MobiFirst Review – EXCLUSIVE BONUSES For MobiFirst

MobiFirst Review – EXCLUSIVE BONUSES For MobiFirst

MobiFirst Review hello everyone and welcome to this very
brief tutorial on importing templates your step one okay so when you first get
to the system this is what you’re going to notice your first video that will pop
up will be your own online business in a box you’re just going to go on ahead and
play that video through the end and then we’re just going to go ahead and close
that so what we’re first doing so this is
your system now depending on your level of access will depend on what you’re
viewing over here on the left hand side this is for resellers and this is for
non resellers over here you can see over here we have welcome to the platform
view that tutorial okay so what we’re first going to do is this is just a
brief lesson on how to import your tutorials and how to import your
templates we simply go over in here anytime we see a number over on the
envelope it’s telling us we have something to import click on that first
we’re going to do the templates you have 23 new templates to bring in here we
will be adding more and it’s now giving us another tutorial that it was already
imported into the system watch that now or watch that later import new templates
if you scroll down you see all the ones that we want to import just simply
import these templates click OK and now all your templates will be
loaded into the system now we come right back up and let’s go ahead and let’s add
the new tutorials we’ll be adding more and we’ll also have an advanced ok so
there we have it now the tutorials are now loaded your templates are now loaded
everything is now into the system so if I go over back over in here mobile and
desktop sites I go to create a site I go to create it now with the template click
over here and there you go there are all your templates all in a row I want to
thank you for this step one and step two of loading templates and tutorials into
your system thank you very much hello everyone and
welcome to this very brief tutorial this is step number two picking your template
ok so we’ve already uploaded all the templates so now we’re just going to
simply go ahead and pick a template that we want to customize so for this one I’m
just going to go ahead and pick this ninja one so I’m just going to go ahead
and click on it it’s going to ask me do I want to choose this template and
create the site so you can see right over in here you can preview it this is
a working placement holder you can see if this is the one that is for you this
is the one that you want to customize let’s just go ahead and say it is you
can also go ahead and click here to view this and full screen so let’s go ahead
and choose this template and create this site we’re gonna click OK and we’re
gonna create our first site you will name it and now you get to go in and create and
adjust customize your site so that is step number two picking your template
thank you very much for attending this tutorial and please view the following
steps hello everyone and welcome to step three step three is going to be creating
a new page with your system alrighty so as we’ll see we have a great big green
button right in here we’re just gonna go ahead and create a new page it’s gonna
pop up some options that we have you would just pick the one over in here
whichever one and you will go ahead and customize it now we do have videos on
each and every widget which is what these are you’ll go and watch all those
also we have if you have not watched the very first intro video on overview of
the site you’ll want to watch that because that will be how to customize
some of the elements I’m going to be showing you so let’s go ahead and create
a page with text and images name it text images you can choose to have a header
or not I’m going to choose not to create the page and then now we’re going to get
to go ahead and customize it X out of this X edit the tutorials now once you
do watch the tutorials they stop popping up you can go ahead and name this widget
and now here is where you’re going to go ahead and customize it as my first
initial video has shown so main title and determine where I want it size of it
color of it let’s go with blue subtitle and where that’s where you can go ahead
and add your text in there again the little trick ctrl shift V comes in just
how you want it go on down and as other videos have shown exactly what to do in
here let’s go ahead and save and update it alrighty
and there you have main title you have created a new page let’s go over in here
we’ll see we have two pages right in here let’s preview the site which I had
clicked up right over here let me refresh it here we go that was your new
page so a nice little trick too as well is when you have this system up and
running and you’re creating a site I also have your cell phone I have your
cell phone ready send yourself the URL because the hosting is included with it
so you just copy and paste the URL of the site you just created send it to
yourself and you know text message it or send it to your email and then pull it
up and see what it looks like on your phone so now when you’re building your
site you’re also seeing what it looks like on the site maker on desktop and on
your mobile phone so that way you can really really make sure that it is just
simply amazing across all devices okay so the last thing I’m going to show you
right in here you’ve created the new page text in images
just see right in here this means it’s sitting right underneath then as a
previous video has shown but what I want to do is just have them both be equal
and now they’re both their own pages and I could Nestle some other pages
