Life of a Tattoo Artist With Stage 4 Cancer

Life of a Tattoo Artist With Stage 4 Cancer

I was better completely bedridden and horribly depressed and scared and I just decided I would draw 100 sheets that was my goal if I didn't wake up and draw for 1215 hours a day I would have died I was really thinking about death and I thought to myself next year this time it's kind of funny that the people that I tattoo the legal age is now exactly when I started tattooing so it can be like I've been tattooing before you before yeah I think doing a couple of lines it's gonna be good because then it doesn't seem drippy I had really bad ATT growing up I have a very good visual memory which gets you through so I just needed a visual on myself I just knew I wanted that type of communication on my body 2010 I found a lump in my breasts with a lot of testing a lot of PET scans a lot of waiting they found out that it actually was stage 4 there's no stage 5 there's no remission that feels more like a death sentence almost then the death sentence your life is over as you know it and you have to mourn it and try to figure out how to get get through I said I'm gonna start to draw again because it was hard with my arm and I said if I can get to a hundred sheets of flash then I can make it through this I started to be able to tattoo after that it brought back the muscle memory it brought back a little bit of my like confidence it was the beginning of something where I realized oh I can express myself more in the art than I was doing there's this one with like the time wasted and just the poison that I had to kind of in Doral the chemo and everything is shooting me in the face it was the worst of times it was the breast of times because I basically went to bed with with boobs in my body and woke up with drains where they were there was just nothing there I forgot about that I forgot how bad it was that everything on here was just terrible okay she's lying down I feel like somewhat of a responsibility that I am continuing her legacy as she's said but she is great you know I feel confident they're getting a memorial tattooed whether they like it or not and they have to understand that now it's a positive memorial it's like a happy thing but it may have to look at their arm when somebody says who did that they may have to say sue from East River tattoo she's not here anymore you know and that's that's something that they have to know I'm furious that the fact that I lost my body I'm furious that I wanted to have children and I can I'm furious that I don't have a long life I'm furious that I have to be in pain and that is a normal thing it's how you deal with that anger that is important not that you have that anger and she's done for today for today I thought she was an amazing woman before I ever knew but then finding out how much she's been through it just made me even more in awe of who she is I'm glad that I have a piece of her with me so what I'm doing is marking people with my legacy forever this is my immortality you you


  1. Corina Wood

    Lord please bless Sue's Health that she would remain with complete healing in Jesus name Thank you Lord Amen.

  2. Jessiimamii j

    "i had really bad ADD growing up and a really good visual memory" same girl, same… I'm also an artist and I am also a professional patient, disabled for life.
    I love this. ❤️

  3. Rob Western

    I've stopped because of my pain but I'm going to make a new effort to get back in there because just how much you've been through stay with us girl

  4. Zuley Vendor

    I have many tattoos also in my body…. Is good to do what you want….. God will heal you woman with beautiful soul… Love from Tanzania 🇹🇿

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