buttons, sliders, and other mobile-friendly ways to engage with the app. There is currently an option to set how different roles use forms (when you have multiple forms) that includes setting what form is used on mobile. However, it is still limited to the existing field types. What types of fields would you like to see available on mobile?

  2. Post
    George Bramhall

    You can create a form that is just custom for mobile. When creating a second form within a table you are given the option of assigning the new form to specific roles on Mobile or Full Site. There is a Mobile form option. This feature has been in Quick Base for awhile.

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