underneath in there and there we have it so that is adding your first page in the
system text in images right there and that’s it thank you for watching this
step number 3 bye bye hello everyone and welcome to step 4 step 4 we are simply
going to add a widget it’s gonna be a very brief tutorial ok so let’s go right
ahead and add a widget so first we have to pick a page to add a widget to we’re
gonna go ahead and click the first one we’re gonna scroll down see these are
all widgets we’re now going to add a widget and here we can add any widget
that you have access to so we would just simply pick whichever widget and again
we do have tutorials on what each widget is and what each widget does so let’s go
ahead and just pick the most popular one which is content block adding that again
I can go ahead and name it here and again now here is where we get into and
just start to see a pattern you get in main title subtitle main text you put in
all your information in here and that is adding a new widget to our system as
simple as that thank you for watching step number 4
adding a widget hello everyone and want to welcome you
to step five a very very important step so this may be a step that you review
countless times but this is a very important step this step is actually
something that we’ve created on our own and it is our mobile first system it is
our additional options so this is our additional options this is where you’re
basically going to be able to go in and this is where you’re going to determine
what is shown on mobile how it’s shown on mobile what is shown on desktop and
tablets and how it is shown there so this is the secret sauce if you will
this is what nobody else has so also know that with this platform you are in
the possession of something that only other people with this have the
opportunity to capitalize on this industry right now so it’s quite awesome
knowing that this is the only one in existence so all right so I am basically
just in my widgets on my pages I’ll go back just to kind of show you I want to
take my time on this one so here’s my pages I’m gonna go to the tweet ninja
page then go into my content back here okay alrighty so now we’re going to do
is I’m gonna add some stuff in here some content and so we can see a little
differences between additional options so I’m going to basically upload some
content some videos and then I’m going to make it so it’s seen on desktop and
some of that is just seen on mobile all right so I’m just gonna copy and paste
some text over in here control shift alright let’s go ahead and
just do global media library you just want to add something real simple I love
trees I had that okay and we’re gonna name
this onesie mobile view come on down all right I like that
things in here want to go ahead and add a video to it as well let’s go there grab my quick link here and we’re pretty proud of what we’ve copied here
what we’ve not copied what we’ve created and don’t think anybody’s ever gonna be
able to copy this video frame here let’s go with the surface studio on this one
and again just to show you what we’re going to be doing alright so I saved
that alright so now as I scroll on down so let me
scroll down we see you have all that in here okay so now towards the bottom I
have additional options alright so let’s go ahead and click additional options
think of additional options as the mobile or desktop okay so login required
we’re not going to do that for this mobile only so I want this to be shown
on mobile only so I’m going to click that I’m gonna save it okay remember
that’s the mobile view so you see why I state bring your phone out you’re gonna
have a URL so watch I’ll show you I’m gonna now view this site actually gonna
view this in full screen this is why I like again having my mobile phone and
now I’ve already sent myself the URL and you see you see even right here in that
in that amazing I mean if you’re if your socks are still on it’s this is absolutely phenomenal folks
so see right there and look how the preview tool is showing right there you
see see how it’s not there I selected mobile only
yes mobile only right here incredible that’s absolutely incredible
let’s go back over eating here and now watch what we’ll do
let’s go the additional options again and let’s just keep things simple let’s
click that off and let’s go desktop only again save guys and gals this is this is
amazing this is what nobody else has and this is the wave of the future this is
the way websites have to be built you always ask anybody when if you have
a potential client potential customer get the conversation started the
conversation would be do you agree we live in a mobile-first world everybody
that you speak to is going to say yes they’re gonna say yes then you’re gonna
ask them if they had a website obviously this is somebody a customer that you’re
trying to to win over you ask them you know they have a website and you said
okay so then you have a responsive website you know they’re gonna say that
they do is it mobile friendly you know they’re gonna say yes that’s when you’re
gonna hit them with well if you are mobile friendly
you’re not mobile first which means you built for desktop first so this is the
way that everything has to be done going going into the future and that’s
Google’s rules not ours okay so your clients are gonna be set in prime for
the future all righty so now remember I want to just to see this on just the on
on desktop okay so now let’s go back over in here then refresh it okay voila there it is and what’s missing
over here so it’s like building almost three different websites all with one
platform so pretty incredible the speed that it loads the speed that it that you
you build it at and now if I want to view this in full-screen when I view it
