MailChimp Landing Page Creator Updates

MailChimp Landing Page Creator Updates

– What’s up everybody? In this video, I’m going to
be showing you some updates to the MailChimp Landing Page Creator that you’re going to love. So stay tuned, it’s coming up next. (static crackling) So let’s get right into the changes, the awesome updates that MailChimp has put into the Landing Page Creator. Now it’s been a while since I’ve done the landing page video, I think it was back in
December or November. You can check out that video right here, and that will take you
to where I talk about the Landing Page Creator
and how to set it all up. But, just to familiarize yourself with it, you got to go over here and
you got to click down here to Create a Landing Page. So I went to Create a
Campaign, click on that button. Click on Create a Landing Page,
and it’ll take you to this. Now, it’ll give you an option here to put in a landing page name,
and we’ll just put in test because that’s how I like to do things, and then you select your list. I will select Marketing Newsletter. Click Begin. Here are some of the changes. First off, right at the
bottom on the right hand side, we have Need ideas? And this is where
they’re going to give you some nine design tips to walk you through some of the landing pages that convert. I’m not going to go
through all of them here. I’ll leave a link in the
description below this video for you to go check it out. Now we get into the fun stuff. There are three new things
that MailChimp has put in, plus a fourth option
that I asked them for, and they said, “Yeah, I can
see why we would need that.” So let’s get into that first option that I asked them to put in. And I’m sure others have too. And that is to put in all available fields that you have up in your sign up forms. So you have your email,
and that’s all we had in the first original version
of the Landing Page Creator. Now we have access to all of our fields that we have in our sign up forms. So I can put in first name, last name, and even a group that I set up for folks to check off to put in if they want to get blog posts. Now all of that shows up in
the Landing Page Creator, which is really cool. I’ll keep first name and last name. And the rest of the stuff is all the same. The three other things,
the other three blocks that they put in is Social Share, that wasn’t in there before. And Product. So, now maybe you don’t need to do two separate landing pages. Instead of an opt-in and a product, and they still have that option, you can do a product in an
opt-in, which is really cool. So you just drag over your product here and make sure you have
your stores connected. I have two WooCommerce store, actually three ’cause I’m testing one, I have three stores connected and I can pick and choose which one I want and which product to bring in. And they’ll even tell you
what the best sellers are, if they’ve been tracking
your data for a while. That’s another option there. And then we also have this
thing called a Promo Code. Now this gave me some fits
when I first tried to do it. I’d been getting this, “Please verify that there are
active codes in your store “and your eCommerce
integration is up to date.” I actually got it to work on this one, and that is because I had to, I don’t know if it was the case of me just re-syncing it a few
times, which is what I did, and also I added in a test coupon code. So you put in your coupon
code in your WooCommerce store and it’ll show up here
in this drop down list. But, again, I had to do
that a couple of times. I had to do a test, add
in a test coupon code, and I had to re-sync
about three or four times in order to see it. I tweeted out to MailChimp
to see what the problem was, and they came back and said, “Are you sure that this is not working?” And I said, yeah, and
here’s the screen shot, which is that yellow error message I got, and before they could reply to me, I re-synced it the third
time and it was able to work. So, make sure when you’re
doing this promo code, that you re-sync your WooCommerce, your MailChimp for WooCommerce plug in, the one from MailChimp, to make sure that it
actually syncs and it works. So let’s go over some of
the features that you have. Obviously you put in the, I’ll put in the test and it shows up here. You can add a description above the text, which is something that
MailChimp recommends, that talks about the
requirements for the promo. If you have to purchase so
many, and that type of stuff, and what the percentage is off, or whatever your promo is, okay? So that’s your description. And then you also have an expiration date that you can put in,
and also you can do the, obviously, the shop now
or buy now, whatever, and then the URL to the store. So, a lot of new features
that you can dive into to create your Landing Page Creator, and again, the Landing Page Creator is meant to be a stand-alone thing. You cannot embed it into
your WordPress website or any type of website,
Wix, Weebly, whatever. It’s supposed to be a stand-alone URL that you share out through social media. I know I get a lot of questions on that, and I just want to put
that in this video as well. So there you go, guys, some new options in MailChimp
Landing Page Creator. Hope you enjoy, thanks
for watching the video. If you like the video, make
sure you give it a thumbs-up. For more information about
me, go to, and I’ll see you in the next video.


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    Cashmere Tatum

    hey can you request they allow the sign up form to attach a downloadable pdf like how you can attach a file to a button

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    Aarti Popat Interior Design

    Hi, can you add a 'payment' button – i want to make an offer and my call to action button to be 'buy now' and to be able to get the customer to put their card details in an djust buy – is that possible? Thanks

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    Felix Agosto

    I can't figure out how can i change the list assigned to a particular landing page. Is there a way to do so?

  6. Post

    I just built my first landing(optin) page with mail chimp. I tried to advertise on buy sell ads and they said the landing page is blacklisted. How can I get around this? Am I doing something wrong?

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    Emotive Beats

    Hey this video helped me a lot. Thank You. Also – how do you do your screen capture and footage of you talking without the background?

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    Abby Normal

    The Mailchimp landing pages are so buggy I ended up annoying my best customers. The subscribe button doesn't work for many iphone users and internet explorer too. Really disappointing. If they weren't already faithful customers they would have never bothered letting me know.

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    Marianne Morgan

    ok…i can not find any are (not in the confirmation tab) or anywhere else to add the url for a download. Nothing in knowledge base, what am i missing??? its a free account

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    TM Fitness

    What would be the best way to use a landing page to sell a non-physical online product/service? As far as I can tell, you can send pdfs, videos and mp3s via email automation. I have an email course I want to sell, I've created the content and set up an email automation work flow, but can't work out how to link that in with the pay now button on a landing page without adding an opt-in form. Would I have to manually add the email of anyone who pays for the course or is there a way to automate that? Looking at your video having a pay now button and an opt-in form means that the customer wouldn't have to click pay now in order to receive the automated series. Cheers

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    Kani B.

    Thanks for your help. Question: I would like to create a sign-up form for multiple different Landing Page for the same list, and I am not sure how to set it up. Any suggestions…Thanks.

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