Microsoft Word 2013 Training – Using Hyperlinks

Microsoft Word 2013 Training – Using Hyperlinks

Welcome back to our course on Word 2013. In this section, I’m going to take a quick
introductory look at Hyperlinks. Now we’ve already seen a couple of hyperlinks,
although I didn’t really refer to them with that term at the time. And what we’re going to do here is we’re
going to put a bit of structure into our top five movies document by using hyperlinks. Now this table is the one that I produced
earlier for my top five movies. You should have something similar available. And the first thing I’ve done is to type
a document heading here, My Top 10. I’m going to go to the Home tab and I’m
going to make that into a Heading level 1. I’ll put in another line in after it, and
then I’m going to put in a section that’s going to be the section for Skyfall. So I type in Skyfall, make that into a Heading
1 as well, blank lines after that. Now let me put the next movie in, Heading
1. So in that way, I can build up the beginnings
of a document with not only the table showing my top five movies but I’m also going to
put a little bit of information about each of those five movies in as well. Now incidentally, I got rid of that underlining
under Skyfall by just adding it to my dictionary so that the auto-correct check didn’t show
it up as a potential spelling error. Now let me go into the table and for the movie
Skyfall, I’m going to select Skyfall, just swipe over it with the mouse, and then on
the Insert tab I’m going to go into Links and what I’m going to do is to choose Cross-reference. Now I’m going to put in a cross-reference
link from the word I’ve selected which is the word Skyfall in the table to the heading
Skyfall. Now the reference types available to me are
links to headings, bookmarks, footnotes, endnotes, equations, figures, and tables. So at any time I can put a link from my document
to one of those things. Now we’ve certainly looked at tables. Figures will typically be our graphics. We haven’t put any equations, endnotes,
footnotes in. One or two bookmarks are in implicitly because
of other things, but we haven’t looked at bookmarks in detail. But we certainly have looked at headings. And if I click on heading, the headings in
my document are listed. Now in this case, I want the heading Skyfall. Now if I click Insert and then Close, what
I’ve done is to insert a link from the word Skyfall in this table to the Skyfall heading
in my document. Now the way this shows up is if I just hover
over Skyfall in the table, I don’t see anything particular happen, but note the screen tip
there: Control and click to follow the link. So let me just hold the Control key down and
now I get the pointing finger. And if I click on Skyfall with the Control
key held down, the cursor goes to Skyfall, the beginning of that section. So obviously, similarly if I selected Zero
Dark Thirty, went to Insert, Link, Cross-reference, Heading, put in Zero Dark Thirty, insert that
link, and close. Now if I hover over Zero Dark Thirty with
the Control key held down, it’ll take me to that section in the document. So that’s how I setup basic hyperlinks within
my document. Now I’m in Internet Explorer and I’m looking
at a review of Skyfall. It’s a review on Empire. I don’t know where you read your movie reviews,
maybe IMDB or Empire. Let’s look at the Empire one here and the
Empire review is pretty comprehensive and it includes a cast list. It’s got a lot of information about the
movie as well as quite a few ads, of course. In the URL, if I click it within Internet
Explorer or whichever other browser you use and then press Control-C to copy that I copy
the URL to the Clipboard and what I’m now going to do is to paste that URL into my document. So I’ve copied it with Control-C. Let’s
go back to the document. So now let me under Skyfall within the section
there, I’m going to say “For a review see” and now I’m going to insert again
a link, but this time instead of cross-reference, I’m going to choose Hyperlink. And it gives me the option here of inserting
a hyperlink in the address. Now I can paste the address, I just copied
from Empire and all I’d need to do to that with the keyboard is Control-V, the link is
there, and click on OK and I’ve now got a link in my document, let me put a blank
line at the beginning there, I’ve now got a link in my document to that review. If I hover over it, again nothing particular
happens other than the screen tip. Hold the Control key down though and I’ve
got my pointing finger. If I click on that I’ll actually go to the
review, the movie review on Empire. So there we are. I’ve got a link from Skyfall to the section
about Skyfall. I could put my own review in here. I could maybe copy and paste in the cast list,
do anything I like really. But importantly, I’ve also got a link to
a URL, a web address, and somebody reading my document would actually have this link
through to the Empire review. Now, of course, I could do the same thing
with Zero Dark Thirty or, of course, I could perhaps try to do a link for Zero Dark Thirty
through to a trailer. Now one of the other new features in Word
2013 is the ability to insert links to online video. And also on the Insert tab is this one, Online
Video. If I click on Online Video, it brings up a
dialog. It usually takes a little bit of time to get
started but it gives me two options. One of them is to do a video search and another
one is to use a video embed code. Now you may or may not be familiar with video
embed codes. It’s the sort of thing you can get for YouTube
videos and so on, where you can embed a link into a link in a Word document. But let’s try the Bing video search option. Let’s see if we can find anything about
Zero Dark Thirty. And we certainly have several things about
Zero Dark Thirty. The first one we’ve got here. If you look at the little commentary which
appears in the bottom left of the dialog here, the first one is the movie review, then we’ve
got the Academy conversations, cast interviews, there’s a trailer. Let’s try the trailer. Let’s insert that. And that puts a link into our document. Now not only has it put a link in but it puts
in a play control and then you can actually click to play that trailer. Now this link is going to be available to
you. So I give you the opportunity to play this
trailer yourself. But I’m now going to give you the last big
exercise to do in this course. And that is you may have noticed that I said
at the top there My Top 10, so there’s a bit of a hint. Five is enough actually. If you’ve only got five movies, maybe the
same five as me, maybe you’re using this list, five is enough. But go for ten if you can. But what I’d like you to do is to produce
your own version of example-18 with links from the entries in the table to sections
of the document, one per movie. And within a section of a document, put a
link to a review or a link to a cast list or something else and in at least case put
a link to an online video, maybe a review or an interview, something about that movie. My answer to that will be example-18. By all means feel free to make yours a little
bit more elaborate and extensive than mine and try to vary the types of hyperlink that
you use. That’s it on this section. I’ll see you in the next one.


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    Alex Medina

    Or you can enter the hyper link in one word by highlighting the word, right click and insert hyper link. Great job with your vids!!

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    Tried it. I selected the word Introduction then went Insert Cross Reference (as a hyperlink) and clicked on Introduction (in the small window) and blow me down if a little window comes up saying  'The requested page  is empty', and I think to myself, "empty?' and I look at my document and now the word Introduction has disappeared!!!!! All I am trying to do is create hyperlinks from the index to each part of the docx. Half are working fine. The other half are not.

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    Mi Picasso

    Definitely a reason why you have over 193,000 subscribers. You're that good. Can you be a lamb and let me know where you got the sound at 9:16? I've heard those videos and was wondering where you obtained it. Thanks so much. Awesome video, for sure!

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    What if the hyperlink is a UNC to a printer share (\servernameprinterqueuename)?  In my case, when I Ctrl-click the link, the error "Cannot open the specified file" occurs.  If the "queuename" portion is removed, when I Ctrl-click it, a window to the print server is opened.  If I paste the \servernameprinterqueuename in the Run dialog (Windows-R), it installs/opens the printer's queue dialog (the desired behavior from Word), thus I know the UNC is valid.  It just will not perform the desired behavior from a Word 2013 document.

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