in a full-screen that is simply going to give me my URL at the top it’ll give me
my my hosting URL at the top that’s what you copy and send yourself that’s what
you send to a potential client potential customer that’s what you have so as I go
back that is basically the secret sauce of this whole platform is that the
additional options so again the additional options I choose what I want
I choose what I want alrighty so again that is probably the most important
tutorial we’re going to have a brief one but that is how to make whatever you are
are putting up on a site viewable on mobile desktop you now have the freedom
of choice nobody else is gonna offer you that except for us alright thank you for
watching step number five additional options hello everyone and welcome to step six
step six is going to be a real quick one but a real real cool one all right so
what this one is this is going to be cloning the site so think of this you
just went out you just created a really really outstanding site page landing
page whatever you create it right now you just love it so much that you want
to copy it and you want to go ahead and maybe edit it a little bit for each
person that you want to possibly sell it to well now this is so easy to do okay
so let’s just say that this is the site we’ve been demoing now we’re gonna want
to have just clone it so we made it awesome so now what we’re gonna do is
simply go ahead and click clone this site clone the site conformation okay so
now cloned my site simple as that and now you have a cloned site okay so
now you can go in here and then now you would just change any of the personal
information for whoever this is now going to go up to next or whatever new
product you have whatever it is that’s it now you can just do this over and
over and over and over again and then when I kind of go back into my mobile
desktop and sites you’ll see I now have more sites see clone site right there so
you just continue on continue on continue on continue on when you’ve got
that winner and then now you can and with other tutorials that you’ll watch
or some of our advanced training you’ll actually really see what you can do with
it all alrighty that is it and thank you for watching step number six cloning our
sites hello everyone and welcome to step seven
step seven is a kind of a neat one as well this is one is what I’m going to
show you how to resize your widgets now what I mean by that is we’re going to
resize them so you can fit multiple ones on one page or like on mobile they will
appear one on top of each other or on a desktop but they can rightly be read
beside each other so let me show you that so I have a little test site up in
here and what I did is I added a Content block widget so let me go and show you
this okay so before I click on this one let me show you what it looks like over
here and it’s right at the very bottom okay so there it is right there and here
it is right there see it’s all by itself so what I want to do is only even show
you this nothing and nothing have been here but what we’re going to do in order
to do this we’re gonna have to go into the right down at the very bottom here
additional style for this widget okay so additional style for this widget is
where I’m going to be able to adjust the size of the widget as it appears on a
page let me even show you what I mean on desktop over in here so see how this one
is just right here one on the page what I want to do is put another one on on
the right of it and maybe even one more okay so let me show you how that is done
okay so I’m gonna go all the way back to the beginning and show you this alrighty
so basically I’m gonna have to have two pages two widgets
okay so I got one here so I’m gonna go say I want these ones right beside each
other I’ll go back to this widget right here and I’m gonna make it one half so
let me show you that remember I go all the way down to the additional there’s
no options for this widget there’s no style I’m going over here
alright desktop space is where we go okay so now we’re going to do this let’s
just do half okay alrighty so we just did that so we’ve done one of them let’s
go back and do the second one you’ll see it’s already in half let’s go
over here and do this one this one we’re also going to do 1/2 save
it ok so let’s go back here and let’s see what we’ve done as you’ll see now
they’re now right beside each other right beside each other and now let’s
scroll down here and you’ll see that they’re just gonna be right on top of
each other on mobile but when I go over here to desktop and i refresh this I see
how that’s changed the right beside each other completely changed it okay let me
do one more example they have it right here ok so now if I want to add let’s do
a third one ago I’d have to go back in each one of these and make these each
one a third ok so let me show you again I’ll go in here thank you guys will love
this cool feature we’re now going to go to one third save it to go back and make
them all a third and that’s it all the pages that you want to make a center
that is it so I go to this one see how simple this system starts to get
and makes makes just incredible pages incredible sites third again and like
any system the more you practice it the more you use it the better you’re going
to get with it obviously I’ve been using this for quite a long time now so we’ve
had quite a few upgrades alright so I got one too I need to put number three
right over here let’s just pick this one again we’re just repeating what we’ve
already done additional style for this scroll on up
full width we’re gonna go a third we’re gonna save it okay so not much will
change on mobile because they will have to appear one on on top of each other
