Mobe Review | Is This The Real Deal? Find Out Here…

Mobe Review | Is This The Real Deal? Find Out Here…

what’s going on Aaron Chen here and if
you’re watching this right now then you’re probably doing a bit of a review
on mobile Kay so you can see it on my screen right now you’re doing some
research maybe you’re trying to get into mobe review online business right and you’ve heard
of this company called Mobe you’re doing some research you’re doing your due
diligence and you’re wondering should I get in or is this thing you know a hoax
it is is it a scam and all that kind of you know garbage right and and this is
what I would say first of all okay Mobe is not a scam all right am i a part of
it I’m not a part of it okay but I I know about the owner I know
about Matt Lloyd he’s actually moved to my country Malaysia to set up an office
I’ve actually seen his office right I’ve seen the operations and the way that it
works is it’s basically a top tier business model okay so it starts small
you can you can get in for $49 and then you can upgrade for five hundred and two
thousand and then I think it’s 5,000 7,000 10,000 15,000 it goes all the way
up to 20,000 plus okay now that’s how a top tier business works all right
now at every level when you buy in essentially what you’re buying is you’re
buying a different level of product okay at the more expensive levels they become
mastermind so you’re actually going off to some Island somewhere where they’ll
teach you how to market online okay so is it a little bit expensive you know it
depends you know it’s subjective right I’ve been in some of these programs
before I’ve been online for nine years building businesses okay the first eight
years I struggled really badly I was around during that you know during the
days of wealth masters Carbon Copy pro I started in my lead system Pro which is
still around till today okay well any of these things scams no they weren’t scams
just like Mobe is not a scam but that’s actually the wrong question to ask okay
a lot of people what they what they think they need to do is they think they
need to go around looking for the best business opportunity to get into and
then they get into that business opportunity and they’re gonna make lots
of money right but the reality is is that making money on the internet
doesn’t work like that okay no matter what program you decide to get into
whether it’s mold whether it’s company X company Y company
Z or whatever it is you’re still going to need to learn how to become a
powerful marketer in order to market it well does that
cents okay because the business on its own it doesn’t do anything it just sits
there okay and sure you’ve got all these like programs and all this fluff you
know some of them are good some of them are not so good that’s supposed to teach
you how to market them but in my experience of being online for nine
years and failing for the first eight okay a lot of these programs don’t teach
you how to do that okay so what did I focus on and how was I able to make that
switch well I realized after eight years of failing that I really need to work on
myself and my skill set on how to become a really powerful promoter okay because
once you understand how to promote different products online and you
understand the psychology of why people buy things on the internet then you can
promote whatever you want okay a lot of these guys when you look at a lot of the
mobile reviews and stuff like that they use scare tactics okay they’ll say stuff
like ooh Mobe is a scam don’t get into it and
they’ll even pretend to do this huge mobe review review on the products and all that
stuff and at the end they’ll say in my opinion it’s a scam because you have to
keep you know investing money in it bla bla bla bla bla and then at the end you
know you you you only you have to recruit people to make money and that
and that kind of thing right and then PS if you want to check out something
that’s great click here and they basically create all these you know scam
review websites to benefit themselves so you need to be careful okay now a lot of
marketers out there that I doing that to actually get you into their deal alright
now here’s the thing okay Mobe is not a scam it’s a completely
legitimate business now obviously the different opinions some people think
it’s a scam some people think is a pyramid scheme
I know they’ve been along around for a long time and they’re pretty solid okay
they’ve got good quality products are they a little bit expensive yeah
probably a little bit expensive but do they give value they probably do give a
lot of value okay the problem here is not whether it’s a scam or not it’s
whether you can make it work okay so no matter what whether it’s a scam or
not a scam or whatever okay you’re still gonna be the one that needs to be able
to promote the program okay if you don’t understand how to learn how to market
okay if you don’t understand things like mobe review positioning like influence like
presentation like marketing like traffic like conversions it
doesn’t matter what program you market you’re never going to make money in it
okay and that’s what I had to learn the hard way over the first eight years of
building my business now in the last year and a half two years I’ve generated
tens of thousands of dollars online a hundred percent just using the Internet
okay and how did I do that well actually I used a program a very specific program
that taught me how to become a really powerful promoter okay now if you want
to check it out it’s completely up to you you don’t have to if you don’t want
to all right you can check it out by clicking on the link right below this
video okay this is my top recommendation when it comes to learning how to build
businesses online now with that knowledge okay you can go ahead and
promote whatever you want you can do an MLM you can do top tier sales you can
promote Mobe you can promote you know amway you can
promote Melaleuca you can promote your own digital products it doesn’t really
matter okay what matters is your skill set and how
you market your business online I hope that makes sense okay a lot of people
get this reversed they think that what they need to do is get the product and
then they’re gonna make all of a sudden money is just gonna rain from the sky
but it doesn’t work that way okay what mobe review you have to do is you need to have an
offer something to sell but more importantly you need to be able to do
all this marketing and and you need to set yourself up right in order to
generate sales in that program that program alone which is basically mold
isn’t going to do anything for you okay it’s the knowledge and all the
background invisible stuff that you need to learn in order to market this program
I hope that makes sense okay so listen if you want to check it out if
you want to see how I turned eight years of failure into two years of massive
success and then you can check out my recommended product if you want to do
that you can click on the link right below this video it’s gonna send you to
my page you’re gonna have to enter your email address make sure you do enter the
right email address because otherwise you’re not gonna be able to see it okay
and then on the next page you’re gonna be able to see the program that I’m
using to teach the that actually taught me to make tens of thousands of dollars
100% online alright I hope you enjoyed this information take care and speak to
you soon


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