that’s that’s the way mobile is you’ll see over here this here again a great tip too as well is if
you’re building sites you’re gonna want to make sure that you don’t have a whole
lot running in the background I have a lot running in the background right now
which causes some speed issues but that’s literally my computer okay you
see how they’re all on top of each other that’s mobile that’s why it’s supposed
to be go over here remember we have to let me refresh it again now we have
three one two three hey yeah this came across this way obviously this is not
one that you would be wanted to make into in a third it doesn’t look right
but we’re just showing you how to actually do that so that’s how you would
do it and that’s it so that is how you actually now resize them so let me go
right back over here okay so now you see how there’s three
across so it doesn’t matter which ones you would pick or create a new widget
use that one you could have three or four across you just pick what looks
good okay so thank you so much for viewing step number seven on resizing
your widgets hello everyone and welcome to step number eight step number eight
is going to be a little bit longer one but it’s also an extremely important one
here’s where we’re going to go over the options so once we get going on the
options you will see how by the end of that you will be able to have your first
web site up and running all right so let’s go over here into options click on
that it’s a drop-down let’s go with the first one I’m just going to go over each
and every one and explain them alright so we go to owner this is you you’re the
owner now if you actually were a reseller I actually had multiple people
underneath you that you’re building sites for this is where they would fall
in here and you would have their email address and you can now just simply have
them as the owner and then now they have the site real real real easy okay let’s
go next one name domain an SSL exit out of this one okay so see my site right
there that’s the site name that’s just for
your own purposes to recognize what site it is that’s all alright we have
tutorials on C naming you click that little question mark right there and
it’ll take you to the cname tutorial so you can name it site domain which is
right there this is the site default URL you can use it for giving a site a
custom domain enter as the destination or points to domain for the cname you
will create and you would put the site custom domain
right in here enter the full domain you want to use for the site example ww my
domain comm that would go in there again we do have a separate cname tutorial now
if you do need an SSL for this you will more often than not want to have an SSL
which is basically a secure website now we do offer that service if you want
that service just contact us or just simply you’ll get to a spot where you
can just buy your SSL certificate through us and we’ll install it and
we’re pretty darn cheap for that too as well okay so that’s basically the domain
name right there all the information that is needed for whoever you are get
your domains from ok next one the header has some pretty cool features and
functions in the header alright so you can see we can have you can completely
hide the nether you know the header the navigation bar and heading and all your
pages if you wanted to you could have it fixed at the top not fixed at the top
you could have a transparent you can just scroll on or off so every time you
just do something just see the way that you like it on your mobile phone on your
desktop you see what you prefer see what your customers prefer in the end it’s
it’s up to a paying customer or it’s it’s simply just up to you so you just
decide what you want to do that’s it so we’re talking about right up in here
this is what we’re editing is right up in this portion right here this little
guy here except the top save all righty
see how it’s fixed at the top now I say with transparent on scroll see slight differences all right
here’s where you would have a new header image that’s an image that’s up in here
it’s an image that’s actually you know when you pull on a website that’s the
favicon what will be there so you you put what you want in here
you just drag it across put it in or you simply browse files and that’s it very
very very simple so let me go ahead and do this one
let’s do get out of this that in upload it done save let’s do it on this one over here too upload extremely fast upload speeds okay
and there we go there so we’ve changed that you can reappear on scrolling have
an update there in just small little ways that you just get to customize your
websites the sites the pages that you do alright so here if you have some coding
experience that would be more of our advanced training you can put some
coding right in here all right here you can manage the header
navigation menu and add custom button links so if I wanted to add a search
form I can do that here now if I wanted to manually manage the
header so what this means is now I can manually manage the header I can hide
pages so I can just have that one see we have text and images and ninja oh when
you’re gonna see over here when I actually refresh this page so let me do
this let me view this like as we are working on a different one all right so
viewing this site let’s go over it’s a bigger view okay so to go backwards I get two so all
or hide the pages so now if I want the text images and pages to show and the
tweet ninja not to show saving that right here now the page will still be
there and you know you can have a redirect link which I’ll show you here
in a minute so the page is still there it’s just being hidden so you see how
it’s now gone so that’s you manually controlling the header okay so you see
that right there now if I wanted to have both of these clicked I just simply hold
the ctrl button and I now click that’s it so control and that’s what you do and
then I can turn it on or I can turn it off all right so let’s keep it just like
that just for for example now as we scroll down we can add we don’t want to
add too much at the very top because it just gets a little overwhelming but now
we can add buttons I’ll add one for example we’ll have this scroll tool
widget I’m just gonna have it scroll to the
widget you know now I will choose the widget and let’s just go to the the
kitty cat one alright so I’m just having some fun and we’ll have it show on both
and again just top mobile go over this a little bit here quickly
you can see all the different options that you do have we’re sticking with
this one here yeah we can add more add more add more add more or I can just go
ahead and delete them if I wanted to just go ahead and delete that one and I
knew just add buttons wherever I want in there so then I save and update it see there it is right there see my cat
now it’s just gonna scroll down to that that widget see I kind of neat I’ll go
over here show you and refresh it since I just changed it a little bit I’ve been here see my cat and then just
scrolled right to it so that’s now a little trick for if you ever wanted to
build just a one page site and have have the option that somebody not having to
scroll all the way down keep scrolling scrolling scrolling you can actually
have buttons where they just click on the button and it Scrolls to that exact
section payment section whatever it is you don’t want to name in the
information you want to put in it so that’s a incredible feature especially
for building these little one-page sites I love it for building you know like a
funnel a sales funnel because I just got a little a little perturbed at its
scrolling down a page for 20 minutes to get any information that I want alrighty
we have now gone over that so we have gone over adding some more buttons still
in the header section so social links in the header this is kind of nifty too as
well you would simply put your Facebook your Linkedin your Pinterest snapchat so
on and so forth put it in there the icon will show up and then that
person just clicks on that icon and it goes directly to that link that’s it
so those will show up there in the header you put a Facebook in here and
then bang up in there there’ll be the little Facebook icon that’s it okay so
we go into custom code this will be more advanced training but this is where you
could add some custom code in here you could put like video pal in here if you
use that you know some chats you know chat message your chat BOTS stuff like I
can kind of go in here alrighty so that is the site header so that’s a very very
important section that’s why we stayed on that just for a little bit alright so
now let’s go over and a few other things footer there’s an easy one you neither have a
footer or don’t have a footer you have a menu so this would kind of show down at
the bottom of a desktop especially even down at the bottom of this mobile which
I’ll show you like just the links that you could click on it goes directly to
that link so I’ll show you we’ll have a little bit of a footer on this one you
know let’s keep it on okay so here’s some footer text you see how
we there’s a blog Terms of Service privacy that we we’ve put in there we
have actually other videos up showing how this all worked the system here this
is just the footer text would you see this as a carbon copy of when you want
to put on a content block everything in here so we haven’t changed anything and
again for more advanced if you wanted to add some custom code in there and that’s
for more advanced and more advanced training on that one there won’t be
necessarily tutorials on that one that’s more high-level alrighty so there we go
and we really just added that there this is where you put all your own
information in the that’s it and then we go ahead and save and update okay then we saved enough updated it and
we scroll down to the footer and everything in here is what’s over in
here so you see how this main level on pages this is kind of these over here
alrighty so if we wanted to take that off and kind of maybe do current page
and children you know save that scroll down my computer needs to catch
up to me you see okay now any of these buttons over in here these are just
links that they put in so this is actually a link so this would be a link
in here and it goes to whatever the link is so that’s what that’s how that got
put in there if in case you you are all curious about that one you’ll see that
see you would just put a URL in there and then somebody would click on that
would go than that so the Terms of Service can be in there too as well okay
so as we move on from the footer we’ll go to the e-commerce so e-commerce we
have a full fledge e-commerce system built in here and you’ll see alls we
ever have to do is enable this so if you’re doing any sort of e-commerce just
right off the back o in and simply enable it if you wanted to require login
for you know ecommerce here’s where you can do orders and invoices email the
orders – we want to send order button now here’s kind of something that’s
unique with this – as well different currencies okay so we have different
currencies so I told you this is global so right now we’re currently with stripe
and PayPal we will add more but for right now which stripe in PayPal so this
is where you would actually go ahead and put your stripe ID credentials in here
your PayPal in here this is if you want to add a shipping zone so you can see
right here your costs cost type save this zone and we’ll want to go ahead and
add a tax so tax name amount percentage okay now also something that we’re quite
proud of is we actually have a food ordering system now this is also
something that we created so this is now you can make sites for basically any
restaurant Pizza tacos hot dogs hamburger joints
I mean steak restaurants you pretty much name it we’ve actually got this in here
so it’s quite amazing so watch as I kind of go through this ask for order type
pick up dine and delivery curbside tableside delivery cost minimum order
locations yes if you store owner has multiple locations now as with this site
somebody who is actually using the site to make an order and remember it’s
mobile first so this order is being all done in the palm of you know the
customers hand different locations if they want to pick it up ask for time of
order customization allow tips hide add to cart button so that’s our food
ordering and we even have templates for stores for restaurants for sushis nail
salons it’s it’s incredible okay hey now you’ll see we have a little shopping
cart right over here there we go that is now the e-commerce pretty amazing new
orders and invoices obviously we don’t have any and then we can even export
them all right great way to track your business and if you have the CRM that
makes it even more powerful and way to track all your leads alrighty so as we
move on ecommerce logging in users real simple especially if you have any kind
of membership sites you’d want to do you’d have enabled login and
registration login is required to access this site I sent a light to the an alert
to the site owner that’d be you view and excuse me their view and download users
is right there all right also kind of neat over here is
registration field so we have email or phone let’s click on email required
registration fields now again if I want more than one I would just simply hold
my ctrl button and click on the ones that I want registration validate
validation type this is cool so what this is
so you’re gonna want to pick email or SMS is coming and what this is this now
makes the person who just signed up for your plan signed up for your product
give you a valid email address since they have to go to the email address
that used to sign up and verify that it’s a valid email address so there you
go you can also use Facebook logins Twitter logins you can now drag and drop
your login page logo there or browse for run log in page text so this is pretty
awesome what you have right here okay so that’s pretty cool especially are you
doing any kind of membership site or resellers out there really really
awesome tool right there let’s move on down to localization real easy one site
language we’re in English right now we’re gonna have more more languages
coming Italian is not available here just yet
now we have different date format however you want to do it it allows
basically like we said it allows you to customize this for more than just North
America alrighty anytime you do any changes save and
update it next one download and share now what this is if you build the site
and now you want the you want to give it to somebody and they want to put it on
their own system you’re gonna just download this site and share it with
them that’s it you can download your site all its pages image and content
click on the button to start the process in a few minutes you have a zip file
with the complete snatcher snapshot of the site in this moment so then you just
send it to that person and then now that person has the site they control it and
they will update it and do whatever they want with that site mobile redirect code
you can use this JavaScript code to automatically you redirect mobile
visitors to this website this is useful if you already have a desktop website
and you want to use the site you are creating here only for users on
smartphones and mobile devices so that’s kind of neat so just copy the code below
and paste it into the head section of the pages of the desktop site so that’s
right there so that’s an incredible feature to somebody actually really
already has a site but maybe it’s not it’s not mobile-friendly or it’s not
mobile optimized like what we can do all righty so that’s also pretty awesome
what you can do there that’s a touch more we’ll have more advanced training
on this Analytics let’s touch on that all right so now this is if you have
your Google Analytics you would put your your tracking ID in there if I have my
Facebook pixels or referral tracking all goes in there one-stop shop okay next
one legal and privacy it’s exactly what it sounds like
this is where you can now manage your Terms of Service you put it right in
here you have a privacy policy cookie policy so the alert disclaimer so
there’s there you go you would already have this information already you would
again just copy and paste it now if somebody did have this already on the
web site for example and you just want to copy and paste it off the website
again remember when you copy it and paste it paste it into a Word document
or notepad and then copy and paste it in there into the system that way
everything that comes over is all uniformed again I do say that quite
often that’s just want to make sure you have the the best the best tips alrighty
so that is the options from the owner name header that’s one of the important
ones footer is also important our e-commerce system is incredible logging
in users localization downloaded share analytics alrighty that was a little bit
of a longer one but that is your options you don’t want to thank you for staying
staying awake during this tutorial and thanks again


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